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In this comedy web series, Chet and Laura have spent ten years trying to make it as songwriters. After meeting a younger and highly successful songwriter at a networking event, pregnant Laura and socially-awkward Chet try new, last-ditch tactics to try to make it in an effort to become the one thing they've never been: Successful People.

Successful People is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2016.

Where do I stream Successful People online? Successful People is available for streaming on Artie O'Daly & Theresa Ryan, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Successful People on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Artie O'Daly & Theresa Ryan
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
January 1, 2016
Cast: Theresa Ryan, Artie O'Daly
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Successful People Full Episode Guide

  • Blooper & outtake reel for season 2 of "Successful People".

  • Chet (Artie O'Daly) takes a depressed Laura (Theresa Ryan) to their old college hangout, where they get some hard truths from Amy (Caroline Wilson).

  • After a hit performance at a local club, Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) receive surprising news from Kimberly (Lisa Linke) - and discover they know their Lyft driver.

  • Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) shoot their first music video, but Laura's new motherhood causes her to have reservations. Kimberly (Lisa Linke) announces they need a band name.

  • Chet (Artie O'Daly) takes a temp job, where his boss (Perry Smith) empathizes with his struggling songwriter lifestyle. Laura (Theresa Ryan) has an uncomfortable meeting with a publicist (Emilie Erskine).

  • While meeting with Frank (Malcolm Foster Smith), Chet (Artie O'Daly) and Laura (Theresa Ryan) run into a familiar face (Caroline Wilson). Kimberly (Lisa Linke) pitches Chet and Laura as artists.

  • Kimberly (Lisa Linke) tries to start an affair with Chet (Artie O'Daly) and discovers a secret talent in Laura (Theresa Ryan).

  • Chet (Artie O'Daly) attempts to hook up with a stranger (Brooks Forester), but uses Laura (Theresa Ryan) to delay the proceedings when he gets nervous.

  • Laura (Theresa Ryan) goes into labor minutes after signing a songwriting deal. Chet (Artie O'Daly) gets life advice from Laura's doctor (Jeff Meacham) and tests it out on the nurse (Alec Mapa).

  • In the season finale, Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) pitch a song to Rihanna's manager (Eric Kind) and producer (Malcolm Foster Smith).

  • After their failure at the red carpet, Chet (Artie O'Daly) tells Laura (Theresa Ryan) he's ready to give up, when they run into a high school acquaintance who's never worked a day in her life (Lisa Linke).

  • Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) crash a red carpet in an attempt to get their picture in Us Weekly, and discover a former fellow songwriter (Emilie Erskine) working the event.

  • Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) get made over by a stylist (Todd Sherry) with unique ideas on how to stand out on a red carpet.

  • Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) take a meeting with a high-powered agent (Miki Yamashita) the morning after all-night partying.

  • Laura discovers Chet's vision board, revealing his desire to make gay friends.

  • Laura (Theresa Ryan) meets up with her high school friend, Jake (Rob Dionne), who thinks her pregnancy is spelling the end to her songwriting dreams.

  • While at a networking event, Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly), an unsuccessful songwriting duo, meet a young, successful songwriter (Matthew Bohrer) who reignites Laura's passion for her dream.