Pasion de Gavilanes

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  • 2003
  • 1 Season

In this telenovela, three brothers are determined to avenge an unjust death. The problem is that the people on whom they want to get their revenge have three beautiful daughters, and romance may trump vengeance. Danna García, Paola Rey, and Mario Cimarro star.

Pasion de Gavilanes
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A Happy Ending
188. A Happy Ending
Eva asks An'bal for a favor. Gabriela returns home to a surprise. Rosario resumes singing. Pepita's trip is interrupted. Wedding bells ring again.
Episode 187
187. Episode 187
The search party hears gunshots. Juan is forced to summon all his strength and willpower. Desperate for news, the Elizondo sisters go to the swamp.
Juan Finds a Way Out
186. Juan Finds a Way Out
Pepita reopens the bar. Juan and Gabriela hear a gunshot and voices. Filemon begs Hortencia to allow him to help her run the fruit stand.
Uncle An'bal
185. Uncle An'bal
Gabriela asks Juan about his family. Rosario reflects on her past with Armando and comes to a conclusion. The search party makes a gruesome discovery.
Episode 184
184. Episode 184
Juan's leg worsens. Fernando grabs his gun back. An'bal shares a story of a past romance, and later finds a trail at the swamp. Gabriela collapses.
D­nora's Fate
183. D­nora's Fate
Juan submits to D'nora's delirious wishes. Franco and Sarita visit Rosario. Óscar and Franco meet the swamp expert, who looks oddly familiar to them.
Tired of the Burden
182. Tired of the Burden
Sarita and Norma find D'nora's wallet, which holds odd photos. Eva makes a deal with Benito. Hortencia gets an offer. Rosario sends Franco a message.
Episode 181
181. Episode 181
While Hortencia is visiting Mart'n at the Reyes ranch, Ruth arrives home from work early. Rosario awakens in the hospital. D'nora is gravely injured.
Episode 180
180. Episode 180
D'nora makes an unwise move in order to stop a fight between Juan and Fernando, and later recalls an incident from her childhood.
Episode 179
179. Episode 179
Gabriela receives uplifting news, while Pepita gets heartbreaking news. D'nora's overconfidence lands her group in a dire situation.
Episode 178
178. Episode 178
Juan advises Fernando and D'nora to check something before killing him. Out of options, D'nora directs a risky move. The police make a capture.
Ransom Scam
177. Ransom Scam
The Rosales family makes a plea. Malcolm and Carmela pull a fast one. Using Gabriela and Juan as hostages, Fernando and D'nora attempt to flee.
Episode 176
176. Episode 176
The police receive a ransom demand. Rosario's plea for Armando to come out of the house has devastating consequences. Leonidas helps in an emergency.
Episode 175
175. Episode 175
D'nora holds Gabriela and Juan hostage. Mart'n learns what happened to Raquel. Pepita calls Rosario and tells her about Armando's current situation.
Episode 174
174. Episode 174
Juan finds Gabriela and convinces her to escape with him. When Armando sees Franco arrive at the Elizondo ranch, he makes a deal with D'nora.
Episode 173
173. Episode 173
Mart'n reveals that D'nora is hiding at the Elizondo ranch. The police are called, but Juan sneaks off on his own. Fernando asks Armando for help.
Hortencia Makes a Statement
172. Hortencia Makes a Statement
Mart'n accompanies Hortencia to the fruit stand, where he recognizes Manolo and Miguel. Hortencia confronts Filemon and Esperanza.
Episode 171
171. Episode 171
Fernando and D'nora ransack the house for Gabriela's jewelry. When Norma learns from Pepita that Mart'n was moved downstairs, she springs into action.
Episode 170
170. Episode 170
Mart'n and Hortencia attempt an escape from the hospital. Fernando meets with Arthur Klauss to close the sale of the ranch and gets a big surprise.
Episode 169
169. Episode 169
Armando fires Pepita. Hortencia suffers a relapse. Mart'n overhears Bustillo making plans to kill him the next day, and begs Hortencia to help him.
Episode 168
168. Episode 168
Hortencia plots an escape. Pepita confronts Fernando. Mart'n overhears Bustillo discussing another way of getting rid of him. Eva receives a shock.
Episode 167
167. Episode 167
Benito makes a crass demand. At the police station, Óscar identifies Herzog and Rubinsky as Armando's thugs. Rosario shares her worries with Pepita.
