Watch TV Shows on Seoul Broadcasting System

Seoul Broadcasting System or (SBS) is one of the only South Korean Television and radio networks with regional network affiliates in the country. The official company was launched in 1991 as a radio and television show and in March 2000, had their name changed to simply SBS.

Currently, there are 3 SBS channels still in operation: SBS Love FM, SBS Power FM and SBS V-Radio. There are 10 networks currently run by SBS and the company has a revenue of 850 billion South Korean Won a year. On October 9, 1991, MBC was celebrating their 30 year anniversary. On that exact same day and year, SBS was launched.

"The Day of Birth of SBS" is a day designated when SBS was officially launched and they began broadcasting at 10:00AM solely in Seoul. The current logo of SBS which was formed on November 14, 2000, is used to represent three traits in human society. There are three different colors on the logo which stand for cultural and creative, future-oriented management philosophy and human-centered which is what SBS stood for with its programming.

One program, Sandglass, has one of the highest ratings and viewers in South Korea. SBS dramas have been exported all over the world and some of the most popular running shows on the station are X-men, Running Man, The Music Trend and Family Outing.