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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 5.5  (24)

First Family of Hip Hop was a reality television show that aired on Bravo in 2017. The show followed the lives of the Robinsons, a wealthy family from New York, who are the first family of hip hop. They are the descendants of Sugar Hill Records – the label that launched the careers of rap legends like Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, and many others.

The show focused on the drama and conflicts that arise within the family as they struggle to keep the label alive and maintain their status as hip hop royalty. The Robinsons are led by patriarch and Sugar Hill CEO Leland Robinson, also known as "Big Lee." He is determined to keep the family business running, but it's not an easy task. His children have different ideas about the future of the label, and their personal lives are also filled with drama.

One of Big Lee's children is Tony Neal, a music industry veteran who has worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop. Tony is the family's go-to guy for business advice, and he is often called upon to mediate disputes between his siblings. He's also dealing with personal issues, including his recent divorce and his desire to start a new relationship.

Another one of Big Lee's children is Eleven, a talented rapper who is trying to make a name for herself in the music industry. She's a rising star, but she often clashes with her siblings over creative differences. Eleven has a tough exterior, but deep down she just wants to be accepted and supported by her family.

Michael Kuluva is another member of the Robinson family. He's the family's fashion designer and runs his own clothing line, Tumbler and Tipsy. Michael is openly gay, and he faces his own set of challenges as he tries to balance his personal life with his professional aspirations.

Throughout the show, the Robinsons face a number of obstacles as they try to keep their family business afloat. They're always dealing with internal conflicts, but they also have to face competition from other labels and the changing nature of the music industry. Along the way, they learn that family is everything, and they have to work together if they want to succeed.

Overall, First Family of Hip Hop was an entertaining and engaging show that gave viewers a look into the lives of a wealthy and influential family in the hip hop world. The show was filled with drama, conflict, and surprising twists, and it was well-received by audiences who were interested in both hip hop and reality TV. Despite only airing for one season, the show made a lasting impression and will be remembered as an important addition to the reality TV genre.

First Family of Hip Hop is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2017.

First Family of Hip Hop
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Passing the Torch
8. Passing the Torch
March 19, 2017
Leland is ready to pick a successor at Sugarhill. The family takes the stage to show him what each one of them has to offer the label, and old conflicts resurface.
Facing the Music
7. Facing the Music
March 12, 2017
A big presentation hovers for Leland as the Robinsons fight for the Sugarhill throne. Also, Rhondo and LeA make peace with Shanell but continue to doubt her real motives; Shanell comes up against obstacles in her personal life; and Lelo's former life catches up with him as he scurries to prove himself to his father.
Papa Said Knock It Off
6. Papa Said Knock It Off
March 5, 2017
With the family collapsing, Leland tries to smooth things over. He approaches Shanell about her betrayal of Rhondo, and after Darnell won't leave the house, Big Lee takes action.
Hostile Takeover
5. Hostile Takeover
February 19, 2017
Leland presents LeA with an offer but his strong-willed daughter has thoughts of her own. Meanwhile, Rhondo arouses the rest of the Robinson men to aproach Big Lee with their questions about how he's running Sugarhill Records.
Who's Got Game?
4. Who's Got Game?
February 12, 2017
Darnell splurges on a lavish present to prove his love to Eseni; Leland tries to unite the Robinsons by hosting a family basketball game.
Step Up or Shut Up
3. Step Up or Shut Up
January 29, 2017
Rhondo is influenced by a discussion with rapper Raekwon to step up and prove he's heir to the family throne. Also, Darnell throws out new ideas to Leland; a sit-down between Lady Luck and LeA erupts into a screaming ordeal; and Lelo goes to court.
Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
2. Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
January 22, 2017
Patriarch Leland fights to keep his role as boss while facing troubles with the younger generation. Meanwhile, Darnell looks for Sugar Hill's next big artist but ends up in the hospital, and LeA gathers the clan for a cookout
The Empire Strikes Back
1. The Empire Strikes Back
January 15, 2017
The Robinson family fights to keep peace in the series opener of this reality show highlighting a family's quest to put hip-hop label Sugar Hill Records back in the lead.
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First Family of Hip Hop is available for streaming on the Bravo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch First Family of Hip Hop on demand at Amazon, Vudu, hayu, Google Play, Apple TV and Bravo.
  • Premiere Date
    January 15, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    5.5  (24)