Episode 166
166. Episode 166
Ruth hears the news about her parents. D'nora places a heavy burden of guilt on Gabriela's shoulders in an attempt to keep her quiet.
165. Persecution
Raquel hears Gabriela calling for her and investigates. Mart'n comforts Hortencia, who suspects Filemon is behaving badly in her absence.
Just Say No to Drugs
164. Just Say No to Drugs
During a visit with his mom, Hortencia's youngest son, Abraham, mentions Esperanza. Raquel and Calixto drop by the Elizondo ranch to see Gabriela.
Episode 163
163. Episode 163
Hortencia overhears Bustillo telling Violeta what he must do to get more money from Fernando. Ruth dreams of Raquel and Calixto.
Episode 162
162. Episode 162
D'nora is infuriated when Fernando hosts another gambling party. Bustillo tries to extort more money from Fernando, but is offered another deal.
Episode 161
161. Episode 161
Mart'n gets a wheelchair and finds a confidant. Rosario visits the Elizondo ranch to see Gabriela and Mart'n, but what she finds makes her suspicious.
Not My Father
160. Not My Father
Malcolm and Carmela lose track of Gabriela. Bustillo and Violeta convince Mart'n that the rest of the hospital staff are allied with Fernando.
Episode 159
159. Episode 159
Bustillo learns who Mart'n really is. Hortencia takes an interest in another patient. Sarita, Ruth and Antonio spy on the Elizondo ranch.
Total Normality
158. Total Normality
Mart'n wakes up in an unfamiliar place. Bustillo becomes greedy. Armando brings Herzog and Rubinsky to the Elizondo ranch to help Fernando.
Episode 157
157. Episode 157
Fernando gets rid of Mart'n. Juan sends Manolo and Miguel to the Elizondo ranch to see what's going on. Gabriela insists on seeing her father.
Episode 156
156. Episode 156
Juan sees signs that something is wrong at the Elizondo ranch. A gambling debt endangers Fernando. Rosario visits Gabriela. Ruth dreams of Mart'n.
155. Intuition
Mart'n spots a figure peeking out of an upstairs window. Later, when the Rosales family visits unexpectedly, he overhears a conversation about D'nora.
Father's Promise
154. Father's Promise
Pepita threatens to report Mart'n's mistreatment. Sarita receives a warm welcome. Mart'n discovers he's become a prisoner in his own home.
Changes at the Elizondo Ranch
153. Changes at the Elizondo Ranch
Ruth is stunned to see Leonidas with a woman on each arm. Pepita checks on Mart'n just as a major change is being made to his living conditions.
Episode 152
152. Episode 152
The police arrive unexpectedly at the Elizondo ranch. The Reyes brothers agree not to report Fernando as D'nora's accomplice, under one condition.
Episode 151
151. Episode 151
Gabriela commands Sarita to move out of the Elizondo ranch. Sarita begs Mart'n to move with her to the Reyes ranch. Ruth dreams of Libia again.
Episode 150
150. Episode 150
After confronting Fernando with bank statements, Gabriela orders him to move out of the Elizondo ranch. Later, she receives an unexpected visitor.
Episode 149
149. Episode 149
After Sarita tells her mother what she saw, Gabriela decides she must see it for herself to believe it. The police go to the bar to question Armando.
Episode 148
148. Episode 148
Eva and Ruth argue. Gabriela decides to be honest with Sarita about her situation. Sarita follows Fernando on his next nightly outing.
Still Alive
147. Still Alive
Armando and Fernando visit D'nora's hideout to cover their tracks. Fernando succumbs to temptation. Gabriela becomes fed up with Fernando's gambling.
Episode 146
146. Episode 146
Norma learns what Gabriela did. Benito defends Belinda from D'nora's parents. During a losing streak, Armando warns Fernando to stop gambling.
Juan and Norma's Big Day
145. Juan and Norma's Big Day
Right before the wedding, Gabriela makes a change in plans. Ruth and Eva share a special moment. Pepita reveals some info about her secret boyfriend.
Episode 144
144. Episode 144
The night before the wedding, Norma has second thoughts. D'nora gets a whole new look. Leandro comes to the rescue on the morning of the wedding.
143. Preparations
Juan asks Mart'n for a favor. Rosario calls D'nora with a special request. Carmela vents her hatred for Mart'n. Ruth has a disturbing dream.
