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The most gripping hour of TV is here. "Justice by Any Means" plunges viewers into amazing true stories of brave African-American men and women who suffered unimaginable loss and then went toe-to-toe with the bad guys. Hosted by Faith Jenkins ("Judge Faith"), the show delves not only into real crimes but the lives of those that fought to bring the crimes to light.

They are people like Atlanta native Sharon Williams, a struggling single-mom who took on local drug dealers, the Atlanta PD, a would-be serial killer, and her own community to put her daughter's killer behind bars; Marcelle McGee, a newlywed who stopped at nothing to track down the man who raped and nearly murdered her neighbor; then there's JoAnn and Emory McClinton, a quiet, God-fearing couple who spent more than two decades - and exhausted their life-savings - traveling the globe, setting up sting operations, and ultimately hunting down the man who murdered their daughter Lita.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on TV One
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
December 7, 2015
Crime, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Sharri Jones, Niyi Oni, Jerrell Anderson, Emori Baker
Justice by Any Means
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Justice by Any Means Full Episode Guide

  • When a Bay Area rapper gets shot and killed during a home invasion, a mother takes to the streets to bring her son's murderers to justice.

  • After the homicide of a transgender woman in Harlem, her mom battles to locate the criminals responsible for her death.

  • Bridget searches for answers to her friends deaths.

  • When Sabrina Harris's daughter, Ryan, didn't come home at her normal time, panic steadily ensued. A search party was formed, but it didn't take long to find her abused body in a nearby neighborhood. What followed was a series of wrongful convictions, evidence confusion, and unanswered questions.

  • When a $17 million Florida lottery winner disappears, a loved-one turns to dangerous methods to seek justice for his vanishing.

  • A lady disappears and her family is deceived by someone desperate to conceal the truth from them.

  • A lady hunts for a serial killer who took the lives of hundreds of women.

  • A beloved woman is killed and the culprit proves to be very close to the family.

  • A lady exposes an NBA player and a gang rivalry while examining the death of her niece.

  • When Tia Lincoln learned her father, Leroy, had been brutally murdered in his Baltimore apartment, it seemed she was the only person in her family - or the police - who really cared.

  • In the second season premiere, an elderly woman is sexually harassed by a police officer and seeks to end his reign of terror.

  • A woman is accused of killing her baby boy and attempts to prove her innocence.

  • A criminal justice student investigates her mother's killing and discovers new evidence that the cops passed over.