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The number 16 is cursed, not sweet, for women in the Walker family, according to single mother Maddy Walker. She is convinced in the existence of the ''Walker women's curse'' because she was born when her mother Loretta was 16, and Maddy gave birth to her daughter, Shante, at the same age. Maddy refuses to allow Shante to follow that pattern as her dreaded 16th birthday approaches. At the teen's sweet 16 party, things get complicated when Maddy, who is dating Cedric, sees her high school flame --Shante's father Victor-- and old feelings resurface, which lead to a romantic encounter. The moment of weakness results in Maddy learning, at the age of 32, that she has once again become pregnant by Victor. As the family encounters the highs and lows of the surprising pregnancy, they discover that starting over might not be as bad as they had anticipated.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on TV One
1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 5, 2016
Cast: Travis Winfrey, Monique Coleman, Scott Bailey, Letoya Luckett
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Here We Go Again Full Episode Guide

  • Maddy wants peace between Victor and Cedric; Shante fears she's following her mother's path; Kayla becomes ill; and Loretta thinks she's starting menopause.

  • Maddy makes friends with successful pregnant women; Kayla tries to hide her new relationship; Victor and Cedric work together on a project; Marcus is afraid that he may soon be a father.

  • Maddy is irritated when she learns that Victor's ex-wife, Carmen, is back in the picture and bonding with Shante; Loretta goes to great lengths to learn the sex of Maddy's baby; Victor has a man-to-man talk with Shante's boyfriend.

  • Maddy struggles with her pregnancy, especially its impact on her professional life; Shante argues with her mother about her strict house rules; Kayla rejects a new admirer; and Loretta battles the aging process.

  • Some destination attractions get overlooked and others aren't so obvious. In fact, you might never think to visit them. Find out more on this edition of Here We Go Again.

  • I'm standing in the middle of what used to be the Turia river in Valencia, Spain. A catastrophic flood that caused tremendous damage and loss of life was met by an incredible response that changed everything.

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  • Maddy's daughter turns 16 and celebrates, with her father going a little too far.

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