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This lifestyle/news magazine series is hosted by a team of presenters who introduce film segments that profile ordinary people with interesting or amusing stories. The hosts, including Skip Stephenson, Fred Willard, and Byron Allen, are comics, and their banter between segments is the humorous framework of the show. The series aired on NBC from 1979 to 1984 and was the network's highest-rated series at the time.

Real People is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (130 episodes). The series first aired on April 18, 1979. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.1.

Real People is available for streaming on the Proven Entertainment website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Real People on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

Proven Entertainment
6 Seasons, 130 Episodes
April 18, 1979
Cast: Fred Willard, Sarah Purcell
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Real People Full Episode Guide

  • Features Perils of Purcell, Tank Plane Piece, Skydiving Piece, Tush Artist, Religious Typos Bit, Military/M.I.A. Recap, In-Touch Piece, Eccentric Montage Inc. Two Old Miners, Painting Elephant Piece, Paul Watson Recap and Update, and Goodnights

  • Hawaii part 2, Windsurfing Couple, Recap of part1, Events, Hilo Festivities, Kilauea Volcano Visit, Hawaiian Birdman, Sand Castle Builder, Legislators Pig, SS Constitution, Maui Festivities, Helicopter Ride, Island Progress, Girl Talk, Kauai Festivities.

  • Baby Races, Fortune Bagels, Muscle Control, Miss Pete, Vizmo Photos Fireman, Firefighter Calendar, Baby Ostrich, Woman In Olympics, Wilma Rudolph, Goodnights.

  • Al Oerter, Greenspan the Tanzanian Runner, Vizmo LA Photos, Fujimoto, Flag/Owens, Rafer/Yang, Wottle, Pat McCormick, Synchronized Swimmers, Truce Of God Parade.

  • Steamboat Springs, Florida Snow, Mrs. Santa, Helicopter Reporter, Cast Round/Americans, Santa Collector, Bowling Pig, Signing Santa, Vizmo Photos, Christmas Shopping, Sur Williams, Old Folks, Goodnights.

  • Bull Rider, Trash Recycler, Sardine Packing, Jesse James, Opera Cow Lady, Vizmo Photos/The Ladies, 74 Year Old Marathon Runner, Goodnights

  • Canoe Ski, Vizmo/Photos/Surprises, Tennis Champ, Watch Bird, Skunk Catcher, Plane Pinning, Bottle Boatman, High-Rise Photographer, Goodnights.

  • Elephant Lady, Singles Hot Line, Vizmo/Typos Eye Catching, Most Physical Female, Lint Lady, Coal Skiing, Footless Mountain Climber, Goodnights.

  • Cypress Gardens, Crazy Cars, Fastest Softball, Soccer Playing Horse, Vizmo Photo Ingenuity, Iris Chacon, Best Dressed Dog, Vizmo Photos Auto Problems, CHP Lovebirds, Bataan Reunion, Goodnights.

  • Flight Instructions, Buttons the Surfer, Hawaii on Fashions, Fun and Games, Kona Visit, Outrigger Canoes, Newspaper Wedding Clippings, Maui Visit, Banyon Trees, Wedding Preparations, Wedding, Goodnights

  • Polar Bear Air, Chippendale Aerobics, Quest, Vizmo/After Marriage, Two Fisted Bowler, Pig Obedience, Vizmo/Typos/For Sale, Mannequins, MIA Updates, Goodnights.

  • Don Imus Story, New York Arrival, Trenton, NY Arrival, Hot Dog Lady, Philadelphia Arrival, Philadelphia Bellringer, Language Madness, Wilmington Delaware Arrival, Baltimore MD Arrival, Investigative Reporting, Flag Polers, Washington DC Arrival.

  • Cincinnati Arrival and Board, Ship, Mark Twain Round, Tom Sawyer Days, Gone With The Wind, Talk, Elvis Reunion, Shaggy Cycle Dog, Louisville Arrival, Churchill Downs Visit, Spirit Of Delta Spot, Man's Best Friend, Cajun Humor, Evansville Arrival, and more.

  • Touch Of Class, Lady Miner, Typos in Personal ads, Deaf Dog, Flirting School, Woman Racer, 108 Year Old Bowler, Skydive 2, Goodnights.