Worried About the Future
142. Worried About the Future
D'nora orders Belinda to find out the time and location of Juan's wedding. Gabriela confronts Fernando about his secret plans for the future.
Juan, Norma and Their Child
141. Juan, Norma and Their Child
Determined to get to Norma and her son, Fernando grabs a gun. Gabriela learns that Fernando was making life-changing plans behind her back.
A Happy Birthday?
140. A Happy Birthday?
Juan gives his son a gift. Gabriela catches Malcolm and Carmela snooping. While Gabriela and Sarita are out, Fernando goes after Norma and her son.
Episode 139
139. Episode 139
Melisa gets a surprise. Pepita gives Armando a warning. Rosario realizes D'nora has no conscience. Gabriela learns of her grandson's birthday party.
Episode 138
138. Episode 138
Gabriela orders Norma to leave the Elizondo ranch. After visiting their mother at the hospital, Manolo and Miguel become suspicious of their father.
Episode 137
137. Episode 137
Norma makes a shocking discovery. Rosario and Armando encounter Franco and Sarita at the country club. Olegario returns to the Reyes ranch.
Fernando's Negotiations
136. Fernando's Negotiations
Quintina and Dominga make a confession to Óscar. Ruth and Raquel begin to mend their relationship. One of Fernando's party guests has her eye on him.
Episode 135
135. Episode 135
Eva tries to talk Ruth out of leaving the Reyes ranch. Juan tells Norma he's losing faith. Quintina and Dominga corner Olegario, but are interrupted.
Crisis of Jealousy
134. Crisis of Jealousy
Gabriela sides with her daughters over Malcolm's misconduct. Tensions between Quintina and Dominga boil over. Ruth learns who her birth mother is.
Episode 133
133. Episode 133
Sarita and Norma tell Gabriela that Fernando is making bad horse deals. Quintina catches Olegario behaving badly. Malcolm violates Norma's privacy.
The Horse Fair
132. The Horse Fair
Norma finds her son alone with Carmela instead of the babysitter. Franco and Sarita canoodle in front of Rosario while she performs at the horse fair.
Episode 131
131. Episode 131
Concha crashes the party at the Reyes ranch. Everyone wonders who Pepita's boyfriend is. Rosario is reminded of Armando's history with Pepita.
Episode 130
130. Episode 130
Dominga is unable to hide her emotions from Quintina. Pepita makes a shocking announcement at the bar. D'nora receives an unexpected visitor.
Episode 129
129. Episode 129
Óscar and Franco have a falling out. Jimena makes her choice. Gabriela hides her true emotions from her daughters. Franco has a dream about Rosario.
Episode 128
128. Episode 128
After challenging Fernando's authority, Jimena suffers a traumatic experience. Rosario steals a kiss from Franco. Óscar gives Jimena an ultimatum.
Episode 127
127. Episode 127
Gabriela hates Fernando's gambling habit. Rosario catches another woman kissing Armando. When Norma mentions her former marriage, Gabriela loses it.
Episode 126
126. Episode 126
Armando helps Fernando with his new problem. Jimena spies on Fernando and finds a piece of evidence. D'nora hides in plain sight and meets an admirer.
Episode 125
125. Episode 125
Olegario wastes no time getting reacquainted with Dominga. During a dinner party, Malcolm and Mart'n catch Fernando upstairs with a mysterious woman.
Nosy Carmela
124. Nosy Carmela
Óscar defies Fernando's rules and visits Jimena. Concha causes a scene at the country club. Gabriela makes a change in management at the ranch.
Episode 123
123. Episode 123
Juan encounters his nemesis. Fernando's lifestyle annoys Gabriela. Sarita fights against the changes Malcolm and Carmela are making at the ranch.
Episode 122
122. Episode 122
Leonidas pursues Melisa. Concha learns her husband has been keeping company with another woman. Carmela puts on a performance to get Dominga fired.
Episode 121
121. Episode 121
Óscar jumps to a wrong conclusion. Olegario encounters an old flame. Fernando realizes who's behind the shootings. Belinda keeps a secret from Benito.
Episode 120
120. Episode 120
Armando asks Fernando and Gabriela for a favor. Rosario gets in a scuffle with Sarita. Leonidas becomes needy. Fernando gives Malcolm a shotgun.
