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Below Deck is a Bravo reality show about the lives of young, attractive crew members and the captain of Honor, a multi-million dollar luxury yacht. The crew is highly trained in all aspects of meeting the needs and demands of wealthy charter guests. Whether guests crave gallons of green juice or a picnic lunch and shore excursion, the crew will never tell them, "no". The crew salary is contingent on the tip at the end of the charter, and they always deliver best-in-class service. From the moment that charter guests board the 164ft yacht, the shoes come off and first-class service begins.

The yacht's real name is Cuor di Leone, but has been renamed Honor for the reality television show. Honor is a playground for the rich and famous to spend a few days away from the demands of ordinary life.

The biggest part of the story happens below deck with the crew and the dynamic personalities and personal attractions which are authentic. Living in close quarters with friends and team mates can bring out the best and worst in people. Crew cabins are tiny and co-ed, so the crew becomes intimately familiar with each other due to the lack of privacy. The crew cannot consume alcohol during a charter but when the charter ends and the yacht is clean and spotless, they do cut loose and have fun.

The hours are long and there is little time for the crew to relax during a charter. From preparing three gourmet meals per day, and delicacies in between the handsome chef is always busy in the kitchen. Laundry and ironing are two of the chores that never seem to end. The crew is also responsible for scrubbing the deck, polishing the interior and exterior of the yacht and serving meals.

Charter cruises for Honor are in the Caribbean and include trips to Anguilla, St. Barts, St. Maarten and Saba. The islands of the Caribbean are a destination vacation and chartering a yacht gives guests the opportunity to see more than one island and take in the culture of the area.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
5 Seasons, 71 Episodes
July 1, 2013
Cast: Emily Warburton-Adams, Kate Chastain, Amy Johnson, Eddie Lucas
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Below Deck Full Episode Guide

  • Andy Cohen sits down with the cast.

  • Tensions within the crew run high on the final night of the charter season; Timothy Sykes micromanages the crew; Jen tries to be on her best behavior; Nico summons the courage to end things with Brianna; Jen attempts to mend things with Kate.

  • Captain Lee tests Matt as he removes his "sous-chef" Bruno from the galley, and joins the women for dinner. Jen feels defeated as her and Kate's working relationship deteriorates. Kyle and Jen grow closer as she finally has a friend she can lean on, but Kyle has ulterior motives. Nico is conflicted as his feelings for his ex-girlfriend and Brianna continue to grow. Jen reaches her breaking point and things turn physical after a dinner gone sour.

  • Captain Lee has a special guest come aboard and the crew gets to see a different side to their leader. A familiar face from the past surprises the crew and immediately has eyes for Jen.

  • An accident puts Nico in jeopardy of finishing out the rest of the charter season. Kate is forced to leave her stews behind as she attempts to entertain the guests who are none too pleased to be land locked.

  • Captain Lee, Kate, Nico and Matt have their hands full when eight big personalities from Texas come on board. Matt attempts to step up his cooking game.

  • Nico and Brianna grow closer despite Nico's girlfriend back in Chicago. Unexpected news sends Matt into an alcohol fueled day off. Baker takes the offensive in her friendship with EJ.

  • Leigh Anne Tuohy and her friends prove to be a challenge for Matt's culinary skills. Nico settles into life as the number two on deck but questions if he has the longevity to stick out the season.

  • Nico is pushed to his breaking point under the leadership of newly minted boson EJ. Matt continues to unravel after his disastrous date with Brianna which causes problems for Kate. Captain Lee makes a staffing decision regarding the overcrowded crew of motor yacht Valor. Jen feels under-appreciated in her department which causes strife with Brianna. Meanwhile, tension between EJ and Nico rises to an all-time high.

  • Capt. Lee makes a decision regarding the crew's re-configuration; Matt and Brianna mistakenly go to a nude beach; Jen grows weary with unfair treatment; Kate plans an anniversary surprise that fizzles; criticism sends Matt spiraling into shame.

  • Jesus and Kate get to know each other, while Chris Brown makes a pass at Brianna. Nico deals with the stress of the boat on the 3-month anniversary of the passing of his brother. A group of eight fun charter guests arrive ready to party down, which proves a challenge for Kate and the interior. Matt makes a move on Brianna, while Nico's wandering eye might end up getting him in trouble with his girlfriend. Nico and the exterior make a disastrous mistake.

  • Chris Brown's decision to nap finds him in the crosshairs with Captain Lee. Kate puts her stews through 101 training in order to get them ready for their next charter.

  • Tension is high as Kate and Nico continue to struggle operating with a crew of newbies. The crew welcomes their first charter guests.

  • Capt. Lee Rosbach, Kate, Nico, and new crew members set sail on the mega yacht Valor in the waters off the coast of St. Maarten; Kate and Nico have their hands full training inexperienced crew members; Nico deals with a personal tragedy.

  • Sierra spirals out of control. Emily questions Ben's relationship with Kate. Kyle makes Ashley a very enticing offer. Kate sits Nico and Lauren down for a one-on-one chat and Ben crosses a line with Kate that changes their relationship permanently.

  • Kelley must deal with the repercussions of leaving Dean stranded on the beach; Captain Lee makes a decision regarding the exterior team; Kate becomes increasingly frustrated with Emily's lack of attention to her job.

  • Captain Lee scolds the crew for damaging a piece of the boat. Nico questions Kelley. Dean Slover returns for a third charter trip but will Ben be up to the challenge?

  • Sierra gets upset after Kyle pushes her patience to the limit. Ben's latest galley masterpiece has an unexpected effect on one of the crew.

  • Kelley is upset with Sierra when he finds out how she treated a member of the deck team. Emily has a fun night out with Ben while things get very heated between Kate and the exterior crew.

  • Kate says farewell to her girlfriend while Ben makes a sincere gesture to a fellow crew member.

  • Captain Lee is disappointed with Kelley after a series of missteps by the newly minted bosun. Kate is surprised by a visitor that shakes Ben up. Kelley steps up his game in his pursuit of Emily. Meanwhile a terrifying boating accident leaves the lives of the charter guests hanging in the balance.

  • Sierra makes a decision following a strained night with Ben. Meanwhile Kelley must endure a charter shorthanded.

  • Trevor must face Captain Lee after the crew's safety is jeopardized during their night out. Ben stresses over a charter guest with very particular dietary needs. Kelley and Nico vie for the attention of the same stew, and Sierra learns just how difficult it can be working with Ben.

  • Tension mounts between Trevor and the rest of the team; Kelley connects with a flirty guest; Kate and Ben argue in the galley; Sierra has trouble adjusting to life on the Valor; Trevor's behavior causes friction during the team's first night out.

  • In the season premiere, Captain Lee, Kate, Ben, and Kelley welcome new crew members as they prepare for a new charter season; Kate must improvise after a junior stewardess misses her flight; Kelley has his hands full with headstrong deckhand Trevor.

  • Below Deck has ventured into a new latitude, the hub of yachting, the Mediterranean. Follow Chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members as they embark on a new charter season around the Greek Isles aboard the 150' luxury yacht, Ionian Princess.

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