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  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (202)

East of Eden is a Korean drama series that aired on MBC from August 2008 to March 2009. The show boasts an impressive cast including Lee Da-hae, Lee Yeon-hee, Han Ji-hye, Song Seung-heon, Park Hae Jin, Yun Jung Hoon, Rain, Jin-hie Park, and Kim Bum. Set in the backdrop of the tumultuous period of the 1960s and onwards in South Korea, East of Eden is a story of love, brotherhood, and revenge. The story revolves around two brothers, Lee Dong-chul (played by Song Seung-heon) and Lee Dong-wook (played by Yeon Jung-hoon) who are separated at a young age due to their father's death. While Lee Dong-chul is adopted by a wealthy family, Lee Dong-wook is left to fend for himself and eventually ends up in the arms of a ruthless gangster family.

As they grow older, the two brothers end up taking vastly different paths in life. Lee Dong-chul becomes a successful CEO, while Lee Dong-wook turns into a cold-blooded gangster. Things take a dramatic turn when they both fall in love with the same woman, Min Hye-rin (played by Lee Yeon-hee), who is also the daughter of the gangster boss.

The show portrays the characters' struggles as they navigate their way through their complicated relationships with each other. Han Ji-hye plays the character of Gook Young Ran, who is Lee Dong-chul's childhood friend and love interest. Park Hae-jin plays Shin Myung-hoon, a son of a wealthy family and Lee Dong-chul's friend. Jin-hie Park plays the role of Oh Yeon-soo, a woman who runs a bar and who is a friend of Lee Dong-wook.

Rain plays the character of Lee Chang-hoon, a young man who is struggling to get by and ends up getting pulled into the gangster life. Kim Bum plays the character of Lee Dong-cheol's younger brother, Lee Dong-wook's half-brother, and the son of Shin Tae-hwan (played by Jo Min-ki), a powerful and corrupt politician.

As the show progresses, the characters' relationships become increasingly complex, and the plot twists and turns with various obstacles coming their way. The theme of revenge is a constant presence throughout the show as many of the characters are driven by a desire to exact revenge against those who have wronged them.

The show received positive reviews and was praised for its strong performances, especially from the lead actors Song Seung-heon and Lee Yeon-hee. The show's music was also well-received, with a soundtrack that included songs by popular K-pop artists such as Super Junior and Lee Seung-chul.

Overall, East of Eden is a gripping drama that combines elements of romance, action, and drama set against a fascinating historical backdrop. Its complex characters and intricate plot make it a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas.

East of Eden is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2008.