Episode 119
119. Episode 119
Mart'n spies on Carmela. Fernando makes Gabriela jealous. Leonidas smooths things over with Ruth and his son. Memo begs Armando for a job.
Episode 118
118. Episode 118
Leonidas confronts Ruth but soon feels ashamed of himself. Mart'n and his granddaughters learn of the new hires' hate for Eva and the Reyes brothers.
Episode 117
117. Episode 117
Belinda does some suspicious shopping. Hortencia is visited in the hospital by her sons. Fernando decides who will manage the Elizondo ranch for him.
Episode 116
116. Episode 116
The police capture the black truck. A celebration for Jimena's return home from the hospital is interrupted. Jimena changes her decision.
Episode 115
115. Episode 115
Jimena decides whether she'll go home to her mother or Óscar. Franco proposes a new living arrangement. Filemon keeps busy during Hortencia's absence.
Episode 114
114. Episode 114
Gabriela starts to think marrying Fernando was a mistake. Melisa tries to loosen up Antonio's father. The black truck visits the Elizondo ranch.
Episode 113
113. Episode 113
When Antonio's father confronts Ruth, Eva springs to her defense. Fernando returns to an old habit on his honeymoon. Juan notices the black truck.
Episode 112
112. Episode 112
Antonio's father delivers an ultimatum. Benito and Belinda discuss the benefits of marriage. A rifle-toting figure lies in wait near the Reyes ranch.
Episode 111
111. Episode 111
Nobody believes Benito's explanation. Pepita surprises Mart'n. Ruth asks Eva about her birth mother. Rosario gets an update on Franco's love life.
Episode 110
110. Episode 110
Rosario performs at the wedding and gets mixed reactions. The Reyes brothers go to Santa Clara. The Rosales family gets the wrong idea about Benito.
Episode 109
109. Episode 109
Armando throws a bachelor party. Sarita shares her theory on Fernando. Mart'n spies on the wedding festivities. The Rosales family discusses D'nora.
Episode 108
108. Episode 108
Fernando shows his guest list to Gabriela. When Gabriela finds herself alone at the ranch, she starts to wonder if she's doing the right thing.
Episode 107
107. Episode 107
Gabriela and Fernando go on a date and make plans. Antonio gets a job. Fernando chooses his best man. Franco visits Sarita at the Elizondo ranch.
Episode 106
106. Episode 106
Raquel learns Ruth's boyfriend has returned. Gabriela announces her decision on Fernando's future at the ranch. Franco pulls rank to help Hortencia.
Episode 105
105. Episode 105
Sarita receives a stunningly cruel punishment. Worried about Sarita, Franco and his brothers visit the Elizondo ranch. Fernando plays his last card.
Episode 104
104. Episode 104
The Elizondo sisters issue an ultimatum to their mother. Franco and Sarita advance their relationship. Gabriela makes a shocking discovery.
Episode 103
103. Episode 103
Two couples separately steal moments alone. Ruth is followed. Tensions between Fernando and the Elizondo sisters erupts into violence.
The Rescue
102. The Rescue
The search caravan makes a discovery in the night. Gabriela's trust in Fernando falters. Armando tells Rosario he's willing to make a compromise.
No Return
101. No Return
Juan boosts Ruth to the top of the pit, but their troubles aren't over. In the hospital, Armando asks to see Rosario. D'nora telephones Norma.
Episode 100
100. Episode 100
D'nora arrives at the cabin and finds chaos. Armando regains consciousness when the paramedics arrive and speaks to them. A search for Ruth is begun.
Episode 99
99. Episode 99
Ruth has a dream about Libia that compels her to visit the Rosales ranch alone. Armando confronts Rosario and offers her a deal.
Episode 98
98. Episode 98
Juan tells D'nora that he's ready to beg from her. Ruth goes to see Hortencia's husband to offer help, but Hortencia accidentally sees her.
Episode 97
97. Episode 97
Ruth questions Calixto's words to Eva. Herzog and Rubinsky find Rosario at Pancha's home. At the bar with Armando, Pancha realizes he's found out.
Episode 96
96. Episode 96
Calixto recognizes Eva. During a horseback ride with Óscar, Ruth is compelled to trespass on the Rosales land. Norma loses her temper with D'nora.
