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The Underground television series was a sketch comedy (i.e. with very short comedy scenes lasting up to 10 minutes long) in which Damon Wayans both starred and produced. The Wayans brothers have said that they wanted to do a spin-off of their original 1990s hit parody, In Living Color.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on WGN America
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
March 9, 2016
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  • Noah struggles to devise a new plan; Ernestine forms an unlikely bond.

  • Rosalee and Noah discover that family betrayal hurts the worst.

  • Harriet Tubman reminisces about a life lived with conviction, compassion, and courage.

  • Cato takes a big risk; Ernestine takes charge of a new apprentice.

  • Cato and Noah face the decisions they've made to get where they are.

  • Unbearable complications threaten to break both Ernestine and Rosalee’s will to live.

  • Rosalee, desperate to find who took Noah, discovers she is being followed by a new threat.

  • Everyone must pay the consequences when the day of reckoning arrives.

  • Rescuing a member of the Macon 7 turns deadly; John and Elizabeth question each others' choices.

  • Innocence is lost when children are forced to face the harsh realities of the world.

  • The road becomes overwhelming for August; at the same time, the runners are trapped in a floating coffin; and Ernestine fights to maintain her influence.

  • The Macon slaves must answer questions about their plans; at the same time, the mad dash to catch a train heading north comes with unforeseen challenges.

  • The timetable for escape is agreed upon; and Rosalee is tasked with the most important part of the plan.

  • At the same time John and Elizabeth step into a strange new world, a plantation dance becomes the perfect distraction for a heist.

  • The epic escape story of the Underground Railroad is told through the point of view of a group of plantation slaves who band together for the fight of their lives.

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