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This adventure series is set in a fictional world where a cataclysm triggered by a particle accelerator rocks the world and upends civilization. The crew of a training vessel at sea find themselves lost in a storm, setting them off on an adventure of survival and discovery. The series aired in 2013 on Spanish television.

El Barco is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 2013.

El Barco is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch El Barco on demand atApple TV+ online.

3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
July 7, 2013
Cast: Mario Casas, Juan Pablo Shuk, Luis Callejo, Juanjo Artero
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El Barco Full Episode Guide

  • As Ulises and Ainhoa communicate by walkie talkie, Ainhoa has a feeling Ulises will never return to her. Meanwhile, Gamboa is pointing a gun at them.

  • The captain and Palomares hear a strange and unsettling sound in the ship’s bow. Ainhoa and Piti explore the island and find an abandoned cabin.

  • The kids manage to prove what they suspected: They aren’t alone on the island. Two people with gas masks shot at them while they were rescuing Vilma.

  • In his last dispatch from the building, Ulises informed everyone that they were being attacked. The Estrella Polar is quickly sent to the building.

  • After 132 days at sea, the Estrella Polar finally sights land, and a small expedition sets out to make sure that this new territory is safe.

  • As everyone looks for Sol, Gamboa tries to convince them that the youngsters took one of the life rafts. Salomé and Cho Sung find two new stowaways.

  • Sol reveals to Piti that she's never spent the night with anyone. She's also worried Gamboa's figured out that Sol is actually her twin sister, Elena.

  • Gamboa tries to dissuade Julia from marrying the captain, but she stands resolute, even though marriage between crewmembers is strictly forbidden.

  • The captain must decide who among the crew will stay behind in the hotel while they search for land. Also, he and Julia announce that they will marry.

  • The hotel’s inhabitants take Estrella Polar by force. Meanwhile, Julia and the captain are locked in an elevator that is slowly flooding.

  • The ship's crew realize they're sailing over a city buried underneath the sea and rescue 193 survivors who climbed to the top of the skyscrapers.

  • The crew get news they've been waiting for: Land has been sighted, or more precisely, a beacon. But when they get close, the light suddenly goes out.

  • The crew do their best to ensure that Valeria has a great Christmas, attempting to get everything she asked for and even making some things by hand.

  • Animated by the music coming from the bottom of the dining room, the youngest members of the ship begin to sing and dance, and soon everyone joins in.

  • The crew is puzzled when they come across a ship identical in shape and size to Estrella Polar. It's even more suspicious that it has the same name.

  • A young stowaway is discovered on the ship, and someone has connected the rudder to a homemade bomb that will detonate if the ship changes course.

  • The duck that the crew encountered has come from dry land, so as long as the magnetic field is normalized, it could guide them back home.

  • All electronic devices suddenly ceased functioning in the middle of the night, leaving the ship's crew with no light, radio, radar, or rudder control.

  • Ulises is unconscious in the water and in dire need of rescue. Palomares believes he's betrayed all that he swore to defend, his faith and God.

  • Estrella Polar is approaching a waterfall, so Burbuja decides to throw himself over the waterfall in a wooden barrel in order to estimate its height.

  • An enormous waterfall is dragging the ship down. Julia confesses more ships belonging to Proyecto Alejandr'a exist, so there must be more survivors.

  • Valeria is certain the newcomers are hiding something. Ulises is suspicious of them, too -- he's sure V'ctor hid something in the dirty woven basket.

  • Strange grayish larvae are jamming all the pipes and drains of the Estrella Polar -- which means something is nesting throughout the ship.

  • When a drifting watercraft bearing the name Queen América appears, the crew rescues some of the belongings that accompany it, including boxes of food.

  • The crew sails into an enormous, seemingly unthreatening patch of kelp that soon reproduces uncontrollably throughout the ship, causing it to sink.

  • The crew manage to contact astronauts of the International Space Station, who plan to touch down near the ship -- just as a cyclone will pass through.

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