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QI, an abbreviation for "Quite Interesting," is a British television show in the form of a comedic quiz panel show. Each episode is hosted by Stephen Fry and has four panelists, breaking down between permanent member Alan Davies and three others that change each episode but all have comedy or acting backgrounds.

Unlike most quiz shows, the questions asked on QI are intentionally obscure, such as "where are the taste buds on a catfish?" In compensation of this, points are awarded to whoever gives the most interesting answer, regardless of whether he or she gave the correct answer. Inversely, points are deducted when answers, considered to be "pathetically obvious" or an obvious joke, are given. Such answers are considered forfeits, with an accompanying array of loud noises and bright lights to further humiliate the panelist. Furthermore, some shows have awarded or removed additional points for completing show-specific challenges.

QI's first season began in 2003, with the season name of A. Each 11-episode season since then has been titled after a subsequent letter of the alphabet. In addition to the initial format, QI also has several extra-long episodes, known as QI XL, as well as compilation clip episodes, known as QI VG.

Fridays 10:00 PM et/pt on BBC
1 Season, 210 Episodes
April 7, 2020
Game Show
Cast: Alan Davies, Stephen Fry
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Qi Full Episode Guide

  • A selection of the best moments from the Q series of QI, hosted by Sandi Toksvig.

  • Sandi looks at quantity and quality with Joe Lycett, James Acaster and Bridget Christie.

  • Sandi looks at quantity and quality with Joe Lycett, James Acaster and Bridget Christie.

  • Sandi looks at queens with Alan Davies, Colin Lane, Sarah Millican and David Mitchell.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at quills with Alan Davies, Tom Allen, Jimmy Carr and Lou Sanders.

  • Sandi Toksvig gets stuck into a quagmire with Alan Davies, Sindhu Vee, Aisling Bea and Sally Philips.

  • Sandi Toksvig indulges in a bit of quaffing and scoffing, with Alan Davies, Jo Brand, Phill Jupitus and Prue Leith.

  • Sandi Toksvig calls for a bit of quiet with Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr, Andrew Maxwell and Sara Pascoe.

  • Sandi Toksvig hosts the seasonal quizmas quiz, with Alan Davies, Sara Pascoe, Johnny Vegas and Josh Widdicombe.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at animals which start with q, with Alan Davies, Daliso Chaponda, Phill Jupitus and Cariad Lloyd.

  • Sandi Toksvig goes on the second part of QI's quest for knowledge with Susan Calman, Joe Lycett, Holly Walsh and Alan Davies.

  • Sandi Toksvig embarks on the first part of her quest for knowledge with Alan Davies, Alan Carr, Alice Levine and Josh Widdicombe.

  • Sandi Toksvig enquires into questions and qualifications with Alan Davies, Ade Adepitan, Nish Kumar and Holly Walsh.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at quacks and quackery with Alan Davies, Claudia Winkleman, Stephen K Amos and Victoria Coren Mitchell.

  • Sandi Toksvig quarrels with Jason Manford, Aisling Bea, Anuvab Pal and Alan Davies.

  • Sandi Toksvig delves into a bit of quintessential QI with Alan Davies, Cariad Lloyd, Holly Walsh and Josh Widdicombe.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at some quirky questions with Alan Davies, Loyiso Gola, Jason Manford and Sarah Millican.

  • Sandi Toksvig opens the post with Alan Davies, Matt Lucas, Holly Walsh and Susan Calman.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at the pastimes of past times with Alan Davies, Joe Lycett, Phil Wang and Ellie Taylor.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at pathology with Sindhu Vee, Rhod Gilbert, Ed Byrne and Alan Davies.

  • Sandi Toksvig considers various phenomena with Alan Davies, Josh Widdicombe, Cariad Lloyd and Paul Sinha.

  • Sandi Toksvig finally gets round to a bit of procrastination with Aisling Bea, Holly Walsh, Nikki Bedi and Alan Davies.

  • Quiz show. Sandi Toksvig looks at a pot pourri of topics with Phill Jupitus, Cally Beaton, Rhod Gilbert and Alan Davies.

  • Sandi and Alan consider pain and punishment with Jimmy Carr, Lee Mack and Alice Levine.

  • Sandi Toksvig has a Christmas knees-up in the pub.

  • Sandi looks at plants with Alan Davies, Sara Pascoe, Stephen K Amos and Jason Manford.

  • Sandi has a picnic with Alan Davies, Romesh Ranganathan, Rachel Parris and Richard Osman.

  • Sandi looks at pictures with Alan Davies, Hannah Gadsby, Noel Fielding and Joe Lycett.

  • Sandi and Alan are joined by Victoria Coren Mitchell, Phill Jupitus and Bridget Christie.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at various parts with Sara Pascoe, Ed Balls, Johnny Vegas and regular panellist Alan Davies.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at some piecemeal topics with Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr, Gyles Brandreth and Sally Phillips.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at peril with Aisling Bea, Lee Mack, Jason Manford and Alan Davies.

  • Sandi Toksvig looks at animals which start with a P with Alan Davies, Phill Jupitus, Danny Baker and Teri Hatcher.

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