  • Features SciFi Ball, Round/The Seance, Nixon Man, Red Gorilla Man, Healing Ears, Ghost Story, Warlock, Vizmo/Epitaphs, Elvira, and Goodnights.

  • Features Baby Gorilla, Sergio, C.B. Jamboree, Vizmo/Photos/Eat Out, Rodeo Annie, Bone Player, Typos/Dogs, and Goodnights.

  • Features Hog Named Spot, Cast Round/Hogs, Hammer Inventor, Kid Soccer, Burbank Van, Lady Hockey Coach, Vizmo/Photos-Advice, Wet Nightie Contest, Paul Watson, and Goodnights.

  • Features Skateboard Mama, Sod Roof, Vizmo-Photos/Women's Lib, Flight Simulator, Fire Hero, Mosquito Festival, Homemade Bikini, Vizmo/Cemeteries, Musical Chairs, Forgotten Children of War, and Goodnights.

  • Features Free Solo Climbing, Vizmo/Photos, Phlugerhagen, Rainbow Division, Baja 500, Miss Piggy, Vizmo/Typings/Clippings, Make a Wish, and Goodnights.

  • Features Chicano Medal of Honor, WASPS, Boot Camp, Humor in Uniform, 508th Parachute Reunion, USS North Carolina, Coming Home, and Goodnights.

  • Features Niagara Falls/Maid of the Mist, Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, Stripping Philosopher, Syracuse and Utica, NY, Beaver Lady, Amsterdam and Albany, NY, Pittsfield and Springfield, MA, Lady Tap Dancer, Worcester, MA, Boston, MA, and more.

  • Features Chicago Farewell, Silver Belles, Niles, Michigan, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Train Route, Battle Creek, Michigan, Jackson, Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan, Greenfield Village/Ford Museum, Talking Car, and more.

  • Features Cigargrams, Charlotte's Cafe, Vizmo/Typos-Pets, Ultralights, Tollbooth Yodeler, Missile Silo, Vizmo/Photos-Housing, Ski School, Mother Waddles, and Goodnights.

  • Features Fly Away, Cast Round/Old Age, Wrigley Field, Cardboard Food, Sandwich Man, Nose Pool, Oscar Holmen, Black Market/Abduction II/Safeguarding Kids, and Goodnights.

  • Features Sleighbell Lady, Typos/Christmas Gifts, Kids Talking to Santa, Santa Dog-Baseball Sam, Polar Bear, Trucker Santa, Round/Angel on Tree, Volunteers of America Santas, Stan's House, WMRF, and Goodnights.

  • Features Great Vail Race, Skiing 70 Plus, Hang Gliding Dog, Vizmo-Photos/Dogs, Girl Quarterback, Matrimonial Advertising, 75th Anniversary, Honeymoon Hotel, Vizmo-Photos/Valentines, Iranian Memorial, and Goodnights.

  • Features Grape Catcher, Hearing Ear Dog, Chub Club, Vizmo-Typos, Karate Lady, Rent an Alien, Underwater Shopping Cart Races, Vizmo-Photos, Marathon Pacemaker, and Goodnights.

  • Features Mascot Clinic, Vizmo-Typos Playboar, Purple Lady, U.S. Ski Team, Piano Man, Circuit Rider, Vizmo-Typos 2, Narcotics Part 1, and Goodnights

  • Features Sunset Worship, Vizmo-Photos, Turkey Calls, King Kong, Lady Cadet, Zucchini Festival, Phone Booth Reporter, Victorian Doghouse, Vizmo-Headlines and Photos, Alaskan Solidarity, Goodnights.

  • Features Women's Football, Miss L.A. Body, Sculptor Dentist, Round/Name of Street, Pilot of Ashes, River Surfer, Dancin' George, Typos/Events to Attend, Cow Violinist, Handicapped Skating, Goodnights

  • Features Hopeless Jumper, Vizmo-Photos, Lighthouse, Sarah Short, Herman the Worm, Volleyball, Wet T-Shirt, Vizmo-Typos, Oldest Kelly Girl, First Haircut, Intro and Black Market Baby, and Goodnights.

  • Features Korea Christmas, Vizmo-Photos, WACS, Vizmo-Sad Sack, Guadalcanal, General Patton, Cast Round/Daffodil, U.S.S. Liffey, River Rats, MIA, Goodnights.

