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I Love Money is an original reality show broadcast on VHI, starring handpicked contestants from previous VH1 shows sporting unique pseudonyms like "Tailor Made", "Hoopz" and "Whiteboy", among others. The show cashes in on the appeal of past reality stars to create entertaining dysfunction and backstabbing that only twenty-somethings and a metric ton of alcohol can bring. 4 total seasons of the show were produced but only 3 were aired due to a controversy involving one of the male contestants slated to appear on Season 3.

The show features the typical format of predecessors such as Road Rules or Big Brother where contestants compete for a purse of money, carrying out absurd and risque' challenges such as "The Stripper Pole of Doom!", where the last contestant to remain on their respective stripper pole wins the challenge and immunity from elimination. Given the line of work of a healthy number of contestants on the show, the potential for this particular challenge to become a marathon is entirely plausible. Bring a lunch.

Adding another layer of debauchery to the show, and let's be honest, the reason a lot of us will tune in, is the fact that the contestants all live in the same house while filming. This arrangement leads to some situations that would make a frat-house blush. Hookups are a common occurrence, and claws are constantly out and at the ready. The crop of reality show veterans that VH1 has cultivated and showcased on this show do not disappoint, and give VH1 censor's a reason to go home and drink at night. Blurred out bodies are so common that you'd think you've suddenly developed cataracts.

I Love Money is a lighthearted, competitive reality show that delivers on its promise of beautiful people sometimes doing some not so beautiful things to win a big old bag of money. This alcohol fueled, competitive social experiment is fun to watch for the rubbernecker in all of us; definitely an all around good time.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on VH1
3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
July 6, 2008
Game Show
Cast: Craig Jackson
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I Love Money Full Episode Guide

  • Four months ago 18 reality show veterans waded ashore in Sunny Mexico for a chance to win $250,000. Now they return to our stage to discuss the alliances and conflicts; romances and breakups; and twists and turns that made I Love Money 2 unforgettable!

  • The remaining five contestants head into the final competitions for all the marbles. The final event will test all their strength, stamina, and brains.

  • Only six players remain in the house. The cast must battle it out in their strangest reality challenge yet: an obstacle course in which they must don gigantic fake boobs.

  • With only seven players left in the house, the ruling alliance is confident that they're in control of game and will now pick off the opposition at will.

  • A last-minute deal before the previous elimination threatens to completely crumble a struggling alliance, while behind closed doors, a new secret alliance begins to form.

  • Alliances are torn apart as our money lovers go bed-hopping! Check out the full episode.

  • No team captains, no uniforms... these money lovers are on their own! Watch as they throw each other under the bus!

  • Eleven people remain in the house, and the lines between Green and Gold Teams have blurred even more. Alliances are color-blind, as certain players on either team attempt to sabotage the team that they are technically on. Each team is suspended from a giant crane above water and must untangle their twisted ropes in the fastest time to avoid the threat of elimination. The true competition takes place after the challenge, though, as players work overtime to forge allegiances and backstab others. When the alliance that once held all the power in the game, starts to distrust each other, the results are explosive.

  • The teams are challenged to free up coins which are frozen inside an ice block.

  • New alliances align and the chick-a-pult challenge makes it's return to the show.

  • New alliances are forged when they teams are switched up.

  • 16 contestants remain and a lot of butt kissing is going on. The next challenge finds the Green and Gold teams going cheek-to-cheek, but after two player "throw" the challenge and cause a loss, a new alliance is exposed. Why? Because the members don't like one "poisonous" member and would like to see him thrown out. Can the losing team see this plan, or will they be too intimidated? An added twist finds 2 members being released from the game.

  • Before this week's elimination there will be a soccer challenge and a meeting with a fortune teller.

  • The ladies are given a new challenge in which they will be boxing an opponent in a ring which is suspended over the ocean, and a winner is determined when the opposition is knocked into the water.

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