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  • TV-14
  • 2018
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.2  (133)

Veteran Atlanta Homicide Detectives give viewers an inside look at their most extraordinary murder investigations.

ATL Homicide
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Kenny Wimbush
14. Kenny Wimbush
April 3, 2023
A man is shot in broad daylight, and while eyewitnesses know the killer, they don't know his real name; Quinn and Vince will need to get an eyewitness to identify the killer before they can bring him in, but they still may not have the right guy.
Lacharity Gaines
13. Lacharity Gaines
March 27, 2023
When a detective in New York calls Atlanta Police about a case, Quinn and Vince take the call; in doing so, the detectives reopen a cold case about a woman found dead in her apartment; to catch this killer, they'll need to take a trip to New York.
Eric Honea
12. Eric Honea
March 20, 2023
Eric Honea
Kenyon Beaty
11. Kenyon Beaty
March 13, 2023
A casual summer morning turns deadly as a man is killed in a drive-by shooting; to solve this case, Quinn and Vince must build trust with the community and key witnesses to discover the leads they need to find the killer's true motive and identity.
Wali Muhammad
10. Wali Muhammad
October 24, 2022
Quinn and Vince are called to investigate the death of man found in a trap house in a suburban neighborhood; while uncovering nicknames and chasing down leads, Vince finds himself in a dangerous standoff to bring in the killer.
Alfred Boyd
9. Alfred Boyd
October 17, 2022
While parked in the driveway of a residential home, a man is shot multiple times; to solve this murder, Quinn and Vince need to locate a key witness, solve an East Point cold case, and uncover a plot for revenge.
Casimiro Ybarra
8. Casimiro Ybarra
October 10, 2022
Summary is not available.
Obiakor Onyemaechi
7. Obiakor Onyemaechi
October 3, 2022
A convenience store clerk is shot multiple times just before closing, but the twists and turns that lead to a break in the case aren't nearly as crazy as what happens after the arrest.
Harvey Rutherford
6. Harvey Rutherford
September 26, 2022
A mother's plea leads Quinn and Vince to begin investigating a homicide while the victim is still alive, and they must navigate a long trail of lies and misdirects before finally learning the truth.
Barney Simms
5. Barney Simms
September 19, 2022
A compelling new true crime series from TV One, dropping viewers smack dab in the middle of real-life murder investigations.
Henrico Morant
4. Henrico Morant
September 12, 2022
After the lead detective is reassigned, Quinn and Vince take over a case involving a man found shot to death inside a vehicle; it takes a village to solve the case as rumors spiral into a violent confrontation.
Veron Rouse
3. Veron Rouse
September 5, 2022
When a carjacking victim succumbs to his injuries a month later, Quinn and Vince must pick up the pieces of a botched robbery investigation; the search for a stolen SUV and a police pursuit lead the detectives to the unlikeliest of suspects.
Tafari Myers
2. Tafari Myers
August 29, 2022
In a first for the detectives, Quinn and Vince must prove a young male who is found dead was actually killed in Atlanta; a bloodied eyewitness, an active kidnapping and a mystery suspect lead them to uncover a tale of deadly, good fun.
Heather Camp & Nicole Sartell
1. Heather Camp & Nicole Sartell
August 22, 2022
While working a homicide at an abandoned home, Quinn and Vince discover a second body hidden inside a closet and the investigation quickly leads them on the hunt for a suspect known as Murder Man.

Veteran Atlanta Homicide Detectives give viewers an inside look at their most extraordinary murder investigations.

  • Premiere Date
    July 9, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (133)