East of Eden
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Episode 56
56. Episode 56
March 10, 2009
Myunghoon is the whistle-blower while trying to stop Tae Sung from using the secret files he took from his father.
East of Eden 56
56. East of Eden 56
March 10, 2009
Myunghoon is the whistle-blower while trying to stop Tae Sung from using the secret files he took from his father.
Episode 55
55. Episode 55
March 10, 2009
Dongchul takes Grace to the hospital his mother is in.
East of Eden 55
55. East of Eden 55
March 10, 2009
Dongchul takes Grace to the hospital his mother is in.
East of Eden 54
54. East of Eden 54
March 3, 2009
Dongwook brings forth a warrant to search and seize Dongchul's office at the casino.
East of Eden 53
53. East of Eden 53
March 2, 2009
Shin Taehwan has hidden illegal drugs at the International Casino.
East of Eden 52
52. East of Eden 52
February 24, 2009
Jihyun is summoned and questioned without a lawyer.
East of Eden 51
51. East of Eden 51
February 23, 2009
Shin Taehwan meets with Hwang Gyutaek and makes an offer he can't resist.
East of Eden 50
50. East of Eden 50
February 17, 2009
The rivalry escalates between Dongwook and Dongchul.
East of Eden 49
49. East of Eden 49
February 16, 2009
Mr. Guk announces Dongchul as the heir to the International Casino.
East of Eden 48
48. East of Eden 48
February 10, 2009
Dongwook finds out about Shin Taehwan and heads to the hospital.
East of Eden 47
47. East of Eden 47
February 9, 2009
Dongwook is involved in investigating Mr. Guk's slush funds.
East of Eden 46
46. East of Eden 46
February 3, 2009
Shin Taehwan suspects that it was Myunghoon that gave all of Shin Taehwan's important files to Rebecca.
East of Eden 45
45. East of Eden 45
February 2, 2009
As soon as Dongwook enters the investigation room he finds that it's Dongchul sitting inside.
East of Eden 44
44. East of Eden 44
January 27, 2009
Drunk, Dongwook returns home and finds Myunghoon sleeping in his room.
East of Eden 43
43. East of Eden 43
January 26, 2009
Chunhee is heartbroken that the bloodline of Lee Kichul was raised in the house of their worst enemy.
East of Eden 42
42. East of Eden 42
January 20, 2009
Dongchul tells Dongwook that no matter what anyone says they will be brothers and from the same bloodline.
East of Eden 41
41. East of Eden 41
January 19, 2009
After finding out that Dongwook and Myunghoon were switched at birth, Chunhee goes to meet Rebecca.
East of Eden 40
40. East of Eden 40
January 13, 2009
All things are confirmed when Ms. Oh meets with Rebecca.
East of Eden 39
39. East of Eden 39
January 12, 2009
Gunfire goes off with the police and Dongchul takes a bullet to his leg.
East of Eden 38
38. East of Eden 38
January 6, 2009
By chance, Dongchul runs into Jihyun.
East of Eden 37
37. East of Eden 37
January 5, 2009
Dongchul goes after Myunghoon and questions him regarding what he was just told.
East of Eden 36
36. East of Eden 36
December 23, 2008
Mr. Guk is put in danger after he returns from Mike's funeral.
East of Eden 35
35. East of Eden 35
December 22, 2008
Dongchul questions Myunghoon's motives for giving him Shin Taehwan's documents.
East of Eden 34
34. East of Eden 34
December 16, 2008
Myunghoon contemplates important documents given to him by Shin Taehwan to be handed over to the National Tax Service.
East of Eden 33
33. East of Eden 33
December 15, 2008
Myunghoon is relieved to find out that he is not the son of Shin Taehwan.
East of Eden 32
32. East of Eden 32
December 9, 2008
Grace goes out of her way in order to help Dongchul acquire Taesung Construction.
East of Eden 31
31. East of Eden 31
December 8, 2008
Shin Taehwan is being investigated for illegal lobbying with Taesung Construction.
East of Eden 30
30. East of Eden 30
December 2, 2008
Dongwook signs off a search warrant for Taesung Group.
East of Eden 29
29. East of Eden 29
December 1, 2008
Miae finally begins to lift her sword of revenge towards Shin Taehwan.
East of Eden 28
28. East of Eden 28
November 25, 2008
Shin Taehwan informs Jihyun that Dongwook will be transferred to Seoul District Public Prosecutors' Office.
East of Eden 27
27. East of Eden 27
November 24, 2008
Grace suddenly appears before Dongchul and tells him he can't die without seeing her.
East of Eden 26
26. East of Eden 26
November 18, 2008
Shin Taehwan tries to use a congressman to completely destroy Dongchul.
East of Eden 25
25. East of Eden 25
November 17, 2008
Dongchul is given an ultimatum that if he goes to Hong Kong his brother, Dongwook, will be released from prison.
East of Eden 24
24. East of Eden 24
November 11, 2008
Kangtae tries to kill Dongwook while making it look like a car accident.
East of Eden 23
23. East of Eden 23
November 10, 2008
Grace and Dongchul are on a boat when Grace asks that they leave to somewhere her father can never reach them.
East of Eden 22
22. East of Eden 22
November 4, 2008
Mr. Guk searches out for Dongchul because Grace has been kidnapped.
East of Eden 21
21. East of Eden 21
November 3, 2008
Dongwook acts cold towards Hyerin because of the fact that she never stated she was the daughter of Hansae Newspaper.
East of Eden 20
20. East of Eden 20
October 28, 2008
On the day Grace and Mike get engaged, Dongchul seeks out his hometown.
East of Eden 19
19. East of Eden 19
October 27, 2008
Dongchul searches out Shin Taehwan's gang.
East of Eden 18
18. East of Eden 18
October 21, 2008
Grace can't help but feel angered at her father for using Dongchul for his own benefit.
East of Eden 17
17. East of Eden 17
October 20, 2008
Wang Gun has kidnapped Kisoon and calls to tell Dongchul to come alone if he wants to save her.
East of Eden 16
16. East of Eden 16
October 14, 2008
Jihyun and Dongwook run into one another at the hospital.
East of Eden 15
15. East of Eden 15
October 13, 2008
Grace walks into the hotel Dongchul is staying at and immediately embraces him.
East of Eden 14
14. East of Eden 14
October 7, 2008
After breaking it off with Dongwook, Jihyun weds Myunghoon.
East of Eden 13
13. East of Eden 13
October 6, 2008
While Dongchul is visiting Dongwook in the army, Shin Taehwan and Kim Taesun plan to take out Mr. Guk.
East of Eden 12
12. East of Eden 12
September 30, 2008
Left to die, Dongwook hears Dongchul's voice calling out to him.
East of Eden 11
11. East of Eden 11
September 29, 2008
Myunghoon is awoken with a phone call from his father.
East of Eden 10
10. East of Eden 10
September 23, 2008
Dongwook finds out about Myunghoon's plan to continue with a surprise demolition.
East of Eden 9
9. East of Eden 9
September 22, 2008
Youngran is barely able to get away, which causes Dongchul to take a hit for her.
East of Eden 8
8. East of Eden 8
September 16, 2008
By chance, Chunhee sees Myunghoon giving Jihyun a necklace.
East of Eden 7
7. East of Eden 7
September 15, 2008
Jihyun and the villagers gather to celebrate Dongwook's acceptance into college.
East of Eden 6
6. East of Eden 6
September 8, 2008
Dongchul lives out his life in Macao with his friend Ken and Zhoumin.
East of Eden 5
5. East of Eden 5
September 8, 2008
Dongwook is able to come up with the costs for his mother's operation.
East of Eden 4
4. East of Eden 4
September 2, 2008
Dongwook is caught by the police, which Shin Taehwan helps out, and is taken to juvenile prison.
East of Eden 3
3. East of Eden 3
September 1, 2008
In order to completely get rid of Lee Gichul's family, Shin Taehwan totally destroys Chunhee's house by burning it down.
East of Eden 2
2. East of Eden 2
August 26, 2008
Coal miner lee Gichul dies at the hands of Shin Taehwan in what looks to be a mining accident.
East of Eden 1
1. East of Eden 1
August 25, 2008
The son-in-law of Tae Sung Group, Shin Tae Hwan, is plotting to kill Lee Gi Chul.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 25, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (202)