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The main character in the TV show "High Kick" is Lee Soon-jae as he is head of the Lee family. Soon-jae works at a Korean medicine hospital, and his daughter-in-law also works at the same hospital. He is known for being selfish and being harsh toward his other family members. Nah Moon-hee is Soon-jae's wife; she is known for eating well and being a strong lady. She is a house wife for the family as does all of the cleaning and cooking.

Lee Joon-ha is the child of Soon-jae and Mun-hee; he has mother's appetite and strong personality. He has been unsuccessful as an investor, and so he depend's on his wife's income as a doctor. Lee Min-yong is another son of Soon-jae and Nah Moon-hee; Min-yong is a gym teacher at pungago. In many ways Joon-ha and Min-yong are complete opposites. They have opposite work histories and opposite personalities.

Joon-ha wife's name is Park Hae-mi, and she work's at Lee Soon-jae's hospital. She accepts Joon-ha's relationship proposal to get back at another man who dumped her. She helped her hospital when they were in financial ruins, and so she has become a popular doctor. Lee Min-ho is the eldest child of Lee Joon-ha and Park Hae-mi. Min-ho is a smart man but is small for his age and seems to be a mama's boy. He does not get along with his young brother Yoon-ho all that well.

Lee Yoon-ho is well know for high kick and he has a lot of nice attributes such as he's handsome, tall, and strong. This makes him popular among the ladies of the show. Yoon-ho is the narrator of the show, and really interested in motorcycles. These are just some of the characters of the show as there many more not mentioned in this article. You will have to tune into the show to see what happens next!

1 Season, 167 Episodes
August 17, 2010
Cast: Park Min-young
High Kick

High Kick Full Episode Guide

  • As Mun-hee cooks fried shrimp for lunch, Hae-mi comments that it isn’t good to intake a lot of fat in the afternoon. Mun-hee gets mad and tells Soon-jae to have a talk with Hae-mi how inappropriate it is to speak to her mother-in-law like that. Meanwhile, Hye-mi finds out that Yoon-ho doesn’t get very good grades and asks why he’s been acting like he was better than her. Then she suggests a bet that they officially start dating if she gets better grades than him on the next exam.

  • Joon-ha feels he’s being respected by Min-yong as Min-yong makes toast for him upon demand. As he brags about it to Hae-mi, he accidentally tells her that he saw Min-yong and Min-jeong out on a date. Meanwhile, Mun-hee runs into her childhood friend Sook-ja on the street. Sook-ja mentions that she saw Dae-geun a while ago and says that he used to have feelings for Mun-hee.

  • Worried about his poor English skills, Soon-jae tries getting out of the trip to the United States, but the others don’t let him. Soon-jae becomes stressed out as he imagines everyone making fun of him because of his poor English. Meanwhile, Yoo-mi is punished by Min-yong to run the track. Spotting Min-yong’s car, Yoo-mi scribbles ‘mad dog’ on it, but is caught by Min-yong on the spot, who was inside the car.

  • Min-jeong asks Min-yong to buy a cup of coffee for her on his way to school. But Min-yong gets hit by a motorcycle as he walks while talking on the phone with Min- jeong, and Min-jeong turns pale hearing the news from the assistant principal. Meanwhile, Min-ho tells on a teacher as Seung-hyeon comes to school riding a motorcycle. After getting scolded by a teacher, Seung-hyeon comes to see Min-ho for revenge.

  • Detective Lee goes to see Shin Ji after hearing from Beom that Shin Ji doesn’t have a boyfriend. As Detective Lee persistently asks her out for dinner, Shin Ji gives in but says she’ll bring Min-jeong with her. Meanwhile, Min-ho bakes cookies for Yoo-mi for their 200th day anniversary. But as Min-ho leaves the kitchen for a while, Yoon-ho eats it all up.

  • Soon-jae calls on everyone that he has an announcement to make. He declares that he will be presenting the “Lee Soon-jae Award” to the most outstanding person of all family members including hanger-ons for that week. Meanwhile, Joon-ha runs into Min-jeong and Shin Ji at a coffee shop. Shin Ji speaks about how her friend made a lot of money on stock and asks Joon-ha to make a high profit with her new contract money. So Joon-ha ends up managing both Shin Ji and Min-jeong’s money.

  • Min-ho and Beom decide to raise a new-born puppy together. But Min-ho’s family doesn’t let the puppy live inside the house, so the two make a dog house on the rooftop and name the puppy Beom-min after one syllable from each of their names. Meanwhile, as Yoon-ho has hamburgers with Min-jeong, he is happy to see that Min-jeong is wearing the hairpin he gave her as a gift.

  • Mun-hee starts taking English classes in preparation for the family’s trip to the United States for a wedding next month. Joon-ha says that he and Soon-jae can’t speak English that well either, but Hae-mi argues that Soon-jae is good at English making Soon-jae feel uneasy. Meanwhile, Min-yong is dumbfounded spotting Yoo-mi shopping for clothes at a store after skipping school. The next day, Min-yong demands for her parent’s phone numbers to Yoo-mi, insisting that he should have a word with one of them about her.