Cabin of Torture
95. Cabin of Torture
D'nora visits Juan at the cabin and takes advantage of his captive state. Herzog and Rubinsky search for Rosario at the homes of her known associates.
Episode 94
94. Episode 94
Óscar's car is found abandoned. The police question Fernando and D'nora. Franco, Óscar and the Elizondo sisters conduct their own search on horseback.
Episode 93
93. Episode 93
D'nora tells Gabriela she has a strong feeling the wedding won't happen. Juan and Norma go on a special date. Ruth has a troubling dream about Juan.
Spotted Alive
92. Spotted Alive
Herzog and Rubinsky tell Armando they've seen Rosario. Melisa and her sons enjoy a meal with Ruth and the Reyes brothers. D'nora hires some thugs.
Episode 91
91. Episode 91
Raquel begs Ruth to return home. Memo plans another "accident." Mart'n spills a secret at the dinner table. Rosario has second thoughts about Armando.
Episode 90
90. Episode 90
Norma and Juan make a decision about the Rosales family. Memo sabotages Armando's car. D'nora tells Gabriela she saw Ruth at the Reyes ranch.
Episode 89
89. Episode 89
Quintina develops a crush on someone at the ranch. Armando is released from the hospital. The Rosales family visits the Reyes ranch with a new demand.
Return for Revenge
88. Return for Revenge
Manolo confesses the roles he and his mother played in Libia's tragedy. Memo begins to carry out his plan. Fernando and Olegario come to blows.
Episode 87
87. Episode 87
Eva comforts Ruth. Rosario tries to turn the tables on Armando. Hortencia becomes hysterical while visiting the Reyes ranch, raising suspicions.
Episode 86
86. Episode 86
Faced with danger, Sarita thinks fast. Manolo and Miguel encounter a stunning apparition on the road. Raquel finds a farewell letter from Ruth.
Episode 85
85. Episode 85
Ruth learns she was adopted. Norma figures out who Sarita is dating. Herzog and Rubinsky follow Franco to his dinner date with Sarita.
For the Love of Franco
84. For the Love of Franco
Gabriela asks Fernando who Sarita is dating. Armando gives Memo a new assignment. Óscar and Jimena come to an agreement. Rosario confronts Sarita.
Episode 83
83. Episode 83
A difficult customer visits Leandro's boutique. Gabriela asks Jimena about Óscar. Fernando discovers Sarita's secret and shares it with Rosario.
The Dress
82. The Dress
Óscar asks Jimena if he still has a chance with her. Raquel goes too far in controlling Ruth's life. Sarita and Franco have their first date.
Episode 81
81. Episode 81
Norma is finally able to unleash her anger toward her mother, and receives a shocking response from Gabriela. The Elizondo sisters are serenaded.
Mart'n's Misfortune
80. Mart'n's Misfortune
The doctor delivers grim news. D'nora tries to intimidate Norma. Insincere well-wishers infuriate the Elizondo sisters and another family member.
Episode 79
79. Episode 79
Manolo gets a big surprise. D'nora is caught in her web of lies. Gabriela and Fernando confront Mart'n and Pepita at the bar.
Episode 78
78. Episode 78
Mart'n sneaks away to the bar with Pepita. At Dinora's dinner party, the Rosales cousins confront Franco and Óscar, and D'nora leaves to go find Juan.
Episode 77
77. Episode 77
Rosario tells Armando she wants a divorce. D'nora plots how she'll get Juan at her dinner party, while Franco and Óscar plan to teach her a lesson.
Episode 76
76. Episode 76
D'nora makes a goodwill gesture toward the Reyes brothers. Ruth succumbs to Raquel's guilt trips. Eva gathers the courage to face off against Raquel.
Episode 75
75. Episode 75
After the blowup between Fernando and Sarita, Gabriela chooses a side. Norma catches Fernando alone with her son. Óscar reveals Eva's secret.
Episode 74
74. Episode 74
Óscar and Jimena meet to start divorce proceedings. Ruth makes an announcement to Raquel. Tensions between Fernando and Sarita take a violent turn.
Episode 73
73. Episode 73
Herzog and Rubinsky get fed up with Armando's abuse. The Reyes brothers go to the Rosales ranch to set the record straight.
Episode 72
72. Episode 72
Mr. Rosales confronts Juan with a gun and threatens to kill him unless he marries D'nora. Herzog and Rubinsky execute a deadly plan against Franco.
