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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 6 Seasons
  • 6.1  (492)

In this reality series, a group of young New Yorkers descends on a Long Island town to spend the summer drinking, partying and engaging in interpersonal hijinks. The series follows the typical reality TV format, focusing on the drama that arises between the celebrity-seeking summer housemates. The series debuted on the Bravo cable network in 2017.

Summer House
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Reunion Part 2
17. Reunion Part 2
May 16, 2022
The reunion concludes with Kyle and Amanda reflecting on their wedding, and they give an update on their prenup question, shocking some of the housemates. Lindsay reveals why she stopped drinking and gives insight into her romance with Carl. Mya, Ciara and Alex open up about the difficult, but important discussion held this summer. Paige and Amanda question Lindsay's true intentions in the house.
Reunion Part 1
16. Reunion Part 1
May 9, 2022
As the Summer House reunion kicks off, Lindsay defends her "Hot Hubbs Summer" and Carl questions his friendship with a surprising housemate along the way. Danielle's relationship with her boyfriend Robert is questioned, while Andrea gives an update on his dating life. Amanda calls Lindsay out for her lackluster apology about Austen, and Alex offers a surprising twist. Danielle and Ciara's growing resentments of each other come to a head.
A Happy Sending
15. A Happy Sending
May 2, 2022
With Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula still at odds over their prenup, Ciara Miller gives her two cents: "If you have a history of infidelity...get a prenup."
Keep Prom and Carry On
14. Keep Prom and Carry On
April 25, 2022
The housemates let loose with a prom party; Lindsay and Carl explore a flirtatious side of their friendship; the arrival of an unexpected guest leaves Paige speechless; Kyle and Amanda are feeling the pressure.
13. Pre-nope
April 18, 2022
The last weekend of summer starts with a bang; tensions rise among the housemates at dinner; Lindsay's Hot Hubbs pursuits land her back in the hot seat.
Playing With Fire
12. Playing With Fire
April 11, 2022
At Danielle's beachside bonfire, Lindsay's heart is burning for her latest suitor, while Mya is hesitant about her new relationship. When Andrea breaks down about his recent heartbreak, Paige wonders if he was using her the past few months. Meanwhile, Lindsay's "Hot Hubbs Summer" behavior makes Amanda feel uneasy.
Hurricane Warning
11. Hurricane Warning
April 4, 2022
After a heated exchange at dinner, the house attempts to undo the damage. Craig reveals his intentions with Paige while Lindsay admits she may have deeper feelings for Austen. And with time running out before their wedding, Kyle continues to pressure Amanda for a prenup.
That's Not Amore!
10. That's Not Amore!
March 28, 2022
Things between Carl and his crush start to heat up. Craig is back in town and Paige wonders if she's finally ready to take things to the next level. Andrea brings an Italian dinner tradition to the Hamptons, but when Ciara decides to confront Lindsay at the table, things get messy.
Happily Ever Never
9. Happily Ever Never
March 21, 2022
Love is in the air as Lindsay's fairytale birthday continues. Carl's new fling seems to be fitting right in and Mya hits it off with a potential suitor. Meanwhile, Andrea is doing his best to put himself back on the market, but the party comes to a screeching halt when Ciara learns about Austen and Lindsay's lip lock.
A Twisted Fairytale
8. A Twisted Fairytale
March 7, 2022
Lindsay throws an epic "twisted fairytale" birthday bash to celebrate turning 35. But when Austen arrives, Ciara isn't the only princess in the house who has eyes for this southern Prince Charming. After demanding that his housemates stop intervening in his relationship, Kyle reveals he plans to approach Amanda for a prenup. And while Carl takes a risk and invites a new fling to the house, Paige and Craig's relationship begins to move in a new direction.
One Basket, Too Many Eggs
7. One Basket, Too Many Eggs
February 28, 2022
Ciara gives Alex a chance, while Paige makes a long-distance confession to Craig that leaves him livid. With Kyle and Amanda's rocky relationship on full display, the ladies of the house take it upon themselves to stage an intervention with Amanda. And Lindsay learns some life-changing news with Danielle by her side.
Summer Should Be Kinky
6. Summer Should Be Kinky
February 21, 2022
Andrea is fully in his element throwing an epic "50 Shades of Summer" party, and continues to seduce Paige in the process. While Lindsay is away for the weekend, Carl returns to the Hamptons in a better headspace thanks to a new lady in his life. And Kyle makes a devastating comment that he can't take back.
Birthday Hex
5. Birthday Hex
February 14, 2022
Following their passionate spin the bottle kiss, Ciara and Alex wonder if there's more between them than physical attraction. Meanwhile, Paige's heart begins to drift away from Craig and toward Andrea, who's looking for something real. After failing to give Amanda the grand birthday gesture she hoped for, Kyle is officially in the dog house. And finally, Mya is triggered to her breaking point, and makes the difficult decision to make her voice heard.
Charmed, I'm Not Sure
4. Charmed, I'm Not Sure
February 7, 2022
After a shocking revelation about Craig, Paige gives her Southern Charmer a taste of his own medicine with her Italian romancer. Lindsay is having the time of her life as her "Hot Hubbs Summer" continues, meanwhile Mya and Carl begin to form a bond. Luke arrives from Minnesota in time for the house to throw it back to the ‘90s for Amanda's 30th birthday bash.
Heartbreak in the Hamptons
3. Heartbreak in the Hamptons
January 31, 2022
After a rocky first weekend, Kyle and Amanda try to find sturdy ground in their relationship. Carl tries to get to know Ciara better, but soon realizes there might be someone else in the way. Lindsay continues to enjoy her hottest summer yet, and while Andrea and Paige are seemingly picking up where they left off in Vermont, Craig comes to town and shakes things up.
Star-Spangled Drama
2. Star-Spangled Drama
January 24, 2022
It's the 4th of July and the housemates throw their annual bash. After a big disagreement, Amanda focuses on having fun while Kyle struggles to get in the mood to party. Danielle is excited to see Robert but can't seem to get his mind away from work. Sparks begin to fly between Ciara and Carl, while Andrea finds some alone time with Paige and finally confronts her about Craig.
Where's My Lover, Boy?
1. Where's My Lover, Boy?
January 17, 2022
Kyle's late-night shenanigans are suspicious to fiancée Amanda and raise a red flag to their friends; an old flame returns and instantly heats things up for Paige; Lindsay drops a bomb on Carl that no one saw coming.

In this reality series, a group of young New Yorkers descends on a Long Island town to spend the summer drinking, partying and engaging in interpersonal hijinks. The series follows the typical reality TV format, focusing on the drama that arises between the celebrity-seeking summer housemates. The series debuted on the Bravo cable network in 2017.

Summer House is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (87 episodes). The series first aired on January 16, 2017.

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  • Premiere Date
    January 16, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (492)