  • Min-yong and Min-jeong are on a date and as they walk into a coffee shop, they run into Joon-ha, who’s having a meeting with an investor. Min-yong is frustrated that once Joon-ha tells Hae-mi, the whole family will become to know of his relationship with Min-jeong. Meanwhile, Hae-mi is upset seeing Min-ho get pushed around by Yoo-mi. Then, Hye-mi, who tags along Chan-seong to the house, introduces herself to Hae-mi as Yoon-ho’s girlfriend.

  • As she goes up to Min-yong’s room to get Joon-ee’s stuff, Shin Ji happens to overhear Hae-mi talking about her. Shin Ji becomes upset as Hae-mi says Shin Ji should look into a different career since she doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Meanwhile, Min-yong hears Min-jeong telling her parents on the phone that she can’t go see them because she’s busy. Min-yong tells Min-jeong that he’s getting tired of seeing her everyday, and suggests they part early after eating lunch.

  • Joon-ha is to go on a 5-day business trip to China. On the night before he leaves, Hae-mi speaks of the time when she once went for training to the United States and Joon-ha terribly missed her, but finds Joon-ha falling asleep on her. Meanwhile, Yoo-mi comments how she loathes Hye-mi and that she won’t let it go if Hye-mi ever annoys her. Then, Hye-mi accidentally bumps into Yoo-mi in the hallway.

  • Mun-hee is moved by the scene where Robert Redford washes Meryl Streep’s hair for her in the movie ‘Out of Africa.’ Soon-jae mutters that he doesn’t understand why anyone would wash a healthy person’s hair when they could wash it his or herself, Mun-hee gets irritated saying that he doesn’t have any romance left.Meanwhile, Beom and Yoo-mi get into an argument again and Yoo-mi suggests that they have a real fight.

  • Hae-mi wakes Min-yong early in the morning that the whole family should go out and eat together. Min-yong unwillingly joins the family, but is dumbfounded as he sees everyone who initially wanted to go out for barbeque get persuaded by Hae-mi and change the menu to sashimi. Meanwhile, as Yoon-ho finds out that a rumor has been going around that Hye-mi is his girlfriend, he confronts her on why she started a false rumor.

  • A friend of Soon-jae, who comes visit Soon-jae at the clinic, comments that Nurse Park’s physiognomy suggests that he has a good heart and that he’ll be a faithful employee. Then, as Beom comes over to give Soon-jae flowers for Parent’s day, he says that Beom’s physiognomy suggests that he’ll betray easily. Meanwhile, Hae-mi is called on to come to school as Yoon-ho gets in a fight. Hae- mi starts apologizing to the parents of the kids that Yoon-ho beat up…

  • Soon-jae’s heart starts pounding when he sees Mun-hee back from the hair salon with a new hairstyle. From then on, his heart keeps pounding whenever he sees Mun-hee and Soon-jae worries there’s something wrong with himself. But Min-yong teases Soon-jae that he must have fallen for Mun-hee. Meanwhile, Yoo-mi’s mom and dad come visit Joon-ha’s new office. Joon-ha gets an eerie feeling about Yoo-mi’s dad looking around the office.

  • Yoo-mi finds Mun-hee playing Korean Poker on the internet and tells her that playing on the net isn’t half as fun as playing with actual cards. So Mun-hee suggests they play together, but Mun-hee keeps losing to Yoo-mi. Meanwhile, Joon-ha thinks of Shin Ji as Cheol-ho asks him to find a commercial song-writer for their advertisement on cable TV. Though busy with her new work, Shin Ji can’t let down Joon-ha and decides to take the job.

  • Hae-mi comes back from a meeting supporting adopted children, and mentions to Mun-hee that it’d be nice to adopt a daughter. But Mun-hee jumps opposing to the idea, and the other family members including Soon-jae tell her that she’s too old- fashioned and that she should change her way of thinking. Meanwhile, Shin Ji and Min-jeong is stranded on the road as Shin Ji’s car breaks down again and Hae-mi happens to pass by. Hae-mi makes fun of Shin Ji’s car, but Shin Ji is more upset as Min-jeong laughs at Hae-mi’s jokes.

  • Soon-jae is so happy to receive a letter from Kyeong-hwa. He reads the letter with even tears filling up his eyes, but hides the letter in a hurry as Mun-hee and Joon- ha walk in. A while later, Mun-hee finds the letter in Soon-jae’s pants and gets mad.Meanwhile, Min-jeong decides to take Min-yong with her to meet her friends. She gets excited imagining herself proudly introducing Min-yong to her friends, but Min- yong has an emergency and is unable to go with her.

