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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.7  (8,940)

Rosewood is a crime procedural that aired on FOX from 2015-2017. The show follows Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. (Morris Chestnut), a brilliant private pathologist in Miami, Florida, who works with the Miami Police Department to solve the city’s toughest cases.

Rosewood is incredibly skilled at examining and analyzing bodies, and has a particular attention to detail that allows him to pick up on clues that others might miss. He is also a bit of a showman, often donning flashy clothes and driving expensive cars to show off his success.

Rosewood’s partner in crime-solving is Detective Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz), a no-nonsense cop who initially clashes with Rosewood’s eccentric personality but eventually grows to respect and appreciate his unique abilities.

The show often features a “case of the week” format, with each episode following Rosewood and Villa as they investigate a new homicide or other criminal incident. Along the way, they must navigate the complex personal dynamics of the people involved in each case, as well as their own growing professional and personal relationship.

One of the central tensions of Rosewood is the fact that Rosewood himself suffers from a rare heart condition that could potentially kill him at any moment. Despite this, he lives life to the fullest and dedicates himself fully to helping others in need.

In addition to Chestnut and Ortiz, the show also features a talented supporting cast, including Lorraine Toussaint as Rosewood’s overbearing mother Donna, Gabrielle Dennis as Rosewood’s sister and business partner Pippy, and Anna Konkle as Tara Milly Izikoff, Villa’s younger sister who suffers from schizophrenia.

Throughout its two seasons, Rosewood delivered a mix of lighthearted banter, heartfelt emotional moments, and tense action sequences, all wrapped up in the glossy and glamorous setting of Miami. The show’s unique blend of crime procedural and medical drama elements helped it stand out in a crowded television landscape.

Despite its devoted fanbase, Rosewood was cancelled by FOX in 2017 after two seasons. However, its legacy lives on as an entertaining and engaging crime series with a charismatic lead performance from Morris Chestnut.

Rosewood is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 2015.

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Blistering Heat & Brotherly Love
22. Blistering Heat & Brotherly Love
April 28, 2017
Season Finale. Rosewood, Villa, Slade and Hornstock work to take down a highly skilled group of criminals suspected of a jewelry store heist, and Rosie decides that someone from the inner circle should run a new Magic City Lab on the west coast.
Amparo & The American Dream
21. Amparo & The American Dream
April 21, 2017
Rosewood and Villa enter the world of human trafficking to investigate the death of a school teacher. An unexpected revelation into Slade's past draws Rosie and Villa closer than ever before.
Calliphoridae & Country Roads
20. Calliphoridae & Country Roads
April 14, 2017
Rosie, Villa and TMI investigate the murder of the former mayor of a small town. Rosie is wracked with feelings of guilt, as Slade faces complications following his kidney donation.
Naegleria & Neighborhood Watch
19. Naegleria & Neighborhood Watch
April 7, 2017
Rosewood and Villa return to Villa's roots in Little Havana to investigate a vigilante who is suspected of murder. Villa makes a shocking discovery.
Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths
18. Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths
March 31, 2017
Rosewood and Villa investigates the murder of a woman whose body was found frozen solid. Villa's brother meets the important people in her life, but isn't ready to connect with with his mother.
Radiation & Rough Landings
17. Radiation & Rough Landings
February 24, 2017
When a female astronaut is found dead, Rosie and Villa launch into an investigation of America's space program. Rosie navigates new dynamics regarding his latest health issue, and Villa's long-lost brother returns to Miami.
Benzodiazepine & The Benjamins
16. Benzodiazepine & The Benjamins
February 17, 2017
The search for a counterfeit currency kingpin offers the team a glimpse into Villa's past. Meanwhile, Rosie receives unexpected news about his recent health issue.
Clavicle Trauma & Closure
15. Clavicle Trauma & Closure
February 10, 2017
A criminal lures Rosewood to the murder scene of a former tech millionaire and, in doing so, forces Rosie to re-examine a case from his past.
White Matter & the Ways Back
14. White Matter & the Ways Back
February 3, 2017
A peculiar death in an empty high-rise sucks Rosie and Villa into the inner circle of a former child star who is plotting a comeback. Meanwhile, Rosie is feeling the effects of Donna's involvement at Magic City Lab, and shocking revelations from Hornstock and Rosie elevate their relationship to a new level.
Puffer Fish & Personal History
13. Puffer Fish & Personal History
January 27, 2017
When a deceased victim wakes up on Rosie's autopsy table, the team is thrust into a world where people will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden.
Asphyxiation & Aces
12. Asphyxiation & Aces
January 20, 2017
When the body of an escape artist is found in a wooden trunk, Rosewood and Villa must sift through illusions and deception to find the truth. Meanwhile, Hornstock's days with the East Miami PD may be numbered and Rosewood gets to know Adrian to make sure he is the right guy for Villa.
Mummies & Meltdowns
11. Mummies & Meltdowns
January 13, 2017
The team is shocked when the mummified body of a notorious music producer is found on a yacht. Meanwhile, Rosewood must face new information about Tawnya.
Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch
10. Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch
January 6, 2017
Rosewood and Slade become hostages at the East Miami Police Department. Rosewood makes a connection with their captor and must solve his biggest medical mystery to date in order to keep his team alive.
Half-Life & Havana Nights
9. Half-Life & Havana Nights
December 1, 2016
While investigating Gerald's case, Rosewood and Villa head to Cuba where they must determine what really happened to Amelia's body and find out the truth about Gerald's daughter.
Prosopagnosia and Parrot Fish
8. Prosopagnosia and Parrot Fish
November 17, 2016
The team thinks they have a straightforward case when a food truck vendor with a sordid past is discovered dead, but things become complicated when it's discovered the victim has connections to Slade.
Lidocaine and Long-Term Lust
7. Lidocaine and Long-Term Lust
November 10, 2016
Rosie and Villa delve into the world of plastic surgery after Miami's most glamorous model dies the night after a beachfront photo shoot.
Tree Toxins & Three Stories
6. Tree Toxins & Three Stories
November 3, 2016
Rosewood and Villa recruit Miami's brightest pathology students to investigate a cold case double murder, and their findings lead to a revelation that rocks the entire Rosewood family.
Spirochete And Santeria
5. Spirochete And Santeria
October 27, 2016
The team is skeptical when a man comes in to pay for his own autopsy in advance and ends up dead the next day.
Boatopsy & Booty
4. Boatopsy & Booty
October 13, 2016
When a body is discovered on Miami’s hottest booze cruise, Rosie and Villa dive into the world of deep sea treasure hunting in their investigation.
Eddie & the Empire State of Mind
3. Eddie & the Empire State of Mind
October 6, 2016
Rosewood and Villa head to New York to investigate Eddie's death, while Slade and Hornstock join forces to destroy a Miami prostitution ring.
Secrets & Silent Killers
2. Secrets & Silent Killers
September 29, 2016
Rosie and Villa make a shocking discovery about their murder victim and investigate the mystery surrounding his death.
Forward Motion and Frat Life
1. Forward Motion and Frat Life
September 22, 2016
In the second season premiere, things get shaken up the East Miami Police Department. Meanwhile, Miami's young, hot-shot mayor gets involved when his promising young mentee is killed.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 5, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (8,940)