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  • 2003
  • 2 Seasons

Pasion de Gavilanes is a popular telenovela that aired from 2003 to 2004 in Colombia. The show was later dubbed into English and broadcast in the United States on Telemundo. It was also a huge hit in other countries such as Brazil, Romania, Greece, and Israel. The show revolves around three brothers: Juan, Oscar, and Franco Reyes, who are known as the "Gavilanes." The Reyes brothers are wealthy ranch owners in Colombia and are considered to be the town's most eligible bachelors. The three men are the main characters in the story and are played by actors Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, and Michel Brown.

The Reyes brothers crossed paths with three sisters, Norma, Jimena, and Sarita Elizondo, played by actresses Danna García, Paola Rey, and Natasha Klauss. The Elizondo sisters are struggling to get by financially after their father passed away, leaving them with a lot of debt.

When the Elizondo sisters and the Reyes brothers first meet, there's an immediate attraction between them. However, things become complicated when the brothers are accused of a crime they didn't commit. The Elizondo sisters help them clear their name, thus forming a tight bond between them all.

As the show progresses, the plot thickens, and tensions rise between the Reyes brothers, who fall in love with the Elizondo sisters. The love triangle between Juan and Norma, Oscar and Jimena, and Franco and Sarita intensifies, and each couple faces their own set of challenges.

The show offers viewers a glimpse into Colombian culture, with beautiful landscapes, traditional clothing, and music. The characters' dialogue is in Spanish with English subtitles. The show's theme song, "Fuego" by famous Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes, has also become popular worldwide.

The telenovela was a massive hit due to its well-written plot, beautiful cast, and excellent acting. The drama, passion, and romance that the show offered kept viewers hooked throughout the series. The show received critical acclaim and was praised for its portrayal of strong female characters and its progressive stance on gender roles.

Overall, Pasion de Gavilanes is a must-watch for fans of telenovelas and those who love engaging, romantic dramas filled with action, adventure and a lot of emotional turmoil. In short, if you're looking for a show with drama and romance, then Watch Pasion de Gavilanes Online right now!.

Pasion de Gavilanes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (270 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2003.