Lies and Confusion
71. Lies and Confusion
D'nora warns Norma that Juan is violent. Jimena and Óscar reluctantly return to finish filming the ad. Sarita fully confesses her feelings to Franco.
Episode 70
70. Episode 70
D'nora and Gabriela plant doubts about Juan in Norma's mind. Franco sets things straight with Armando. D'nora lies to Juan about Norma's intentions.
Episode 69
69. Episode 69
Sarita receives a heartfelt thank-you. Óscar goes to the Elizondo ranch. Norma arranges to meet Juan to tell him something, but D'nora interferes.
Episode 68
68. Episode 68
Óscar winds up in a mortifying situation. Sarita is forced to show Franco how much she cares for him. Armando is made to look like a fool.
Episode 67
67. Episode 67
At the party, Ruth pulls Eva aside, Jimena and Óscar try to make each other jealous and Franco makes a bold move. Meanwhile, Norma reaches her limit.
Episode 66
66. Episode 66
Armando sees an opportunity to put an end to Franco. Óscar decides to test a theory he has about Eva. Juan trespasses in order to see Norma.
Episode 65
65. Episode 65
Franco pays Sarita a compliment. Rosario pursues Franco more aggressively. Gabriela offers D'nora an alliance. Jimena is tricked into meeting Óscar.
Episode 64
64. Episode 64
Norma invites the Reyes brothers to the baptism. Mart'n goes on an outing with Pepita. At Gabriela's request, Fernando invites D'nora to the ranch.
TV Commercial Kiss
63. TV Commercial Kiss
Calixto tells Ruth that Raquel isn't her mom. Norma decides on a name for the baby. Jimena gets a shock while filming a new commercial.
Episode 62
62. Episode 62
D'nora corners Juan. Fernando starts working at the Elizondo ranch. Rosario pays Franco a surprise visit. Óscar asks Bruno Ferrano for a favor.
Episode 61
61. Episode 61
At the party, Rosario tries to provoke Franco, which infuriates Armando. A scare brings Norma closer to Juan. Óscar finds Eva's photo of her child.
The Truth About Ruth
60. The Truth About Ruth
Manolo and Miguel ask Óscar for a job. Ruth defies her mother and starts working for Leandro. Juan gives his son a gift, which Gabriela later spots.
Episode 59
59. Episode 59
Pancha tells Rosario about Franco's new life. D'nora pays Juan a visit. Everyone forgets Mart'n's birthday -- except for Pepita.
Episode 58
58. Episode 58
Juan meets his son. Rosario admits marital problems to Pancha. Leandro asks Óscar for help. Gabriela loses faith in Sarita's ability to run the ranch.
Episode 57
57. Episode 57
The Reyes brothers meet with the Elizondos to discuss property lines. Norma threatens to move out again. Sarita attends the Rosales family's party.
Episode 56
56. Episode 56
Sarita meets the Elizondos' new neighbors. An accident brings Sarita to the Reyes ranch. The Reyes brothers receive an invitation to a party.
Episode 55
55. Episode 55
Juan sees an opportunity to get closer to Norma. Fernando meets Norma's baby. Fernando says he's over Rosario. Jimena shows Ruth photos of Libia.
Episode 54
54. Episode 54
During the next year, the Reyes brothers settle into their new home and roles, Rosario's career soars and Norma gives birth.
Episode 53
53. Episode 53
Jimena gets a job offer. Eva visits Ruth. Franco begs Juan and Óscar to help him manage his fortune. Fernando brings Pepita to the Elizondo ranch.
Episode 52
52. Episode 52
The Reyes brothers lose Ruth's trust. An overwhelmed Franco allows himself to be mistreated. Eva seeks help from Juan and Óscar.
Episode 51
51. Episode 51
Eva is stunned to see Franco at her workplace. Eduvina refuses to follow her doctor's orders. A turn of events casts suspicion on the Reyes brothers.
Episode 50
50. Episode 50
Juan and Óscar threaten to disown Franco if he goes through with his plans. The Elizondos and Uribes receive a shocking invitation.
Episode 49
49. Episode 49
Herzog and Rubinsky visit the Reyes home. After witnessing a heartbreaking scene, Franco is given a chance to turn around his family's misfortune.
