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City Hunter is a famous Korean drama, based on the world-famous Japanese novel by Tsukasa Hojo. This action drama has not only become popular in Korea, but also received worldwide attention due to its interesting script. The storyline depicts the life of a protagonist who becomes a city hunter for vengeance. Throughout the story, the life of this character includes several interesting and gratifying phases.

The main character in City Hunter is Lee Yoon Sung; he is a talented student who has graduated from the famous university of MIT in USA. Although he is a professional in IT, he enters the Blue House security team's international communication department just to take revenge on a group of people. After finishing his studies, Lee returns to Seoul and joins the department of international communications team in the Blue House (Korean President's resident). The chief aim of Lee Yoon Sung is to plan and execute his revenge plan on five politicians who were responsible for his father's death. Another character named Lee Jin Pyo also plays an important role in this drama. The story of vengeance also involves Lee Jin Pyo as he helps Lee Yoon Sung in executing his plans. Eventually, the MIT-graduate from the USA becomes a city hunter in order to take revenge.

City Hunter is no doubt an exciting and thrilling drama. This drama was aired in 2011. This drama is also ranked amongst the top action dramas in Korea. The main hero Lee Min-Ho has played an amazing role in this drama. The best part of this drama is its original and interesting storyline. After each episode, this drama will leave you in a state that you will crave about the next happenings. Although the drama is all about action, revenge, and planning, you will be able to see a beautiful love story as well. City Hunter's sweet love story between the USA-graduate and a security agent fascinates many those viewers who love those intriguing Korean love story-based dramas. Eventually, both of them carry out the original plan of vengeance in this Korean action drama of City Hunter.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
May 25, 2011
Korean Drama
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City Hunter Full Episode Guide

  • Ah Jung is a civil servant who lost her lover to her best friend. She accidentally gets entangled with Hyun Ki Joon, a young and handsome businessman.

  • Jin Pyo gets ambushed at home by eight of Chun's minions.

  • Jin Pyo gets ambushed at home by eight of Chun's minions.

  • President Choi walks up and hands Yoon Sung the volume that he's looking for, containing his father's picture from his days as a secret service agent.

  • Young Joo's use of Yoon Sung's Thai name stops the latter in his tracks.

  • Yoon Sung rescues Young Joo.

  • Kim Jong-shik lets go of the railing falling to the highway below, hitting a car windshield and landing on concrete.

  • While Nana is standing outside in the parking lot, Jin Pyo comes screeching towards her on a motorcycle.

  • Nana tells Yoon Sung that she's glad he wasn't the one to get shot.

  • Nana rescues Yoon Sung just seconds before being discovered by Prosecutor Young Joo.

  • Both Yoon-sung and Young-ju arrive at the same time to the hospital to verify the victim and its suspects.

  • Jin-pyo plays Russian Roulette with his hostage Candidate Seo all while demanding the names of the others involved in the '83 incident.

  • Nana accidentally shoots Yoon Sung when she mistakes him for the city hunter.

  • Nana, Yoon Sung, Sae Hee and Young Ju all find themselves in a very misleading and awkward moment.

  • Nana finds herself with nowhere to go after being evicted by the new owner of the apartment.

  • Yoon Sung manages to get a government subsidies document for free meals program.

  • Nana takes on a few different part time jobs including designated driver service to afford her father's surgery.

  • This episode goes back to October 9th in 1983 when the president of the Republic of Korea is on his way to Aung San Mausoleum in Burma.

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