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  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 2.4  (155)

Strange Love was a reality TV show produced by Mindring Productions and aired in 2005. Starring the unlikely duo of Flavor Flav, a rapper known for his over-the-top persona, and Brigitte Nielsen, a Danish actress and model, the show followed their budding romance as they tried to navigate the challenges of their vastly different lifestyles.

Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen first met on the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life, where they quickly hit it off and began a romantic relationship. Strange Love picks up where that show left off, as the two decide to continue dating and see if they can make a real relationship work.

The show is filled with the drama, humor, and larger-than-life personalities that viewers have come to expect from reality TV. Flavor Flav's quirky sense of humor and outlandish fashion sense are on full display as he tries to woo the beautiful and sophisticated Nielsen, who is herself no stranger to the spotlight.

Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse into the lives of both Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen, as they take turns visiting each other's homes and meeting each other's friends and families. The cultural differences between the two are often a source of tension, as Flavor Flav tries to introduce Nielsen to the world of hip hop and she struggles to understand his sometimes unintelligible slang.

But despite their differences, the couple remains dedicated to making their relationship work. Viewers watch as they go on dates, celebrate holidays together, and even collaborate on a music video.

Of course, no reality TV show would be complete without its fair share of drama, and Strange Love is no exception. As the couple's relationship progresses, they are forced to confront issues such as jealousy, conflicting priorities, and even the disapproval of their friends and family members.

But throughout it all, Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen remain committed to each other. Whether they are attending red carpet events or cooking dinner together at home, their chemistry is undeniable, and viewers can't help but root for this unlikely pair.

Overall, Strange Love is a fun and entertaining show that offers a unique look into the lives of two larger-than-life personalities as they try to make a relationship work in the midst of the craziness of reality TV. Fans of Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen will love seeing them together, while those who are new to the duo will find themselves drawn in by their undeniable charisma and charm.

Strange Love is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2005.

