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In this drama series, a young actress gets the role of a lifetime starring alongside one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. When she enters into a deal to keep their relationship going, she finds herself at the mercy of the cult-like religious organization of which the actor is a prominent member. The series debuted on the E! cable network in 2017.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
March 5, 2017
Cast: Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista, Lexa Doig, Carra Patterson
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The Arrangement (2017) Full Episode Guide

  • While Megan comes to a decision about her relationship with Kyle, Kyle makes a move that could upend his entire life. Terence and DeAnn move forward with a plan that could change everything.

  • Megan and Kyle confront a dark truth from Kyle's past, putting both of them at odds with Terence; DeAnn moves forward with a new project with Megan.

  • Days before the wedding, Kyle has a chance run-in with someone from his past; Megan and Shaun head out of town to investigate a lead.

  • While on location for Technicolor Highway, Kyle and Megan clash over possible career choices that could impact their relationship. Meanwhile, Terence invites Shaun to start a new project for IHM.

  • Kyle confronts a dark time in his past; Megan examines how the Institute has impacted her life and her relationship.

  • Kyle and Megan must weather a huge rumor that could upend both their careers. Meanwhile, Terence learns something surprising about DeAnn.

  • Kyle deals with his duties as a director and the media pressure surrounding "The Kill Plan." Megan decides to connect with someone from her past. DeAnn embarks in a new direction with her marriage. Shaun and Terence attend an IHM seminar.

  • While Megan hopes to gain the upper hand on Terence as they begin intensive one-on-one sessions, Kyle tries to prove his worth as a director on his first film. DeAnn realizes she has a major decision to make in terms of her future.

  • As Kyle tackles a huge obstacle on his new movie, Megan connects with a person from Kyle's past in order to gain insight into her fiancĂ©e. While Terence and DeAnn work on their marriage, DeAnn finds herself drawn to an old flame.

  • Megan and Kyle struggle to reconnect under the pressure of planning the most anticipated wedding in Hollywood and preparing for a movie project that could define their careers. Terence and DeAnn find themselves at a crossroads in their relationship.

  • Megan and Kyle have to cope with a secret that has surfaced from Megan's past; Terence and DeAnn work with each other to deal with a possible endangerment to the Institute.

  • Megan and Kyle must deal with the studio's troubling publicity campaign for The Kill Plan; Terence remains focused on his new project for the Institute; DeAnn moves ahead with the new movie she's producing.

  • Megan starts a new TV series with her childhood idol; Kyle and DeAnn contend over Kyle's next project; Terence makes Shaun an interesting offer.

  • Kyle accompanies Megan on a voyage to her hometown to officiate her best friend's nuptials; Terence goes on a quest of self-reflection after a squabble with Kyle; Annika promts DeAnn to take more chances with her life.

  • Megan gets ready for the opening night of her play; Kyle has to face the reemergence of a controversial person from his past.

  • Megan enlists in a class at the Institute to get closer to Kyle; Terence becomes worried about Kyle's erratic behavior; DeAnn discovers herself caught in a new, provocative relationship.

  • Megan struggles with the future of her career; Kyle tries to reconnect with her on a surprising double date with a superstar professional athlete and his vocal wife.

  • Aspects of Megan's private life are leaked onto the Internet; Terence and DeAnn confront the studio's rising concerns about Megan; Hope and Shaun must figure out how they fit into Megan's new life.

  • Kyle and Megan's relationship begins with a whirlwind vacation to Milan; Megan encounters some of the best and worst that her new life has to give; Kyle reveals some of his true colors for the first time.

  • Struggling actress Megan Morrison gets a big opportunity when she auditions for a movie with Hollywood actor, Kyle West, but ends up getting much more when he offers her a contract marriage.

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