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This comedy series follows the formula of the typical TV court series, in which people agree to settle their small claims court cases on camera before a TV judge. The twist in this is case is that the series' judge, comedian Doug Benson, gets high before delivering his verdict. Predictable hilarity ensues as he explains his decision while stoned. The series debuted on Comedy Central in February 2017.

Tuesday 12:00 AM et/pt on Comedy Central
1 Season, 20 Episodes
February 27, 2017
Cast: Doug Benson
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The High Court Full Episode Guide

  • Slink Johnson guest stars as Judge Doug negotiates a dispute between two friends regarding a $3,000 loan.

  • A man claims that a houseguest damaged his couch while smoking weed. The Lucas Brothers serve as guest bailiffs.

  • Judge Doug hears a case involving a plaintiff suing his ex-roommate for five months' rent. Todd Glass serves as guest bailiff.

  • Judge Doug hears a case involving a non-refundable deposit for a truck that was never delivered; Beth Stelling serves as guest bailiff.

  • Judge Doug hears a case revolving around a missing truck; Joey Coco Diaz guest stars.

  • A mother sues her son over makeup products that he never paid for. Rory Scovel serves as guest bailiff.

  • Tiffany Haddish guest stars as Doug hears a case between ex-roommates over a disputed security deposit.

  • Judge Doug moderates a dispute between a couple arguing over a broken car radio. Joey Coco Diaz serves as guest bailiff.

  • Michael Ian Black serves as guest bailiff when Doug settles a case involving two rival magicians.

  • The Lucas Brothers help Doug decide a case with a special canine guest star at the center of the dispute.

  • Todd Glass serves as the guest bailiff while Judge Doug hears a case about a lackluster blues singer who claims he's owed payment for a past performance.

  • Judge Doug hears a case where the plaintiff's mother refuses to pay back rent money, and Tiffany Haddish serves as the guest bailiff.

  • Judge Doug must rule on a case involving missing hair extensions; guest bailiff Brandon Wardell helps him come to a verdict.

  • Rory Scovel serves as guest bailiff while Judge Doug presides over a dispute involving undelivered luxury cars.

  • Judge Doug must decide whether an ex-boyfriend is owed money for investing in his ex-girlfriend's music career; guest bailiff Reggie Watts helps him come to a verdict.

  • With help from guest bailiff Slink Johnson, Judge Doug Benson decides who's at fault for a broken TV.

  • Judge Doug Benson sorts through the confusing case of an escaped pet snake with guest bailiff Michael Ian Black.

  • Judge Doug Benson hears a mother-daughter dispute over payday loans with guest bailiff Geoff Tate.

  • Judge Doug mediates a heated disagreement involving a car that got towed after the owner loaned to a buddy; Tiffany Haddish serves as the guest bailiff.

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