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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 0.0  (24)

Successful People is a comedy web series that started in 2016, created by Artie O'Daly and Theresa Ryan who also stars in the show. The series follows two NYC real estate agents, Terry (played by Theresa Ryan) and Peter (played by Artie O'Daly), who are determined to climb the ladder of success in the cutthroat world of New York's real estate industry.

The show explores the trials and tribulations of Terry and Peter as they navigate the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives. Terry is a work-driven woman, who is always looking for ways to improve herself and become more successful. She's brazen, bold, and fiercely independent, with a no-nonsense attitude that allows her to thrive in an industry where most people fail. Peter, on the other hand, is more laid back and takes a more relaxed approach to work, which often puts him in direct conflict with Terry's more aggressive style.

Throughout the series, Terry and Peter struggle with everything from office politics and personal problems to cutthroat competition and outrageous clients. They encounter some wacky characters along the way, including a millionaire client who insists on buying homes for his pets, and a sleazy rival who will stop at nothing to take their business.

The series is known for being quirky, irreverent, and frequently hilarious. It's not afraid to tackle heavy topics like gender discrimination and racial inequality, but it also knows how to have fun and not take itself too seriously. The show is a great combination of slapstick humor and sly social commentary, providing something for everyone.

One of the standout features of Successful People is the chemistry between Ryan and O'Daly. They have a natural rapport that makes it easy to believe they've been working together for years. Their dialogues are sharp, witty, and often absurd, but they always manage to find a way to make it work. Both actors are gifted comedians, bringing their own unique style to the series.

The show also benefits from its strong writing, which manages to toe the line between satire and sincerity with impressive finesse. It's obvious that O'Daly and Ryan have put a lot of thought into each episode, deftly weaving character development and social commentary into the narrative. Despite its short run time (each episode is around five minutes long), there's a sense of depth to Successful People that other web series often lack.

Another thing that sets Successful People apart is its production values. The show is well-shot and well-edited, with a sleek, professional look that belies its indie roots. The visuals are supplemented by a catchy original soundtrack, featuring music by The Elected, The Hidden Cameras, and other indie darlings. It's clear that O'Daly and Ryan put a lot of effort into making Successful People as polished and professional as possible, and the end result is nothing short of impressive.

All in all, Successful People is a delightful web series that deserves more attention than it's received. It's a smart, funny, and poignant look at the rat race of modern life, and the people trying to make it to the top. With its excellent performances, clever writing, and sharp production values, it's a show that's well worth your time.

Successful People is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2016.

Successful People
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Bonus Feature - Bloopers, Outtakes & Alternate Lines (Season 2)
9. Bonus Feature - Bloopers, Outtakes & Alternate Lines (Season 2)
September 17, 2017
Blooper & outtake reel for season 2 of "Successful People".
Successful People Keep It Real
8. Successful People Keep It Real
September 17, 2017
Chet (Artie O'Daly) takes a depressed Laura (Theresa Ryan) to their old college hangout, where they get some hard truths from Amy (Caroline Wilson).
Successful People Do Drag
7. Successful People Do Drag
September 17, 2017
After a hit performance at a local club, Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) receive surprising news from Kimberly (Lisa Linke) - and discover they know their Lyft driver.
Successful People Are Gay Icons
6. Successful People Are Gay Icons
September 17, 2017
Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) shoot their first music video, but Laura's new motherhood causes her to have reservations. Kimberly (Lisa Linke) announces they need a band name.
Successful People Give Up On Their Dreams
5. Successful People Give Up On Their Dreams
September 17, 2017
Chet (Artie O'Daly) takes a temp job, where his boss (Perry Smith) empathizes with his struggling songwriter lifestyle. Laura (Theresa Ryan) has an uncomfortable meeting with a publicist (Emilie Erskine).
Successful People Tap Hidden Talents
4. Successful People Tap Hidden Talents
September 17, 2017
While meeting with Frank (Malcolm Foster Smith), Chet (Artie O'Daly) and Laura (Theresa Ryan) run into a familiar face (Caroline Wilson). Kimberly (Lisa Linke) pitches Chet and Laura as artists.
Successful People Hear What They Want To Hear
3. Successful People Hear What They Want To Hear
September 17, 2017
Kimberly (Lisa Linke) tries to start an affair with Chet (Artie O'Daly) and discovers a secret talent in Laura (Theresa Ryan).
Successful People Know How To Slut
2. Successful People Know How To Slut
September 17, 2017
Chet (Artie O'Daly) attempts to hook up with a stranger (Brooks Forester), but uses Laura (Theresa Ryan) to delay the proceedings when he gets nervous.
Successful People Keep Their Eyes On The Prize
1. Successful People Keep Their Eyes On The Prize
September 17, 2017
Laura (Theresa Ryan) goes into labor minutes after signing a songwriting deal. Chet (Artie O'Daly) gets life advice from Laura's doctor (Jeff Meacham) and tests it out on the nurse (Alec Mapa).
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Successful People is available for streaming on the Artie O'Daly & Theresa Ryan website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Successful People on demand at Amazon.
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    January 1, 2016
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