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This Korean television drama tells the story of when a man loves a woman, but she doesn't love him back. The main character, Han Tae Sang, is adopted by a group of gangster at the age of seventeen, when he is abandoned by his own mother. He later survives a murder attempt by the leader of the group and changes his life. He starts his own business and works hard for seven years until he becomes wealthy man.

It is then that he crosses paths with a young woman who knows something of his dark past, because she once offered her body to him to quit her father's debt. He, however, refused to accept her self-degrading offer and instead helped her. He now falls in love with beautiful Seo Mi Do, and although she appreciates his past kindness, her heart is drawn to another man. The result is a passionate love triangle full of secret and unrequited love. The show combines drama, gangster action and romance.

When a Man Loves is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2013.

Where do I stream When a Man Loves online? When a Man Loves is available for streaming on MBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch When a Man Loves on demand at , Viki online.

Tuesday, Wednesday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC
1 Season, 20 Episodes
April 3, 2013
Cast: John Barrymore, Dolores Costello, Holmes Herbert, Sam De Grasse, Stuart Holmes
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When a Man Loves Full Episode Guide

  • Sung-joo is happier than ever. She's marrying the man of her dreams and picking out a wedding dress.

  • Mi-do tries to tell Jae-hee about Tae-sang, but Jae-hee gets angry at her and won't listen.

  • Tae-sang tries to give Jae-hee the letter he got from Chang-hee, but Jae-hee refuses to take it.

  • Tae-sang comes for Chang-hee, but it's too late. Chang-hee slips into a coma.

  • After hearing what Change-hee told him, Tae-sang becomes suspicious of Mi-do.

  • Chang-hee calls Mi-do to the top of the company's building and tells her to stay by Tae-sang's side and give up on Jae-hee.

  • Mi-do's feelings for Jae-hee grow stronger by the day, and she finds it hard to keep those feelings to herself.

  • Mi-do misunderstands Tae-sang's intentions and accuses him of sabotaging her dream.

  • Sung-joo was sad after hearing Tae-sung say there was no hope for them. She drives aggressively and gets into an accident.

  • Jae-hee tells Mi-do that he supports her and thinks she should pursue her dream.

  • Tae-sang is very excited to invite Mi-do over to his place, but Mi-do is a bit nervous about being alone with him.

  • Jae-hee finds out that Mi-do's secret boyfriend is Tae-sang.

  • Mi-do can't wear her ring because she's afraid people in her company will find out about her relationship with Tae-sung.

  • Jae-hee has come back for good, and as he had promised Tae-sang, he decides to work at her company.

  • After Sung-joo tells Mi-do to stay away from Tae-sang, Mi-do wants to be by Tae-sang's side more than ever.

  • Mi-do and Jae-hee have a great time in Guam, and they both feel something for each other.

  • Mi-do is now working at Tae-sang's company, but he wants to give her more, so he sends her on a vacation abroad.

  • Tae-sang decides to help Mi-do financially, and he finds himself falling for her.

  • Han Tae-sang, a loan shark, visits Mi-do's place to force her father to pay him back.