Ultimate Beastmaster

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This competition series aims to tap into the popularity of American Ninja Warrior by creating a physically demanding obstacle course and then challenging outrageously fit contestants to attempt to conquer it. In this case, the course is nicknamed The Beast, and it is designed to devour contestants. The series is hosted by Sylvester Stallone, and its first season debuted on Netflix in February 2017.

3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
February 24, 2017
Cast: Tiki Barber, Rafinha Bastos, Luis Ernesto Franco, Inés Sainz
Ultimate Beastmaster

Ultimate Beastmaster Full Episode Guide

  • Of the 54 who dared to stare down the Beast, six remain. Only one will best the competition to claim $50,000 and the "Ultimate Beastmaster" crown.

  • With three spots left in the championship final, the second set of semifinalists faces the brutal task of racing through the entire Beast in one run.

  • A group that includes a war hero and a survivor of Rwandan genocide confronts the hungry Beast with the last two semifinal berths at stake.

  • The "Crash Pads" return, and a twisty new obstacle greets a group that includes the competition's youngest athlete and a cancer survivor.

  • The Beast evolves again with a new obstacle called "Rib Cage Row," and two of nine contenders will grab the first spots in the second semifinal.

  • Six qualifiers compete for three spots in the championship final, with a new twist that raises the intensity. One athlete hopes a big gamble pays off.

  • A new obstacle called "Rope Burn" challenges the third set of athletes. Two contestants become the last pair to qualify for the first semifinal.

  • Two champion climbers are joined by a prizefighter, a powerlifter, a dance instructor, a surfer and others in a battle for two spots in the semifinals.

  • The nine winners reconvene for one last run through the Beast with the grand prize of $50,000 and the title of Ultimate Beastmaster on the line.

  • Twin brothers from France hope to conquer the Beast, along with a boxer, an engineering student, a bikini fitness model and a motivational speaker.

  • A berth in Level 4 comes down to the wire on Hangman. Athletes include a break dancer, a speed skater, a stunt man and an Air Force medic.

  • The Beast takes aim at a couple as a husband and wife from China compete alongside a swimmer, a fashion designer and a church group leader.

  • A wrestler, a pole vaulter, a diner owner and an MMA fighter are among those taking on the Beast. A creative strategic move shakes up Level 4.

  • Competitors include a tattoo artist from Italy, a noodle bar owner from China, an Indian boxer and an American cheer coach.

  • New obstacles in Level 1 test a crop of Beastmaster hopefuls that includes mountaineers, physical therapists, a wrestling coach and an architect.

  • The Beast swallows up a new crop of athletes that includes an ER doctor, a dance instructor, a pro freerunner and a body shop mechanic.

  • One contestant fights through a hard impact -- and a few stitches -- to get through Level 1. Competitors include a youth leader and a pole dancer.