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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is the third franchise in the Love & Hip-Hop series. With the previous seasons being in New York, and the most popular of the series, in Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is now blazing its trail on the West Coast. With familiar faces in the music industry like Omarion, Lil' Fizz, and Ray J, just to name a few, music lovers will be drawn into this show.

Follow Teairra Marie as she tries to get over Ray J long after their breakup. Tierra claims that they had been a couple for nine years and is finding it hard to move on. Another hot couple is Omarion and Apryl, who are currently expecting a child, but Omarion's mother, is having issues with the mother of his unborn child. Lil' Fizz is also in his own baby mama drama!

See many artists, as well as rappers, and even wannabes, go through daily struggles, with other artists, and family life. This show is for those who love the dramatic, as well as not minding a cat fight or two, between women swearing that the man is theirs!

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
September 15, 2014
Celebrity & Entertainment, Music, Reality
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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Full Episode Guide

  • In the second part of the reunion, Masika and Hazel face off. Later, Willie and Kyesha's texts are exposed; Rosa accuses Safaree of being cheap; and Moniece drops a bombshell.

  • Part 1 of 2. The cast members get back together. The shows executive producer Mona Scott-Young revisits Season 1's dramas, and Mally Mall, Berg, Nikki and Masika arouse fiery tension.

  • In the third season finale, Ray and Princess continue to clash, threatening g the couple's upcoming nuptials. Later, Teairra realizes the magnitude of her personal and legal problems.

  • Lyrica tries to mediate peace between two moms; Moniece is determined to find out who leaked the sex tape; and Princess has an issue with Ray J and Sonja leading up to the nuptials. Later, Teairra has to face her demons.

  • Moniece and Fizz hear about Brandi's revenge plan; and Ray J and Princess' romance takes a turn for the worse. Later, Lyrica's mom goes to extremes to get back at A1.

  • Masika and Fetty Wap have an argument; Nikki takes an inside look at herself; and Brandi and Princess go forward with their plan to exact revenge on Moniece. Later, Lyrica's mom makes a strange request for her daughter.

  • Moniece seeks vengeance against Brandi. Ray helps Safaree try to make peace with Nikki, but she has other plans in mind. Willie attempts to win Shanda back, but is it too late? Wedding planning brings up Princess' issues with her estranged father.

  • A1 and Lyrica's housewarming party doesn't go well; Princess is annoyed with Ray's recent business success; and Nikki and Rosa have an awkward moment in public. Later, Teairra must deal with legal issues.

  • Safaree catches Nikki redhanded; Brandi and Max's union is stressed when Max starts collaborating with Masika. Princess is pre-occupied with planning, Ray is little help.

  • Nikki struggles to juggle her relationships with Safaree and Rosa. Tired of all the family drama, A1 and Lyrica finally take matters into their own hands. Shanda is fed up after she is confronted by Willie's mistress.

  • A1 and Lyrica attempt to lesson the tension between their moms prior to the wedding. Later, Masika spends time with Fetty Wap; Max's fury toward Brandi continues after her secret is revealed; and Nikki's involved in a new relationship.

  • A1 and Lyrica's assertive moms threaten their relationship; and Princess approaches Moniece. Later, Brandi's plot to conceal a secret from Max backfires.

  • A lady from Willie's past arrives, causing tension in his marriage. Later, Ray and Princess discuss the prenup controversy; Moniece stirs up trouble; and Masika battles with paternity problems.

  • In the third-season opener, Ray J and Princess' marriage plans go off track. Later, Moniece and Brandi run into each other; Nikki learns Fizz has been harboring a secret; and somebody from Willie's past visits Shanda.

  • In the second part of the reunion, Nikki and Masika clash as well as Princess and Morgan.

  • The cast reunites to discuss the season.

  • Rich questions Moniece about her feelings for Fizz. Ray J surprises Princess. Milan gets a mixed reception when meeting Miles's family.

  • Teairra leaves Nikki and Princess speechless at the big fashion show. Moniece makes a big confession to Fizz. Ray J tries to get Princess back.

  • Rich must mediate a situation between Moniece and her mother. Meanwhile, Amber reveals her feelings to Miles.

  • Fizz reaches out to get some help raising his son. When Amber learns that Miles is with Milan, she wants to confront him about it. Hazel has an accident. Nia defends her relationship with Soulja to her father. Max and Brandi try to work together in the studio.

  • Miles tells the truth to Amber and his family. Max and Brandi figure out their ring issues. Nia reaches a breaking point with Soulja's wandering eye. Teiarra confronts Ray about his betrayal.

  • Princess accuses Teiarra of being fake. Willie tries to get out of his contract. Nikki and Brandi confront Jason and Kamiah. Miles invites Amber to sit down with a therapist.

  • Ray and Princess have a fight; Amber turns up the heat on Miles; Willie attempts to launch a solo career.

  • Fizz gets back together with Nikki: Princess wants to prove Teairra is lying; Max and Brandi experience a setback; and a blogger is intrigued by Fizz and Hazel.

  • When Max fails to take his wedding ring with him, Brandi becomes suspicious.

  • A former friend jeopardizes Nia and Soulja Boy's relationship. Princess and Teiarra's friendship leaves Ray J feeling perplexed. Moniece goes under the gun for her new man. Milan wants Miles to move in but he can't let go of his old life.

  • Moniece has a new bae, and he is a familiar face. Princess tries to get Ray J to define their relationship and gets hell to pay instead. Miles is desperate keep his relationship a secret.

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