Episode 48
48. Episode 48
Ruth finds out who Libia was. Eva is fired, but she soon gets a new job. After learning where Jimena and Norma are, the Reyes brothers rush there.
Episode 47
47. Episode 47
Mart'n thinks he knows who Eva's child is. Gabriela, Sarita and a gun-toting Fernando rush to the Reyes home in search of Jimena and Norma.
Episode 46
46. Episode 46
Franco returns to the Reyes home. Desperately worried over Jimena and Norma's disappearance, Emilce goes to the Elizondo ranch.
Episode 45
45. Episode 45
Jimena overhears a terrifying conversation, and later takes drastic measures in self-defense. Franco stumbles upon a shocking scene.
Episode 44
44. Episode 44
Jimena chats with Hortencia at the fruit stand. Eduvina orchestrates an awkward encounter at a party, and later visits Alcalá Bar alone.
The Photograph
43. The Photograph
Increasingly obsessive, Eduvina gives Franco an expensive gift. Jimena overhears a troubling conversation, and later stumbles upon a shocking find.
Episode 42
42. Episode 42
After setting some ground rules with his new employer, Franco accepts an unusual, high-visibility job, and later comes home to a surprise.
Episode 41
41. Episode 41
Franco contacts Eduvina. Norma goes to the Reyes home for a dinner date. Gabriela's social life suffers. Raquel demands that Leandro fire Óscar.
Episode 40
40. Episode 40
Gabriela begs Fernando not to move out of the ranch. Norma takes up a new residence. Eduvina pays Franco a visit at the fruit stand.
Episode 39
39. Episode 39
Jimena decides where she wants to live. Juan and Norma can no longer hide their feelings. Fernando overhears a name, and comes clean to Gabriela.
Episode 38
38. Episode 38
After hearing horrifying gossip about Jimena and Óscar, Gabriela takes action. A turn of events brings Norma and Juan face to face.
Episode 37
37. Episode 37
Jimena finds a note with strangely familiar handwriting. Ruth asks Leandro for a favor on behalf of Óscar. Rosario issues Franco an ultimatum.
Episode 36
36. Episode 36
Óscar asks Franco to make a sacrifice. Tensions between Rosario and Pepita boil over. Jimena has a rough first night. Rosario gets a job offer.
Episode 35
35. Episode 35
Gabriela decides what to do about Jimena and Óscar. Juan prepares to reopen the bakery. Pancha warns Franco he's in danger of losing Rosario.
Episode 34
34. Episode 34
Gabriela and Sarita coerce Jimena and Óscar into returning to the ranch. Rosario learns Armando gave Pepita a ring. Juan threatens to disown Óscar.
Episode 33
33. Episode 33
Óscar and Jimena set a careful plan in motion. Sarita becomes suspicious and investigates. The Elizondos demand an explanation from Juan and Franco.
Episode 32
32. Episode 32
Óscar puts his foot down over Jimena's wedding. Juan decides to face reality and force the Elizondos to do the same. Gabriela and Sarita have a scare.
Episode 31
31. Episode 31
Norma makes a choice between duty and love. Armando's manipulations affect Rosario. Leandro tells Jimena of Ruth's close relationship with Óscar.
Episode 30
30. Episode 30
In Santa Clara, Norma witnesses a shocking scene that brings her to a decision about her future. Rosario is frustrated with Franco's lack of ambition.
Episode 29
29. Episode 29
Norma asks Eva to give a letter to Juan. Ruth's curiosity is piqued when Juan calls her Libia. Armando employs a new tactic to get Rosario back.
Norma's Surprise
28. Norma's Surprise
The Elizondos learn what's wrong with Norma. Armando tries to make Rosario jealous. Norma is pressured to stay married. Jimena gives Óscar a test.
Episode 27
27. Episode 27
Franco and Rosario argue over her boundaries of her job duties. Óscar goes an eerie outing with Ruth. Juan shows Norma the reality of his life.
Jimena's Return
26. Jimena's Return
The Elizondos commit an oversight. A dinner with Ruth becomes emotional for the Reyes brothers. A palm reader at a carnival predicts Juan's future.
Episode 25
25. Episode 25
A distraught Gabriela seeks comfort from her father. Jimena gets to know Óscar, who recalls a painful time in his youth, and finds unexpected stardom.
Episode 24
24. Episode 24
After being questioned, Armando gets an unpleasant surprise. The Reyes brothers and the Elizondos are brought closer together by their shared crisis.
