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  • TV-14
  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons
  • 3.3  (395)

For the Love of Ray J is a VH1 dating competition show that premiered in 2009, featuring American singer, songwriter, and actor William Ray Norwood Jr., popularly known as Ray J, as the leading man looking for love. The show brings together a group of 14 beautiful and talented women, all competing to win Ray J's heart and become his girlfriend. Each episode, the women participate in various challenges, group dates, and interviews, hoping to stand out and make a connection with Ray J.

The show's format is similar to other dating shows, such as The Bachelor or Flavor of Love, where the lead man goes on individual and group dates with the women, gets to know them better and eliminate them if they do not seem like a good match. However, For the Love of Ray J brings a unique twist to the genre, as it showcases Ray J's playful and daring personality, making for entertaining and sometimes unpredictable episodes.

One of the things that sets the show apart is Ray J's involvement in the production, as he is not just the star but also an executive producer, which gives him more control and creative input. He is seen throughout the show's production, interacting with the women, the crew, and even negotiating with the producers, making for an inside look at the making of the show.

The women competing for Ray J's attention come from various backgrounds and professions, from models and dancers to businesswomen and singers. They all have different personalities and styles, which leads to tension and drama between them, particularly when it comes to jealousy and competition. The show's producers do an excellent job of highlighting the women's personalities through their interviews, confessionals, and interactions with Ray J, making the audience invested in their journey and rooting for their favorite contestants.

The challenges the women undertake range from physical activities like jet skiing or mud wrestling to more emotional and creative ones like writing a love song or designing dresses for Ray J's sister, Brandy. These challenges allow the women to showcase their talents, skills and prove their compatibility with Ray J. They also lead to some of the show's more dramatic moments, as the women often have conflicting opinions and strategies, making alliances and enemies in the process.

The group dates are also a significant part of the show, as it allows Ray J to spend time with multiple women at once, being playful, flirty, and sometimes even romantic. These group dates usually involve some sort of public appearance or performance, putting the women outside of their comfort zone and testing their ability to handle pressure and attention.

Aside from the dating aspect of the show, For the Love of Ray J also offers some insight into Ray J's personal and professional life. Throughout the episodes, we see him working on his music and other projects, attending events and meetings, and dealing with the ups and downs of his career. This gives the show a more rounded and realistic portrayal of Ray J, as a multifaceted celebrity, rather than just a character in a dating show.

In conclusion, For the Love of Ray J is an entertaining and engaging dating competition show that offers plenty of drama, humor, and romantic moments. Ray J's involvement in the production and his chemistry with the women make for enjoyable episodes that keep the audience engaged and invested in the outcome. If you are a fan of reality dating shows or enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes footage of production and celebrity life, For the Love of Ray J is definitely worth watching.

For the Love of Ray J is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on February 2, 2009.

For the Love of Ray J
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14. Reunion
February 8, 2010
For the Love of Ray J 2 Reunion.
Clip Show
13. Clip Show
February 1, 2010
Bonus Footage of Season 2.
Come Away With Me
12. Come Away With Me
January 25, 2010
Only two ladies remain and Ray is torn between them.
Homie Invasion
11. Homie Invasion
January 18, 2010
Rays family and friends make some trouble.
The Breaking Point
10. The Breaking Point
January 11, 2010
Ray is down to the final four and things are getting complicated as some of the girls are getting jealous of each other.
The Truth Will Set You Free
9. The Truth Will Set You Free
January 4, 2010
With five girls left, close-knit friendships will be put to the ultimate test as Ray asks the girls to investigate each other. It is every woman for herself as they square off over a lie detector machine? With lies exposed and secrets revealed, no one is safe from elimination. Is honesty always the best policy?
Dangers Liasons
8. Dangers Liasons
December 21, 2009
Seven girls remain and Ray needs a little extra help figuring out who is right or wrong for him. Danger (an intense woman who nearly won Ray's heart last season and is now his close friend) returns to evaluate the girls for herself. It is not a pleasant experience for any of the girls as Danger intimidates and insults everyone in her path. The surprises keep coming as Ray continues to seek helpful advice, but it all might backfire once old feelings begin to resurface, making his next elimination harder than ever.
The Amazing Rays
7. The Amazing Rays
December 14, 2009
The ladies are in for a wild ride when Ray sends them on a race through Los Angeles. Drama soon breaks out when one girl finds herself hated by every other girl in the house. As she begins to break down from the stress, Ray wonders whether she is strong enough to handle not only this competition, but his life in general.
Ray J Fever
6. Ray J Fever
December 7, 2009
In front of a live audience, Ray J wants to find out which girls have what it takes to share his passion for music.
Mean Girls
5. Mean Girls
November 30, 2009
If Ray is going to choose one of the girls to be his one and only, she's going to have to not only work well with children but also cook a mean meal.
Too Little Too Late
4. Too Little Too Late
November 23, 2009
It's down to twelve girls and for their next challenge they must style Ray for a Sean John photo shoot. Ray is growing closer to several girls who are managing to capture his interest, but one of his favorite girls seems to be holding back. The stakes are high for her, and the girls who haven't managed to shine above the rest. This could be their last chance to make a big move, or face moving out.
Not Again Dre...
3. Not Again Dre...
November 19, 2009
Ray is excited as the girls compete in a dance battle challenge. However, the good times are threatened when Ray learns one of the girls might have previously hooked up with one of his friends!
Ray's Leading Ladies
2. Ray's Leading Ladies
November 9, 2009
Ray is looking for his own leading lady. In their first challenge the girls have to create movie scenes to act out with Ray. Ray has on-screen chemistry with some of the girls.
That's What's Up
1. That's What's Up
November 2, 2009
Ray J, musician, actor and multi-platinum artist tried to find love last season when he brought 14 girls to live with him in his mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Although Ray thought he'd found love when he picked Cocktail, it didn't work out, so he's doing it again! This time, Ray's going to bring 19 girls to his house to see if he can find that special one.
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For the Love of Ray J is available for streaming on the VH1 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch For the Love of Ray J on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 2, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    3.3  (395)