Brilliant Legacy

The television series entitled Brilliant legacy is a drama series centered on the life and challenges of a young lady known as Eun Sung. The series starts when Eun Sung returns to Korea during holidays from New York where she studies at the university. She goes home so that she can take her younger brother Eun Woo to New York. Eun Woo suffers from autism so she wants to enroll him at a music school. Meanwhile another girl called Sun-Woo also studying in New York receives an urgent message from her grandmother Jang Sook in Korea. Jang wants Sun-Woo to come home and help in managing the family business. The two girls board the same flight and unfortunately their luggage is mistakenly exchanged. They argue about it and part ways.

Eun Woo's father Go Pyung is a very hardworking man who dedicates his life to rescue the family company from bankruptcy. One day a thief steals his wallet but later dies in a fatal accident. The police find Go Pyung's belongings on the dead body of the thief and pronounce Pyung dead. When Pyung finds out he decides to pretend he is actually dead so that his family can collect his life insurance payments and use it to save the family company.

His wicked step wife becomes happy when she receives the money and sends Eun Sung and Eun Woo out of the house. She then uses the money to rent a more comfortable flat for her and her daughter Yoo Seung. Eun Sung tries to get help from her friends and Hyung in particular to no avail. Not long after she gets a job as a waitress at a nightclub where she meets Park Joon and Hwan. Shortly after Eun Sung finds out her brother is missing so she sets out in search for him.

Sook Ja on her part starts losing interest in Hwan who is not serious with his life. One day she comes across Eun Sung after Sung rescues her from an accident. She decides to change her will and make EunSung her successor.

Seoul Broadcasting System
1 Season, 28 Episodes
February 1, 2010
Korean Drama
Cast: Hyo-ju Han, Seung-gi Lee, Chae-won Moon, Soo-bin Bae
Brilliant Legacy

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