Pasion de Gavilanes
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82. Revelacion
Summary is not available.
El engano
81. El engano
Summary is not available.
Frente al acosador
80. Frente al acosador
Summary is not available.
Visita mortal
79. Visita mortal
Summary is not available.
Pasion inolvidable
78. Pasion inolvidable
Summary is not available.
Comienza una batalla
77. Comienza una batalla
Summary is not available.
La táctica de Samuel
76. La táctica de Samuel
Summary is not available.
Con el alma herida
75. Con el alma herida
Summary is not available.
Un ansiado reencuentro
74. Un ansiado reencuentro
Summary is not available.
A gritos
73. A gritos
Summary is not available.
72. Inquieto
Summary is not available.
La intuicion de Norma
71. La intuicion de Norma
Summary is not available.
Manipulacion despiadada
70. Manipulacion despiadada
Summary is not available.
La preocupacion de Franco
69. La preocupacion de Franco
Summary is not available.
Emotivo reencuentro
68. Emotivo reencuentro
Summary is not available.
Un regreso anhelado
67. Un regreso anhelado
Summary is not available.
66. Desafiante
Summary is not available.
La voluntad de Samuel
65. La voluntad de Samuel
Summary is not available.
64. Sorprendida
Summary is not available.
Violento rescate
63. Violento rescate
Summary is not available.
Un verdadero martirio
62. Un verdadero martirio
Summary is not available.
El abandono de Franco
61. El abandono de Franco
Summary is not available.
El secreto de los Reyes
60. El secreto de los Reyes
Summary is not available.
Oportuno acercamiento
59. Oportuno acercamiento
Summary is not available.
El misterio sobre Franco
58. El misterio sobre Franco
Summary is not available.
Invitado clandestino
57. Invitado clandestino
Summary is not available.
Acercamiento toxico
56. Acercamiento toxico
Summary is not available.
Agresion indignante
55. Agresion indignante
Summary is not available.
54. Indefensa
Summary is not available.
Peligroso huesped
53. Peligroso huesped
Summary is not available.
52. Desconsolada
Summary is not available.
Sin tregua
51. Sin tregua
Summary is not available.
La encrucijada de Óscar
50. La encrucijada de Óscar
Summary is not available.
Acorralado por la mentira
49. Acorralado por la mentira
Summary is not available.
En busca del atacante
48. En busca del atacante
Summary is not available.
Objetivo fatal
47. Objetivo fatal
Summary is not available.
Tras el acosador
46. Tras el acosador
Summary is not available.
45. Mortificados
Summary is not available.
Engano catastrofico
44. Engano catastrofico
Summary is not available.
Ofensiva mortal
43. Ofensiva mortal
Summary is not available.
42. Desconcertada
Summary is not available.
Temblando de ira
41. Temblando de ira
Summary is not available.
La visita del demonio
40. La visita del demonio
Summary is not available.
39. Imparable
Summary is not available.
Entre tú y yo
38. Entre tú y yo
Summary is not available.
Fuera de control
37. Fuera de control
Summary is not available.
Revelacion fulminante
36. Revelacion fulminante
Summary is not available.
35. Vulnerable
Summary is not available.
Un abismo entre los dos
34. Un abismo entre los dos
Summary is not available.
Fiera herida
33. Fiera herida
Summary is not available.
32. Atormentado
Gaby runs into the boutique and tells her Uncle Óscar that a man on a motorcycle is following her. Juan asks the twins how he can earn their trust.
Loca por dominarla
31. Loca por dominarla
After waking up alone in bed, Norma worries about her husband. When Muriel returns home, her mother demands to know who she spent the night with.
Tensiones Desatadas
30. Tensiones Desatadas
Muriel's lovely day with Juan David at the Fuentes ranch suddenly turns into a nightmare for her. Jimena receives another visit from Duvan.
Pánico En San Marcos
29. Pánico En San Marcos
When the twins' shindig takes a wild turn, Juan David is forced to intervene. Meanwhile, gunshots are fired at the mayor's party.
Juan Marca Territorio
28. Juan Marca Territorio
The discovery of another body rattles the residents of San Marcos. Norma admires Albin's horsemanship skills, and asks Juan David if he likes Rosario.
Una Verdadera Loba
27. Una Verdadera Loba
At the fair, Sarita is left by her mother in Demetrio's company. A young woman is preyed upon. Norma gets fed up with Rosario's visits to the ranch.
Miedo A Perderla
26. Miedo A Perderla
Gaby returns home to find that her mom has invited Gabriela — and Demetrio — over. Óscar and the twins try to figure out who secretly filmed the video.
Una Prueba Contundente
25. Una Prueba Contundente