  • Features Sticky's Wedding, Trick Golf, Valley Girls, Skip's Album, Musical Language, Round/The Monk, Senior Jogger, Vizmo-Photos, Jill Smith, and Goodnights.

  • Features Sports Montage, Gizmo Photos, Delta State, Chastity, Scuba Dog, Jelly Bean Art, Triplet Cops, Round/Lady and Cabbie, Disco Kids, Grey Panthers, and Goodnights.

  • Features Cowgirl Challenge, Kid Detective, Vizmo/Typos-Kids, Chili Bordello, Round/Politics and Indians, Boy Cheerleaders, Hugger 2, Patsy the Fireman, Vizmo Photos-Rejection, Father's Love, and Goodnights.

  • Features Snow Golf, Vizmo-Typos/Names, Ski Skateboards, Frat Mom, Pied Piper, Bionic Bar, Penthouse Wife, Duck Boat, Cast Round/Kids Jokes, Tricycle Race, One Legged Soccer Player, and Goodnights.

  • Features Gravel Mountain, Cherry Twister, Cast Round/Salute to Sarah, Jello Wrestling, Kid Circus, Pet Chicken, Vizmo Typos, Mark Russell/Plane Logger, Disco Grandparents, Handicapped Comic, and Goodnights.

  • Features Hog and Dog, Gizmo Photos, Horse Auction, Body Reader, Wheelchair Games, Nessie Hunters, Gizmo Typos, Gypsy Jack, Cast Round/In Case of Nuclear Attack, Evacuation-Mark Russell, and Goodnights.

  • Features Dallas Arrival, Max Bryan Talks, Perfect Body, Longview,Texas Arrival, Marshall, Texas Arrival, Texarkana Arrival, Malvern, Ark. Arrival, Little Rock Arrival, Free Breakfast, Real People or Bust Letter, St. Louis Arrival, Clydesdale Horses, Gas Station Wigs, M and M Girls, Traffic Photos, Springfield, Ill. Arrival, Lincoln, Ill., Arrival, Deface the Face, Passenger Singalong, and Chicago.

  • Features Intro and Skip With Mermaids, Swimsuit Kings, Viewer Photos and Typos, Pet Motel, Proud of Chicago, Cheeseburger, Chicago Coming Attractions, Why Windy City?, Playboy Bunnies, Day in the Life of Mayor Byrne, Puppet Palace, Weather Cat, Bird Circus, Chicago Character Montage, Purple Heart Cruise, and Airport Farewell.

  • Features Train Party, Phoenix Arrival, Spring Training, Hubcap Annie, Tucson Arrival, Why, Arizona, Benson, Arizona Arrival, Lordsburg and Deming, New Mexico, Lady Engineer, El Paso Arrival, Real Signs 1, C.B. Granny, Bed Check, Alpine Arrival, and more.

  • Features Rocky Horror Show, Seeing Eye Parrots, Musical Goblets, Fashion Show, Kerry Millerick/Garage, Phone Collector, Viewer Photos, Hero Lenny Skutnik, and Goodnights.

  • Features Talking Cow, Mark Russell/Warning Labels, Golden Rollers, Avalanche School, Cast Round/Women and Continents, Chili Cookoff, Kerry Millerick/Broomball, Bicycle Motocross, Typos/Display Ads, Detox Center, and Goodnights.

  • Features Dinner With Bombay, Cast Round/Kid Jokes, Hippomobile, Stuntman Rodeo, $204.00 A Week, Flowers of Extinction, Best Chest, Viewer Photos, and Las Floristas.

  • Features Male Beauty Contest, Mark Russell/Stamps, Sleeping Bears, Kerry Millerick/Aerobics, Viewer Photos, Mechanical Bull, Sports Memorabilia, Fantasy House, and Typos.

  • Features Kid Body Builder, Pig Day, Viewer Photos/Animals, La Cage Aux, Folles, Water Walker, Kerry Millerick/Video, Hat Man, Search and Rescue, and Goodnights.

  • Features Cardboard Box Race, Typos/Ingredients, Jiffy House, Spaceship Ruthie Protege, Ma and Pa Jail, Viewer Photos/Trouble, Peabody Ducks, Kerry Millerick/Procrastination, and Goodnights.

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