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This reality series centers around the young crew of a luxury yacht for hire. In each episode, the crew has to deal with a new group of wealthy passengers, and they also have to cope with the drama induced by their hard-partying lifestyle. The series debuted on Bravo in 2015.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
6 Seasons, 83 Episodes
July 1, 2013
Cast: Emily Warburton-Adams, Jennifer Howell, Kate Chastain, Amy Johnson
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Below Deck Full Episode Guide

  • The aftermath of Ashton's accident has the entire crew shaken up, especially Captain Lee. While the deck crew is on edge with a man down, Laura struggles to fall in line with her third stew role and her boss Kate. Later, Adrian's decision to make comforting food for the guests suddenly backfires.

  • My Seanna struggles to pull off a successful charter on the heels of two dramatic exits from crew members, Chandler and Caroline. Tensions rise as newly-appointed bosun, Ross, finds himself at odds with an easily-riled Rhylee. When replacements Tyler and Laura join the crew, the ship is turned upside down. While Kate and Josiah adjust to their new stew’s critical disposition, Adrian and Ashton both compete for her undivided attention. As their sixth charter begins, a shocking accident threatens the life of one of the deckhands.

  • Captain Lee comes to a decision about restructuring the deck team; Caroline is pushed to make her own decision regarding her place on My Seanna; during a fun crew night out, Ashton proves to be a ladies' man with the locals; Rhylee ruffles some feathers with Adrian; Captain Lee confronts Kate about a sensitive situation; and a reconfigured crew welcomes their highest profile charter guests yet.

  • Chandler is left at odds with Captain Lee and the entire Deck Team when an oversight leaves the charter guests stranded at an off-boat excursion without basic amenities. While Kate and Adrian pull out all the stops to deliver on a traditional beachfront pig roast Luau, its success is threatened when a guest is injured due to Chandler's oversight.

  • The crew welcome aboard their largest group of charter guests yet, including two young children, posing new challenges for everyone. While Chef Adrian jumps through hoops to please all their preferences, Chandler tries to redeem himself with Captain Lee. After being banished to the guest cabins with her injuries, Caroline struggles to find her place back with the interior, but her sour mood pushes Adrian to snap.

  • As Chandler’s decision making frustrates the deck crew, Rhylee and Ashton grow desperate for a change of bosun. The charter guests overcome their fears by swimming with some scary ocean predators. Later, as Ashton makes on move on Rhylee after a wild night, Kate tells Caroline her foot needs to heal or she’ll have to go home. When the mistakes keep piling up for Chandler, Captain Lee decides to confront him in a sit down.

  • Rhylee finds it hard to keep her attitude in check as she and Chandler are at odds.

  • Rhylee's outburst puts her at odds with the Deck Team. Later, Josiah and Kate comfort Caroline after receiving a bad news back home.

  • Captain Lee and the crew of My Seanna continue to cater to Steve's unpredictable antics; Chandler struggles to find his footing with Captain Lee and his deck team; the interior unveils some of their cracks during a busy dinner service; the crew celebrates their first night in Tahiti; Ashton proves to be a ladies man; and Chandler is pushed to his limit after an explosive encounter with Rhylee.

  • Young and single crew live, love and work together aboard a luxurious yacht.

  • Andy Cohen sits down with the cast.

  • Tensions within the crew run high on the final night of the charter season; Timothy Sykes micromanages the crew; Jen tries to be on her best behavior; Nico summons the courage to end things with Brianna; Jen attempts to mend things with Kate.

  • Captain Lee tests Matt as he removes his "sous-chef" Bruno from the galley, and joins the women for dinner. Jen feels defeated as her and Kate's working relationship deteriorates. Kyle and Jen grow closer as she finally has a friend she can lean on, but Kyle has ulterior motives. Nico is conflicted as his feelings for his ex-girlfriend and Brianna continue to grow. Jen reaches her breaking point and things turn physical after a dinner gone sour.

  • Captain Lee has a special guest come aboard and the crew gets to see a different side to their leader. A familiar face from the past surprises the crew and immediately has eyes for Jen.

  • An accident puts Nico in jeopardy of finishing out the rest of the charter season. Kate is forced to leave her stews behind as she attempts to entertain the guests who are none too pleased to be land locked.

  • Captain Lee, Kate, Nico and Matt have their hands full when eight big personalities from Texas come on board. Matt attempts to step up his cooking game.

  • Nico and Brianna grow closer despite Nico's girlfriend back in Chicago. Unexpected news sends Matt into an alcohol fueled day off. Baker takes the offensive in her friendship with EJ.

  • Leigh Anne Tuohy and her friends prove to be a challenge for Matt's culinary skills. Nico settles into life as the number two on deck but questions if he has the longevity to stick out the season.

  • Nico is pushed to his breaking point under the leadership of newly minted boson EJ. Matt continues to unravel after his disastrous date with Brianna which causes problems for Kate. Captain Lee makes a staffing decision regarding the overcrowded crew of motor yacht Valor. Jen feels under-appreciated in her department which causes strife with Brianna. Meanwhile, tension between EJ and Nico rises to an all-time high.

  • Capt. Lee makes a decision regarding the crew's re-configuration; Matt and Brianna mistakenly go to a nude beach; Jen grows weary with unfair treatment; Kate plans an anniversary surprise that fizzles; criticism sends Matt spiraling into shame.

  • Jesus and Kate get to know each other, while Chris Brown makes a pass at Brianna. Nico deals with the stress of the boat on the 3-month anniversary of the passing of his brother. A group of eight fun charter guests arrive ready to party down, which proves a challenge for Kate and the interior. Matt makes a move on Brianna, while Nico's wandering eye might end up getting him in trouble with his girlfriend. Nico and the exterior make a disastrous mistake.

  • Chris Brown's decision to nap finds him in the crosshairs with Captain Lee. Kate puts her stews through 101 training in order to get them ready for their next charter.

  • Tension is high as Kate and Nico continue to struggle operating with a crew of newbies. The crew welcomes their first charter guests.

  • Capt. Lee Rosbach, Kate, Nico, and new crew members set sail on the mega yacht Valor in the waters off the coast of St. Maarten; Kate and Nico have their hands full training inexperienced crew members; Nico deals with a personal tragedy.

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