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  • 2000
  • 1 Season
  • 7.9  (187)

All About Eve is a popular South Korean drama series that aired in 2000. The television show follows the lives of two aspiring television anchors, Kim So-yeon and Chae Rim, who are both vying for success in the cutthroat world of broadcast journalism. Jang Dong-geon plays the male lead, a popular television producer named Han Jae-suk, who becomes involved with both of the young women and their careers.

The show centers around the tensions and conflicts that arise between the two women as they compete for success in the industry. Kim So-yeon plays the lead protagonist, a young woman named Hye-jin who dreams of becoming a successful anchorwoman, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. She is determined, resourceful, and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means manipulating those around her.

On the other hand, Chae Rim's character, Yun-ha, is more naive and innocent, but also extremely ambitious. She is initially drawn to Hye-jin due to her success and ambition, but their friendship quickly turns sour as they vie for the same job. Meanwhile, Han Jae-suk's character, Sun-woo, becomes involved with both Hye-jin and Yun-ha, causing further complications and tensions throughout the series.

Throughout the series, the themes of power, wealth, and success are explored as the characters navigate the cutthroat world of television production. The show is a commentary on the media industry, and the ways in which fame and success can corrupt those who pursue it relentlessly. All About Eve emphasizes the importance of integrity and honesty, and how these traits are often overlooked in competitive environments.

The show was extremely popular during its run, and helped to catapult its young stars to success. It is also notable for being one of the first dramas to address the issue of workplace sexual harassment, as well as the systemic sexism that exists within the media industry. All About Eve was praised for its complex characters and relatable themes, and continues to be a beloved classic of South Korean television.

Overall, All About Eve is an engaging drama series that delves deep into the world of broadcast journalism, exploring the intense pressures and challenges that come with pursuing fame and success in the media industry. Its complex characters and relatable themes continue to resonate with audiences today, making it a timeless classic of South Korean drama.

All About Eve is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 2000.

