Protect the Boss

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The television series entitled Protect the Boss is a comedy full of interesting romantic scenes. The series is also referred to as Defend your Boss. The series is all centered on the life and challenges of a young man known as Ji-heon. Ji-heon who was from a wealthy family and working at a well known company was known for his playful and irresponsible behavior. His activities did not reflect his age as he behaved like someone younger and immature. He was very shy and lacked the courage to address a crowd.

Ji-heon who had a position of responsibility at the company where he worked as a director his father was the chairman of the company. In that same company was Ji-heon's cousin Cha Mu-won with whom he had a relationship and the two had always been rivals in relation to their jobs.

Cha Wu-on had a more mature character than Ji-heon was known for her hardwork though that was her first job since she graduated from University. After working at the company for some time she fell in love with her boss Ji-heon who was a very handsome guy.

Another young lady known as Eun-seoul got hired to work as Ji-heon's secretary and there arose some rivalry between her and Cha Wu-on over their boss Ji-heon. But in order to secure her job which took so long to get Eun-seoul decided to concentrate on her job especially assisting her bosss Ji-heon overcome his challenges. A strange friendship developed between Ji-heon, Cha Wu-on and Eun-seoul however Eun-seoul was not very interested.

The series was written by Kwon Ki-young and directed by the joint collaboration of So Jung-hyun, Choi Kang-hee and Ji Sung. The series comprises a total of 18 episodes and was broadcast on channels such as the Seoul Broadcasting System each episode airing for less than an hour. Production of the series was done by Choi Moon-suk as executive producer and Lee Sang-baek.

The characters in the series are well known and talented in the film industry. They included Ji Sung starring as Ji-heon, Kim Jaepoog starring as Cha Wu-on, Choi Kang-hee starring as Noh Eun-seol, Wang Ji-hye tarring as Seo Na-yoon, Park Yeong-gyu starring as Ji-heon's father, Kim Young-ok as Ji-heon's mother.

Seoul Broadcasting System
1 Season, 18 Episodes
August 3, 2011
International, Romance
Cast: Kang-hee Choi, Kim Jae Joong
Protect the Boss

Protect the Boss Full Episode Guide

  • Jiheon publicly confesses his love for Eunseol in front of reporters. The board of directors calls an emergency meeting to address the scandal.

  • Eunseol tells Jiheon to leave her alone, but he wants them to be true to their feelings and doesn't leave. Meanwhile, Chairman Cha has a biopsy.

  • Jiheon declares a temporary close to think through what it is he really wants to do in his neighborhood and how he plans to realize it.

  • DN Group, suffering from the aftermath of the police search and seizure, is looking for a solution to the prosecution's summons for investigation.

  • After hearing about Nayun's feelings, Muwon is in conflict. Seeing him falter, Nayun is hurt and walks away from him, telling him to leave her alone.

  • Chairman Cha suspects something is wrong and asks Eunseol what the matter is. She can't make herself tell him the truth that she saw the papers.

  • After Muwon faints in a karaoke bar, Eunseol and Jiheon dash to the scene. Jiheon, who takes Muwon home, feels sorry for him.

  • Eunseol is upset that Jiheon and Muwon are suffocating her and sends both away. At total loss for words, the men agree to call a truce for now.

  • Jiheon and Eunseol, with fluttering hearts, kiss each other. Jiheon tries to confirm Eunseol's feelings, but she doesn't confess her love.

  • Eunseol is flustered as Muwon confesses his love for her. Angry, Jiheon confronts Muwon privately, and the two begin to quarrel over Eunseol.

  • Jiheon presses his lips against Eunseol's, catching her off guard. She is startled and takes an offensive position. Jiheon apologizes.

  • Gaining more confidence during his presentation, Jiheon does a great job. Meanwhile, Eunseol and Muwon go out for dinner and have a great time.

  • After Nayun and Eunseol get into a catfight, Muwon leaks that Nayun is jealous of Eunseol, leaving Jiheon flabbergasted.

  • Having found out Eunseol's identity, Jiheon loses his temper and seizes her by the collar. Meanwhile, Jiheon's ex-girlfriend, Nayun, returns home.

  • After reviewing his secretary Eunseol's application, Jiheon presses Muwon for his reasons for hiring her. Jiheon also accuses Eunseol of being a spy.

  • Eunseol, is a secretary without experience, who finally gets the job she's been wanting, but the dream job turns out to be less than ideal when she meets Cha Jiheon, her boss, a second generation chaebol with an attitude.