ATL Homicide

Veteran Atlanta Homicide Detectives give viewers an inside look at their most extraordinary murder investigations.

Monday at 10:00 PM on TV One
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 9, 2018
Crime, Reality
Cast: Christopher Diaz, Angelo Diaz, Amy Sutherland, Shaun Mixon
ATL Homicide

ATL Homicide Full Episode Guide

  • After a homeless man is shot and killed, Quinn and Velazquez assume it's a simple case; after reports come back matching the murder scene to other ongoing murder cases, the detectives realize they're on the trail of a serial killer.

  • After immigrant Mamadou Berry is murdered, Quinn and Velazquez seek to find his killer; the yearlong investigation pits the detectives against the International Robbin Crew, a ruthless and deadly Atlanta gang.

  • Longtime partners Quinn and Velazquez are chosen to solve the case of Apriel Allen, a woman who was murdered in her apartment two years prior; the detectives begin with a clean slate and hope to bring some peace to Allen's loved ones.

  • Detectives are sent to an apartment complex to investigate when 38-year-old Cassandra Bryant is found nude and barely clinging to life. She dies in the ambulance before she can identify her attacker, leaving it up to Quinn and Velazquez.

  • Quinn and Velazquez are called when Jerry Heard is found dead from gunshot wounds. They learn Heard spends his nights at a local bar, and the night he was killed, he made passes at two different women, one with an armed boyfriend. With at least three potential suspects, the detectives get to work.

  • 21-year-old new mother, Sparkle Rai, is found by her boyfriend strangled in their apartment. He instantly becomes the only suspect, but he swears he didn’t do it. Quinn and Velazquez investigate and uncover a surprising new suspect from Sparkle’s past.

  • When U.S. Air Force veteran John Ray is found beaten and stabbed to death in his apartment, the crime scene looks like a random robbery. But Quinn and Velazquez look further into the secretive life of Ray and find that the murder was anything but random.

  • Mother Shaquilla Weatherspoon is found murdered with her belongings scattered around her. To the trained eye, it looks like the killer staged the crime scene. Knowing that someone wanted it to look like a robbery, the detectives investigate those closest to Shaquilla to find the truth.