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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 11 Seasons
  • 7.5  (5,018)

Below Deck is a popular American reality television show that debuted on Bravo in 2013 and has become a fan favorite over the years. The series chronicles the lives of the crew members working onboard luxury yachts that cater to the super-rich and famous as they navigate the high seas and deliver impeccable service to their demanding clientele.

The show features a rotating cast of crew members, but some of the mainstays from previous seasons have become household names amongst fans. Captain Lee Rosbach is the firm but fair authority figure at the helm of the yachts, responsible for ensuring that the boat navigates smoothly and that the guests are always satisfied. Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain is the mastermind behind the impeccable interior of the yacht, responsible for ensuring that guests have everything they need to live in the lap of luxury while onboard. Eddie Lucas is a fan-favorite Deckhand and Bosun who has been with the show since the beginning, and has become known for his humor, wit, and good looks.

Each episode of Below Deck features the crew dealing with a new group of charter guests, who range from beloved celebrities to wealthy businessmen and their families. Over the course of the charter, the crew must work together to deliver top-notch service and deal with all sorts of unexpected challenges, from seasickness to extravagant demands to interpersonal drama amongst the crew. The show highlights the often-grueling work that goes into making a luxury yacht charter a success and gives viewers an inside look into the lifestyle of the ultra-rich.

One of the unique aspects of Below Deck is the close quarters in which the crew works and lives. The crew cabins are tight and often cramped, leading to tensions and disagreements amongst the crew members. The pressure of working long hours in close quarters with colleagues, some of whom may not be their favorite people, often leads to explosive moments and tense confrontations, which make for great reality TV drama.

The show is also known for its lavish guest demands, which range from the extravagant to the downright insane. From helicopter tours to 30-course dinners to late-night beach parties, the guests on Below Deck spare no expense when it comes to their charter experience. The crew must work tirelessly to fulfill these demands and ensure that the guests have the best experience possible, even if it means sacrificing their own sleep and sanity in the process.

Beyond the guest demands and the living conditions, Below Deck also tackles more serious issues such as workplace harassment, substance abuse, and mental health. In recent seasons, the show has taken a more introspective turn, with crew members opening up about their struggles and the pressures of life at sea. This has helped the show feel more grounded and realistic, as viewers see the real people behind the glamorous facade of the yachting lifestyle.

Overall, Below Deck is a fascinating glimpse into the world of luxury yachting and the people who work tirelessly to ensure the guests' every need is met. With a mix of drama, humor, and heart, the show has become a must-watch for reality TV fans who crave a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Below Deck is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (206 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2013.

Below Deck
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End of the Line
17. End of the Line
May 27, 2024
Ben deals with the fallout of disrespecting Capt. Kerry; Kyle struggles to keep his clothes on; Sunny debates if there's a future for her and Ben off the boat; buried tensions come to a head resulting in a fierce fight that shocks the entire crew.
Salt in Chef's Wounds
16. Salt in Chef's Wounds
May 20, 2024
A picky primary tests Chef Nick's patience; the couples on board make plans to see if their boatmances survive the real world.
We'll Always Have Paris
15. We'll Always Have Paris
May 13, 2024
Dylan tries his luck with some attractive guests, but worries his job might be in danger if he pushes too far; Barbie and Kyle don't see eye to eye on his wardrobe choice or cheeky behavior; The interior department continues to struggle with the galley; Tension between Paris and Chef Nick explodes at the beach picnic, prompting Capt. Kerry to step in and lay down the law.
Disappointing Daddy
14. Disappointing Daddy
May 6, 2024
Barbie must decide to either honor her family's expectations of her or follow her heart with Kyle.
Happy Captain, Happy Life
13. Happy Captain, Happy Life
April 29, 2024
St. David welcomes a new crew member who is thrown into the fire with social media-addicted guests. Barbie and Kyle struggle after taking their relationship to the next level. Ben attempts to reignite a spark with a past lover. Sunny deals with the fallout from mixing work and play.
Bit of an Ick
12. Bit of an Ick
April 22, 2024
The King and Queen continue to tax the interior and the galley as Chef Anthony spirals into a place that he may not be able to recover.
Royal Rumble
11. Royal Rumble
April 15, 2024
Sunny is upset at Ben's wandering eyes and fears she might get hurt again. A new group of guests turn out to be royally demanding, culminating into their own major drama.
Grenadian Nightmare
10. Grenadian Nightmare
April 8, 2024
Chef Anthony buckled under pressure with an a la charge dinner menu; the interior crew continue to feel the strain of being a stew down; the crew gets a day off to spend at a resort but the Fraser vs. Barbie drama makes it anything but relaxing.
The Real Housewives of Grenada
9. The Real Housewives of Grenada
April 1, 2024
Chef Anthony takes on the most dietary restrictions of the charter season yet; Sunny steps up her skills on deck as Dylan vies for the Lead Deckhand position; the demands of a famous housewife push the shorthanded interior team to their limits.
Murder on the High Seas
8. Murder on the High Seas
March 25, 2024
Ben's mistake leaves the guests and crew stranded on a remote beach in a storm; a new deckhand arrives and has many on board swooning; Sunny's insecurities threaten to ruin her relationship with Ben; Fraser shares a kiss with one of the crew.
Cat's Out of the Bag
7. Cat's Out of the Bag
March 18, 2024
Jared's behavior the night before lands him in hot water with Capt. Kerry. Ben is put in a challenging position, which could affect his relationship with Sunny.
Love Me Tender
6. Love Me Tender
March 11, 2024
Jared and Kyle argue, which has consequences; Cat struggles to find her place on the yacht; the exterior struggles with a difficult docking while Eileen gets under the skin of the entire yacht; a night in the hot tub has long-lasting repercussions.
Come on Eileen
5. Come on Eileen
March 4, 2024
Catty and picky guests prove to be a challenge for the crew; Captain Kerry learns about Jared and Cat's personal struggles; Barbie vows to be a better stew; Xandi gets frustrated by Cat's inexperience; Jared continues to give Barbie the ick.
It's Always Sunny in Grenada
4. It's Always Sunny in Grenada
February 26, 2024
Barbie continues to test boundaries with Fraser. Cat struggles to find her place within the crew. Jared's personal challenges take a toll on him as Capt. Kerry takes notice.
Breaking Barbie
3. Breaking Barbie
February 19, 2024
After learning some heartbreaking information about Cat, Fraser urges Barbie to be kinder toward her, which in turn ignites a new feud between Barbie and Fraser. Ben and Sunny take their relationship from professional to personal and must navigate how to balance work and play on deck. Chef Anthony struggles to keep up with the demands of feeding both the guests and the crew, prompting Captain Kerry to step in.
Pier Pressure
2. Pier Pressure
February 12, 2024
Fraser must deal with escalating tension between two of his stews that threatens to ruin his season. Jared makes a big mistake, causing Ben and Fraser to feel that they can't rely on the new bosun. Capt. Kerry docks St. David for the first time, but the deck team's lack of communication could lead to a disastrous end to the first charter.
New Capt, New Rules
1. New Capt, New Rules
February 5, 2024
Capt. Kerry takes control of M/Y St. David while some old familiar faces grapple with new roles; the conflict on the exterior looms large, but the heat in the galley proves to be daunting; new faces are everywhere and romance is in the air.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 1, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (5,018)