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Reunion Special
11. Reunion Special
April 24, 2005
This special episode of Strange Love reunites Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen for a weekend press tour in New York City. Since their last meeting, in Los Angeles at the VH1 Big In '04 awards, Brigitte and Flav have not been on speaking terms. The first night in New York, their relationship devolves into a bitter argument that leaves Brigitte alone in the hotel suite and Flav storming off into the night. The next day they have to do a radio tour and several TV appearances together. They are also given the opportunity to watch the first cut of the final episode of Strange Love. Will seeing their old romance on the big screen bring back old feelings for the two lovers or is their love truly too strange to last?
You May Now Flav the Bride
10. You May Now Flav the Bride
April 10, 2005
Brigitte receives her ticket home. She's leaving tomorrow. Her impending departure brings out the desperate side of Flav. He tells Brigitte that if she moves to America he will help her raise her kids. He tells her not to marry Mattias. If she has to go home, he wants her to at least stay single so they have a chance together. It's hard to tell where Brigitte's heart lies. She loves her Flav, but this whole experience has left her emotionally exhausted. She's confused about what to do... and that's BEFORE they get to the wedding chapel.
Flav Can't Lose
9. Flav Can't Lose
April 3, 2005
Brig & Flav arrive at the Hard Rock Las Vegas and discover a suite full of gifts. They go gambling and to a strip club, but they bicker over each other flirting with other people. Brigitte gives a guy chips. Flavor gets a lap dance. The next morning, they have breakfast in the room and then a couple's massage. They have a conversation about their relationship where Flav tells her that Mattia is only after her for her money. At dinner, Flav tells Brigitte to move to Vegas. He wants to have a child with her. They go gambling; Flav snaps at Brigitte (he doesn't like to be touched while gambling) and she goes to bed alone. He stays up and loses all his money.
The Family that Flavs Together Stays Together
8. The Family that Flavs Together Stays Together
March 27, 2005
Flav takes Brigitte to church in his hometown of Freeport. They are enjoying the service until Flav's daughters show up (wearing deadbeat dad t-shirts). A big ugly fight on the church steps ensues. Back at Flav's mama's they have a family barbecue. Brigitte meets the family and is overwhelmed. Flav's angry daughters and their mother glare from across the street. Brigitte meets Flav's baby mama and gives her their phone numbers. Flav freaks out. Brigitte is at a loss how to deal with Flav and his baggage. Back at the hotel, Flav tells her they need to get out of New York. He has too much baggage here. He asks her to go to Vegas and she agrees.
Bronx Cheers
7. Bronx Cheers
March 6, 2005
Flav takes Brigitte to the Bronx and she's warmly accepted by Beverly Johnson (his ex) and her family. They get her fitted for gold teeth and an adoring mob forms outside the jewelry/teeth store. They have dinner with Luigi and talk about their relationship, and Brigitte still has concerns. Flav straightens things out with Public Enemy and takes Brigitte to the next PE concert that night, giving her silver teeth as a token of his love. She comes onstage and flashes the crowd a silver smile. The fans go wild.
Public Enemy Number 1
6. Public Enemy Number 1
February 20, 2005
In preparation for his upcoming Public Enemy show, Flav takes Brigitte shopping to "pimp out" his girl. Now in NYC, Brigitte finds that Flav's attentions are scattered and they have a fight about him making phone calls during lunch. That night, they go to the Russell Simmons PE show. Brigitte makes a fool of herself and Flav destroys his dressing room. They fight and sleep apart. NYC might not be all Brigitte thought it would be.
Flavor's Fried Chicken
5. Flavor's Fried Chicken
February 13, 2005
It's the final push for New York. After cooking a "bonding dinner" for her kids, Flav lets Brigitte go home to face her fiancé and stresses that she might not come back. She surprises him (and us) by showing up with her bags packed. The couple departs for the Big Apple.
The Wine, The Romance and The Truth
4. The Wine, The Romance and The Truth
January 30, 2005
The lovebirds wake up in Como but Brigitte is feeling guilty about her tryst last night. Flav feels her unease and coaxes her to take a bubble bath. Flav tries to be romantic, but blows it when he kicks over a glass of wine then goes ballistic on the chambermaid when she tries to clean up after him. They tour a vineyard and stomp grapes, and take a ferry to Bellagio where they go to dinner. They have a long conversation in which they open their hearts. Brigitte agrees to go to New York because she needs to see if she and Flav really still have something.
Balls Well that Ends Well
3. Balls Well that Ends Well
January 23, 2005
They travel to Lake Como with Brigitte's manager, Luigi, and his wife. They have an awkward lunch, and a clumsy ballroom dance lesson. Flav's pimp suit is finally revealed as they go to the Gala. Immediately Flav and Brigitte are not accepted by the horrified snobs. Brigitte realizes her friends are a bunch of pretentious jerks. She apologizes to Flav for the way he was judged. They make love for the first time since their reunion.
The Smack is Back
2. The Smack is Back
January 16, 2005
Flav and Brigitte receive an invite to a Gala at Lake Como. Flav bends over backwards to become "proper" for the occasion, but he's only willing to go so far (he reluctantly takes an etiquette lesson and he buys a tailored suit, but a pimp suit). Mattia falls out of favor with Brig when he sends her clothes in a paper bag. Flav encourages the end of their relationship. Brigitte admits that when Mattia is bad, he has to sleep in the closet. Flavor says that he would never be like Mattia. They go clubbing, Flav raps. Brigitte kisses another guy AND another girl. Flav kisses another girl. Brigitte slaps him and he slaps her right back. Brigitte realizes she's with a real man... and likes it.
The Flavor of Love
1. The Flavor of Love
January 2, 2005
Flav goes to Italy and tries to coax a reluctant Brigitte away from her fiancé, Mattia. At first, things aren't as easy as Flav thought they'd be, but by the end of the first night, he's certain that he'll get his girl back in no time.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 2, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    2.4  (155)