All About Eve
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Episode 20
20. Episode 20
July 6, 2000
Young Mi writes a confession letter and tries to drown herself in a lake. Sun Mi has a new job in London. Hyung Chul proposes to Sun Mi the night before her flight.
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
July 5, 2000
Woo Jin dies and his mother accuses Young Mi of murder. Cho Jeh tells a reporter about the relationship between Sun Mi and Hyung Chul. Sun Mi blames Young Mi for the news leak.
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
June 29, 2000
Woo Jin catches Young Mi searching for the tape; later, he erases it. Young Mi continues to pursue Hyung Chul. Woo Jin tells Hyung Chul that Sun Mi loves him; they reconcile. Young Mi is furious. In Soo leaves prison and gets revenge. A truck hits Woo Jin.
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
June 28, 2000
Woo Jin tells Young Mi he will not report her if she behaves. Sun Mi cannot declare her feelings for Hyung Chul; he thinks she chose Woo Jin. Jin Soo proposes to Cho Jeh. Sun Mi collapses. Young Mi pretends to love Woo Jin so she can get the tape.
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
June 22, 2000
Sun Mi rejects Hyung Chul for Woo Jin, who rejects her. Hyung Chul will wait forever. Hyung Chul and Young Mi see Woo Jin and Sun Mi at the bar. Young Mi misses Woo Jin. Young Mi's jealousy consumes her when Sun Mi flourishes at work. Her treachery is discovered.
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
June 21, 2000
Young Mi is frustrated as Hyung Chul remains unresponsive to her advances. Sun Mi fears Young Mi will take Hyung Chul from her. Joo Hee sees another side of Young Mi. Woo Jin continues his downward spiral. Sun Mi's concern for Woo Jin threatens her relationship. Woo Jin gets arrested.
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
June 15, 2000
Hyung Chul continues to reject Young Mi. Hyung Chul sends Woo Jin and Young Mi on a "business trip" to see if they can reconcile. Woo Jin keeps trying to fix the relationship. Hyung Chul and Sun Mi grow closer. After Woo Jin disappears, Sun Mi attacks Young Mi.
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
June 14, 2000
Young Mi admits that she lied about being pregnant. Woo Jin refuses to believe her. They break up. Hyung Chul shows his devotion to Sun Mi. Woo Jin and Sun Mi take a business trip; Sun Mi becomes very concerned about him. Young Mi intensifies her pursuit of Hyung Chul.
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
June 8, 2000
Young Mi is furious that Sun Mi has taken her job. Young Mi sabotages Sun Mi on the air after Joo Hee states that she cannot fire her. Sun Mi is fired. She is so upset, she turns to Hyung Chul for comfort; they reconcile. Young Mi pursues Hyung Chul.
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
June 7, 2000
Hyung Chul and Sun Mi's relationship suffers due to their work. Woo Jin visits In Soo in jail to discuss Young Mi. When he confronts Young Mi, she tries to end the relationship; they later reconcile. Jin Soo and Cho Jeh flirt. Young Mi's appendix bursts; Sun Mi replaces her.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
May 31, 2000
Woo Jin catches Young Mi flirting with Hyung Chul. He confronts her; she denies it. Everyone is concerned that MBS' ratings are dropping. Hyung Chul introduces Sun Mi to his father in front of everyone. Joo Hee is crushed. In Soo proposes to Young Mi; she reports his illegal activities.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
May 25, 2000
Hyung Chul apologizes to Sun Mi. Young Mi arranges for Joo Hee to see Hyung Chul with Sun Mi. The news spreads quickly. Sun Mi seeks advice from Woo Jin. Sun Mi arranges a blind date for Jin Soo and Cho Jeh. Young Mi sets her sights on Hyung Chul.
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
May 24, 2000
Young Mi pretends not to know Woo Jin at work. He is hurt. Cho Jeh accidentally spills coffee on Jin Soo, which leads to bonding. Joo Hee openly favors Young Mi. Hyung Chul rejects Joo Hee and pursues Sun Mi. Sun Mi finally discovers that Hyung Chul is her boss.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
May 18, 2000
Sun Mi and Young Mi start work at MBS, now run by Hyung Chul. Joo Hee visits Hyung Chul; her obvious affection is unrequited. Young Mi tells Woo Jin not to visit her at work. Mrs. Song accepts Young Mi. Young Mi flourishes at MBS. Woo Jin visits Hyung Chul.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
May 17, 2000
Woo Jin and Young Mi sleep together; Mrs. Song is enraged. Her displeasure drives them closer. Sun Mi confronts Young Mi again. Hyung Chul returns to Korea due to his father's illness; his friendship with Sun Mi deepens. Young Mi fakes a pregnancy. Hyung Chul takes over his father's business.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
May 11, 2000
Young Mi and Sun Mi interview for the media scholarship; Sun Mi wins the right to emcee an event. The women argue; Sun Mi says that Woo Jin is only with Young Mi because he pities her. Young Mi sabotages Sun Mi's event. They fight; everyone blames Sun Mi.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
May 10, 2000
Young Mi continues to use Woo Jin to make Sun Mi jealous. Sun Mi develops feelings for Hyung Chul, but returns to Korea to tell Woo Jin how she feels about him. She is devastated to learn that he loves Young Mi. The two women compete for a scholarship.
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
May 4, 2000
Sun Mi arrives in the UK and attends university. On the way home, she is distracted thinking about Young Mi and Woo Jin and gets hit by a car, coincidentally driven by Hyung Chul. Woo Jin and Young Mi grow closer; Sun Mi's dissatisfaction grows. Young Mi gets a job.
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
April 27, 2000
Mrs. Song sees Mr. Jim comforting Young Mi and becomes upset. Young Mi has been studying English. Sun Mi discovers that Young Mi lied about her background and confronts her. Sun Mi and Young Mi compete at work and for Woo Jin's affections. Hyung Chul expresses interest in Joo Hee.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
April 26, 2000
Hyung Chul learns that his mother has died. Young Mi's father dies, leaving her alone in the world. Sun Mi bonds with Mrs. Song; her affection for Woo Jin is apparent. He loves her as a sister. Young Mi abandons her life. Sun Mi and Young Mi attend school together.
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All About Eve is available for streaming on the MBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch All About Eve on demand at Amazon Prime and Viki.
  • Premiere Date
    April 26, 2000
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (187)