The twins show their Uncle Óscar the video evidence and tell him the entire story behind it. Juan David takes Muriel to his favorite secret spot.
Al Tope De La Ansiedad
24. Al Tope De La Ansiedad
Sarita begins to soften toward Demetrio. The twins find out what evidence the blackmailer has against them. Óscar has a talk with Duvan about Jimena.
Revancha Inminente
23. Revancha Inminente
Romina sends her son on a nefarious mission. Juan David tells Muriel he'd like for them to get to know each other better.
La Zozobra
22. La Zozobra
The twins spot Felix's missing sister, Adela. A young woman leaves a strong impression on Erick. Gabriela asks her father to return home with her.
Como La Primera Vez
21. Como La Primera Vez
Muriel asks Andres if Juan David has a girlfriend. Per his mother's plan, Duvan befriends Jimena. The twins visit Nino's home to help his grandfather.
20. Obsesionada
Romina devises a plan to earn Jimena's trust — and later punish her. Juan David forces himself to have a difficult but necessary talk with Rosario.
Expuestas Al Peligro
19. Expuestas Al Peligro
When Nino is ordered to quit his new job, his refusal to do so brings grave consequences not only to him, but also to Sarita's household.
Crisis De Nervios
18. Crisis De Nervios
Gabriela interrupts Nino's on-the-job training. Muriel's claustrophobia surfaces. The twins try to sneak upstairs at the bar to see their crush, Muriel.
Emociones A Flor De Piel
17. Emociones A Flor De Piel
Demetrio works on deepening the rift between Gabriela and her family. Juan David visits Muriel at the bar. Romina decides to drop by Jimena's boutique.
Un Impacto Del Destino
16. Un Impacto Del Destino
Gaby brings Nino home to meet her mother. Óscar decides to come clean to his wife. Juan David accidentally hits a pedestrian with his truck.
Peligrosa Curiosidad
15. Peligrosa Curiosidad
Muriel changes her plans. Óscar freaks out when he learns his wife visited the squatters. Felix recalls his father's relationship with Uncle Pascual.
El Punto De La Discordia
14. El Punto De La Discordia
Demetrio convinces Gabriela to send her father to a sanatorium. Andres gives Muriel a tour of the Reyes ranch. Jimena decides to meet the squatters.
Culpables O Inocentes
13. Culpables O Inocentes
Muriel becomes fast friends with Andres. Felix visits his uncle to hear what he found out about the murder. Mart'n experiences an upsetting flashback.
Encuentro Explosivo
12. Encuentro Explosivo
Demetrio tries to explain to Sarita his behavior toward Gaby. Rosario's daughter shows up unexpectedly at the bar. Gaby begs her mom to help Nino.
Ataque A Los Reyes
11. Ataque A Los Reyes
Gaby tells her mom that Demetrio is her stalker. For the sake of his son, Óscar gives Romina a gift. Several horses are stolen from the Reyes ranch.
Donde Está Adela
10. Donde Está Adela
Juan visits Felix to ask him some questions. When Mart'n admits to one of his granddaughters that he often feels lonely, the family finds a solution.
Pasion Encendida
9. Pasion Encendida
At the bar, Gunter serves Juan David a special cocktail. Nino lands in hot water with the law and is unable to pick up Gaby, whose stalker strikes again.
V'ctima De La Manipulacion
8. V'ctima De La Manipulacion
Óscar warns Romina about mistreating their son, who later shows up at his dad's house. Juan David and the twins catch Rosario's show at her bar.
La Tormenta Del Pasado
7. La Tormenta Del Pasado
Andres finds out about his dad's history with Rosario. Juan asks Óscar what happened between the twins and Adela. Rosario's bar has its grand opening.
6. Presentimiento
Rosario and Andres discover they share a passion for music. A mugger stalks Sarita outside an ATM. Duvan is given a lesson in manipulation.
5. Ultimátum
Jimena accuses her husband of lying to her about his whereabouts. When Gunter overhears Rosario making plans to visit Juan David, he sabotages her car.
Un Deseo En Juego
4. Un Deseo En Juego
Sparks fly between Rosario and Juan David. Óscar visits someone he's been hiding from his wife. Gaby finds her friend Nino in a suspicious situation.
Amor En Peligro
3. Amor En Peligro
Rosario learns who Juan David is and finds an excuse to visit him. Jimena admits to Sarita the reason she retired. Óscar gives Felix a stern warning.
Tras El Enemigo
2. Tras El Enemigo
Sarita confides in her sister about Franco. Rosario extends an offer to an old friend that she can't refuse. Óscar and Jimena return from Milan.
Más Allá De Una Amenaza
1. Más Allá De Una Amenaza
When the body of a teacher is found, Juan and Norma's twin sons are accused of murder. Decades after leaving San Marcos, Rosario returns on a mission.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 25, 2003