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In this true crime series, investigators work to solve homicides in which the bodies were discovered not in some remote, foreboding location, but right in the backyard, where things are supposed to be safe. The series pulls together interviews, re-enactments and expert commentary to tell the stories of the crimes.

Sunday 7 PM on Oxygen
1 Season, 28 Episodes
June 3, 2018
Crime, Reality
Cast: Sadie Medley
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Buried in the Backyard Full Episode Guide

  • An unsuspecting field worker makes a horrifying discovery in a backyard orchard and detectives chase down deadly clues. But when a savage killer slips through the cracks, innocent lives are threatened and solving this case is suddenly in jeopardy.

  • Investigators unravel the secrets to solve the murder in an Alabama town.

  • Investigators examine the life of a single mom when a garden in Salem, Oregon turns dark.

  • When a Florida teen tending to some yard work digs up a frightening scene, investigators find themselves in the middle of a twisted affair; a wild trail of evidence leads them across three state lines and the discovery of an astounding truth.

  • A Southern California community is gripped by fear when one of its own vanishes without a trace.

  • A case of identity theft in the Arizona desert takes a blood curdling turn when investigators make a ghastly discovery in the most unlikely of places. Was a beloved man living in fear and will retracing his steps expose a devastating truth?

  • Investigators in York, Pennsylvania delve into buried secrets after a couple makes a discovery in their backyard. A brother appears desperate to find his sister, but in a strange twist could lead detectives to a staggering truth.

  • Federal agents descend on a tiny Ohio town after a beloved girl goes missing. Fearing their cornfields harbor a terrible truth, theories abound and panic spikes in this serene community. It’s a race against time as investigators close in on a killer.

  • A murderous ripple spreads through a lovely New England town when a ghastly discovery is made in a backyard barn. The search for answers uncovers troubling questions about a doting mom and everyone is a suspect until the truth is finally uncovered.

  • When a long-held secret in Florida threatens to expose a deadly truth, investigators work to unravel a baffling mystery. It is discussed whether the dark life of a beloved mother put her in danger and if a husband's desperate pleas are the key to solving this case.

  • A discovery of some remains in a backyard beach leads the agents to find a killer in South Carolina that might be hiding in their midst.

  • A man goes missing from an idyllic Idaho town, leaving detectives puzzled and a daughter driven to find her father. As the investigation unravels, it reveals a truth that's stranger than fiction and a killer no one ever sees coming.

  • A contractor from Milwaukee finds a body buried in a backyard.

  • A young woman vanishes from her neighborhood. North Carolina detectives are snared in a tangled web of deceit as they uncover a vicious love triangle. It's a race against time to find a killer and the evidence they need to solve a dark mystery.

  • When a construction worker unearths human remains in the backyard of an old farmhouse, it sets off a baffling 15-year missing person's case and leaves detectives searching for long-buried secrets and overdue justice.

  • When the body parts of two missing teens are found in a backyard cornfield, Ohio detectives uncover dark family secrets to track their suspect.

  • After a husband and wife realize their dogs have been dragging human bones into their backyard, cops learn that a serial killer is using the nearby woods to indulge in his dark fantasies.

  • A concerned son asks investigators to help track down his missing father, sending them on a hunt that results in horrific discoveries in two backyards.

  • After a homeowner randomly uncovers human remains while doing yard work in his California backyard, a homicide detective enlists the help of a local veterinarian to solve the murder.

  • When two female college students go missing, their whereabouts remain unknown for months, until a parole officer recalls startling information that would lead investigators to the backyard of a remote property.

  • Investigators uncover a mystery with an unsettling truth in a plush California home while attempting to identify the remains of a victim found buried in its backyard.

  • Investigators believe a young woman went missing on her own accord, but her mother is convinced that someone close to her is hiding a big secret. A two-year search for the truth brings investigators to the backyard of a historic location.

  • When the body of a beloved, elderly woman is found brutally murdered and stuffed inside a decorative wishing well in the backyard of her property, a dogged detective goes on a years-long hunt to catch her elusive killer.

  • After a homeowner discovers a mummified corpse buried inside a barrel beneath his home, detectives must painstakingly piece together a series of hidden clues to locate a killer who thought they had committed the perfect murder.

  • After the body of a missing young mother is discovered in a shallow grave behind her own home, cops must investigate the complicated relationships of her past and present in order to identify a motive and track down her killer.

  • The gruesome discovery of a skeletonized and dismembered corpse buried in the backyard of a Seattle home results in an investigation that unravels a 30-year-old murder plot hatched by a scheming, vindictive family.

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