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The drama Greenleaf revolves around the fictional Greenleaf family. The family runs a huge church in Memphis. The family appears pious on the surface. But there's lots going on behind closed doors that they'd rather was kept secret. Oprah Winfrey regularly guest stars on the series that airs on her cable network.

The central characters include members of a family who run and control a megachurch in Memphis, Tennessee. Bishop James Greenleaf is the patriarch of the family and the leader of the church. His wife, Lady Mae Greenleaf, does her part to run both the church and the family. Grace Greenleaf is the couple's estranged daughter. She has returned to Memphis after the death of her sister, Faith. Oprah Winfrey plays Mavis McCready, Lady Mae's sister.

The circumstances surrounding Faith's death are mysterious, and Grace wants to get to the bottom of the situation. In the process of digging through the clues, she uncovers lots of dark secrets, manipulations, corruption, and lies in her family's past.

Greenleaf was one of the first original series on the OWN network that was not produced by prolific producer Tyler Perry. The series was created by Craig Wright, who has written for Lost and Six Feet Under.

The series debuted in 2016 to mostly positive reviews from critics. Its first episode was the highest rated debut on the OWN network to date. The fifth season of the series began airing in June of 2020. This fifth season will be the final season for the series.

Greenleaf is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on June 21, 2016.

Where do I stream Greenleaf online? Greenleaf is available for streaming on OWN, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Greenleaf on demand at Philo, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, OWN, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
5 Seasons, 61 Episodes
June 21, 2016
Cast: Keith David, Lynn Whitfield, Merle Dandridge, Desiree Ross, Lamman Rucker
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Greenleaf Full Episode Guide

  • Grace and the Greenleaf family must lay the past to rest once and for all as God's plans for the future unfolds.

  • It's the Greenleafs versus Harmony and Hope and neither will go down without a fight. Grace fights to stop the demolition. Lady Mae tries to negotiate for the mansion, but a reveal about the original owner prompts Bishop to a revelation of his own.

  • An old enemy returns, pushing Lady Mae to reveal a family secret. Jacob and Kerissa deal the reality of their divorce with Zora and Winkie. Charity makes Phil face his past. Grace and Darius learn the truth about Bob Whitmore and Edenvale Lending.

  • Holding a small service at home, the Greenleaf family contemplates their futures and what it might mean to start over. Noah shares an insight into the house's history. Lady Mae goes to see Tara James and returns with a startling revelation.

  • Grace pushes forward in her investigation into Bob Whitmore's former company, Edenvale Lending, discovering a key informant who could unlock the answers. At the church, preparations for the last Sunday at Calvary get contentious when Charity...

  • Grace is torn between pursuing Bob Whitmore's past and being present for family. Lady Mae and Bishop start their new church, while Jacob's discovery threatens the family's grip on the one thing.

  • Noah returns to help Grace with A.J., offering her stability. Bishop and Lady Mae take a walk through their history when they visit Mavis's club as a potential venue. Jacob uncovers a shocking revelation about the history of the Greenleaf family home.

  • With Calvary's imminent demolition, Lady Mae and Bishop seek a sign from God; Jacob digs into the family mansion's past; and Grace learns the real reason why Bob Whitmore is so invested in keeping the Calvary congregation under his wing.

  • Bob Whitmore returns to Calvary; Phil asks Charity for a very important yes; Fernando Amable gives Kerissa information about the Greenleaf's hazy past; Lady Mae considers an offer that would achieve her dream.

  • Bishop moves to prevent Judee Whitmore's proposed governance structure; Jacob and Kerissa attempt to mend their wounds; a secret about Phil threatens his relationship with Charity; Grace realizes that what is right has never been less clear.

  • Lady Mae and Bishop throw an impromptu party to subvert Harmony & Hope's plans for Calvary. Charity's loyalties are questioned, and Grace must delicately navigate between playing the obedient pastor for Judee Whitmore and her parents' schemes.

  • The Bishop plans a romantic surprise for Lady Mae, but it goes sideways when other pursuits collide and combust. Lady Mae learns that her name is being erased from the scholarship fund at Calvary and sets out to protect her legacy.

  • The fractures between Bishop and Lady Mae deepen, Grace struggles to keep her secret under control, and Charity learns the truth about Phil's relationship with Bob Whitmore.

  • Bob Whitmore returns to Memphis to remind Grace that he is the one in charge and to firmly encourage her to consider a new idea he has for Calvary. On a mission to uncover what's been going on between Noah and Grace, Charity makes an explosive phone call.

  • Grace faces her past but as she does so, gives Phil the opportunity to impress key church leadership. Lady Mae steps in to do damage control in Grace's absence and is forced to face Mac's ghost and her own stained reputation.

  • While engaging in a power struggle with Phil, Grace walks a tightrope, uncertain of what to do in regards to her secret. Bishop discovers something about a rival, making it possible to win back Mae and the church.

  • On the first Sunday after Harmony & Hope's installation at Calvary, the Greenleaf family's united front shatters. Grace attempts to lead the church's loyalties back toward the Greenleafs, but a call from Noah brings a long-kept secret of Grace's to light.

  • Go behind the scenes of the new season to hear exclusive interviews with the cast about what lies ahead as the Greenleaf family fights to take back control of their church.

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