  • As the family members seem to come into the attic all they want, Min-yong sets up a video camera in the corner of his room before he goes to bed. The next day, he checks the footage and sees people come and go even while he sleeps and finds out even Hae-mi checks his cell phone. So Min-yong decides to block the hole of the pole. Meanwhile, Yoon-ho sneaks in the teachers’ office to find his motorcycle key, but hides himself in the cabinet as he hears someone approaching. But in the cabinet, he finds a girl named Hye-mi, already hiding in there.

  • Beom accidentally breaks the liquor bottle Soon-jae preciously keeps. Soon-jae is infuriated and Beom runs away, unable to come even near the house from then on. Min-ho tries to speak to Soon-jae on behalf of Beom. Meanwhile, Mun-hee and Shin Ji happen to run into each other and end up having a drink together. Mun-hee gets in a good mood and mentions that she wishes Shin Ji and Min-yong would get back together.

  • Mun-hee gets a bunch of handed-down toys from relatives. Min-yong looks through the toys and starts fooling around with a toy bow and arrow. Then just as Hae-mi walks in, he shoots her with it pretending it’s an accident.Meanwhile, Min-ho and Beom rushes down to the room from the attic to watch a VCD they borrowed. It’s a while before they realize that they’ve left Joon-ee alone in the attic.

  • Joon-ha decides to work with a friend and open an office of their own. The place is named Jang & Lee Investment Consulting, and is located right outside of Soon-jae’s clinic. Mun-hee is so delighted to watch Joon-ha go to work in the morning along with Soon-jae, Hae-mi, and Min-yong. With the sports day coming up, Min-ho makes a list of people who will be participating in each of the events. As Min-ho asks for a volunteer to take part in the three-legged race competition with Min-jeong, their teacher, Seung-hyeon volunteers that he will.

  • Once again, the guys of the Lee family go hiking on the weekend with their uniforms on. Min-yong wonders if this is really necessary and detests the fact that he has to take part. Meanwhile, Mun-hee asks Hae-mi to wash some lettuce since her ankle is sprained, but Hae-mi leaves the house with the excuse that she isn’t feeling well. Mun-hee gets on the phone with Young-gi’s mom and starts complaining about Hae- mi, but Hae-mi happens to overhear the conversation.

  • As Mun-hee stops by Shin Ji’s apartment to pick up Joon-ee, she spots Shin Ji playing Korean Poker on the internet and suggests they play a game together. Just then, Yoo-mi stops by too, and the three start playing all together. Meanwhile, Min-jeong is upset as Min-yong calls her later than he was supposed to, so in order to appear tough, she demands that he come pick her up. As Min- yong says OK without any trouble, she’s delighted thinking that she can have her way if she continues with the attitude.

  • Young-gi’s mom is all dressed-up, and Soon-jae compliments her saying that she looks younger than Mun-hee. Mun-hee is upset by this and insists that she could appear 20 years younger if she decides to dress up, but Soon-jae laughs at her.Meanwhile, as Yoon-ho keeps gives Min-yong a hard time after Min-yong taking his motorcycle away, Min-jeong tells Yoon-ho that she’ll grant him one wish if he improves his class rank by 50 on the upcoming exam.

  • Soon-jae is captured by some gangsters out of the blue in front of his clinic. He finds out that they want him to cure their boss who’s having a back problem. It turns out that they’ve watched the documentary program about Soon-jae on TV and have mistaken him to be a very famous oriental medicine doctor. Meanwhile, Yoon-ho spots Min-jeong and Min-yong walking together in a lovey- dovey mood. Then, Poong-pa High School students are to participate in a survival game, separated in teams.

  • Shin Ji draws up courage and tells Min-yong that she wants to get back with him, but is startled to find out that someone’s been hiding in the curtain and closet. So she pretends to laugh it off saying that it was a joke and escapes from the room.Meanwhile, Mun-hee’s homework from her cooking class is to bake a cake with her husband and bring a picture of it to class. Mun-hee tries to lure Soon-jae into helping her with the homework, but Soon-jae brushes her off saying he’s tired.

  • Poong-pa High School’s students go on a school trip to Sorak Mountain. Mun-hee feels bad for Min-yong as he goes on the trip without getting a chance to celebrate his birthday. As Min-yong departs in the later group since he had to visit a house in mourning the night before, he meets Shin Ji who happens to be on her way to a place nearby, and gets to rides with her. Meanwhile, Beom is to join the school trip a day later as he attends his great grand mother’s 100th birthday party. He says he’ll spend the night over at Min-ho’s house since his house is filled with visiting relatives. But as he wakes up thirsty in the middle of the night, he happens to drink wine, mistaking if for water.

  • Beom gives Min-yong a memory card saying it’s from their next-door neighbor. Min- yong can’t help but feel amused as he checks what the contents of the memory card is. What’s in there is pictures of Hae-mi’s feces. Hae-mi asks for the memory card when she finds out, but Min-yong refuses, saying it’ll serve as leverage to protect himself. Meanwhile, Yoon-ho saves Chan-seong from bad kids who try to bully him. Ever since, Chan-seong follows around Yoon-ho saying he is his best friend.