Episode 23
23. Episode 23
Armando puts up a false front. A case of mistaken identity lands two innocents in a grim situation. Another witness catches Juan and Norma together.
Episode 22
22. Episode 22
Juan makes a scene in front of the Elizondo family. Jimena executes a calculated revenge plan. Fernando puts Norma on the spot at the dinner table.
Episode 21
21. Episode 21
Óscar reluctantly agrees to go out with Ruth. Jimena is miffed after being abandoned during a date. To Franco's dismay, Armando gets a lucky break.
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
Rosario returns to work at Alcalá Bar. Norma asks for a divorce. Fernando takes desperate measures to win Norma's sympathy. Ruth makes Óscar nervous.
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
Eva disobeys Gabriela. Norma and Juan take a big risk. Fernando follows a family member's bad advice. One of the Reyes brothers catches Ruth's eye.
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
Leandro follows Jimena to find out who her secret boyfriend is. Gabriela upsets Eva with a special request. Ruth's arrival shocks the Reyes brothers.
Jimena's Promise
17. Jimena's Promise
Jimena makes a promise to Franco. An upset Eva drops a bombshell on the Elizondo family. Sarita becomes suspicious of Norma. Jimena has an awakening.
Óscar's Plans
16. Óscar's Plans
Armando asks Fernando for a favor. Raquel and Gabriela set a deadline. Norma arranges a rendezvous with Juan, and sets a firm boundary with Fernando.
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Eva voices her concerns about Juan to Norma. The Reyes brothers receive an unexpected visitor at their home. Jimena uses her ticket to freedom.
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
Norma confesses her feelings for Juan to Eva. Franco gets revenge for being attacked. Jimena makes a startling announcement at the dinner table.
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
Jimena and Sarita go on a date with the Uribes' nephews. Juan's words make Norma wonder. Rosario feels the backlash of cutting ties with Armando.
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
The Uribes' nephews become frequent guests at the ranch. The Reyes brothers add a member to their household. A mishap brings Juan and Norma closer.
Franco Is Injured
11. Franco Is Injured
Franco suffers grave consequences after ignoring Armando's warning. Juan and Óscar argue over an offer of help, and later confront Rosario at the bar.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
Rosario bans Franco from the bar. Gabriela has plans for Jimena and Sarita involving the Uribes' nephews. Juan wins Norma's admiration.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Norma is unsettled by Juan. Eva recalls her painful past. Gabriela confesses a regret to Eva. Jimena secretly meets Franco away from the ranch.
Seducing the Elizondos
8. Seducing the Elizondos
The Reyes brothers pursue their first target. Eva has a change of heart. Armando threatens Franco. Franco accuses Óscar of having an ulterior motive.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Óscar proposes a revenge plan to Juan that won't land them in jail. Gabriela returns from her trip and meets the new workers. Juan sets eyes on Norma.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
The Reyes brothers infiltrate the Elizondo household under a false cover. Rosario refuses to give up her lifestyle for Franco. Jimena seeks attention.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
The Reyes brothers learn what happened the night Libia visited the Elizondo ranch. Resentful Eva sees an opportunity to get revenge against Gabriela.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Libia makes a desperate decision. Gabriela finds Libia's photo. Fernando makes plans to live alone with Norma. The Reyes brothers learn Bernardo lied.
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Libia hears in town what happened to Bernardo. Hortencia convinces Libia to go to the Elizondo ranch. There, she meets with disaster.
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
A new circumstance leads the Reyes brothers to agree on Libia's future. Norma recalls a traumatic event. Fernando plots to force Bernardo's hand.
Bernardo and Libia Are Lovers
1. Bernardo and Libia Are Lovers
August 25, 2003
Town gossip spreads of young Libia's secret romance with a rich older man, while her brother Franco woos a dive bar singer with a seedy side job.

In this telenovela, three brothers are determined to avenge an unjust death. The problem is that the people on whom they want to get their revenge have three beautiful daughters, and romance may trump vengeance. Danna García, Paola Rey, and Mario Cimarro star. Pasion de Gavilanes is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (188 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2003.

Where to Watch Pasion de Gavilanes

Pasion de Gavilanes is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pasion de Gavilanes on demand at Netflix and NBC.

  • Premiere Date
    August 25, 2003