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The series tells the story of novice nun, Go Mi Nyeo, who impersonates her identical twin brother, secretly replacing him in a boy band. She becomes conflicted about her charade when she becomes friends with her new band mates and falls for the lead singer. The show stars Park Shin-hye as Go Mi Nyeo and Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung. It also stars Jung Yong Hwa, a member of Korean rock band CN Blue and Lee Hong Ki, the lead singer of Korean band F.T. Island. "You're Beautiful" premiered on October 7, 2009 on SBS. Although achieving only average ratings in its television run, "You're Beautiful" won a variety of awards, including the Popularity Award at the Korea Drama Festival.

At the beginning of the series, teenager Go Mi Nam achieves his lifelong dream when he is chosen as one of the new members of the popular Korean boy band, A.N. Jell. He is convinced that his long-lost birth mother will be able to find him when he is famous, but a botched eye job puts his opportunity in jeopardy. He enlists the help of his identical twin sister Mi Nyeo, a novice nun.

With the collusion of the band's manager and stylist, Mi Nyeo disguises herself as Go Mi Nam and joins the band. She at first meets resistance from the lead singer, the ill-tempered perfectionist Hwang Tae Kyung, but he later begrudgingly accepts her due to her excellent singing voice. Meanwhile, Mi Nyeo has developed feelings for the older Tae Kyung. The band's observant guitarist Shin Woo quickly guesses that she is a girl and is overly solicitous of her, casting himself in the role of a protective older brother.

Matters become complicated when one by one the members of the band fall for Mi Nyeo, and she realizes that she only loves the emotionally unavailable Tae Kyung.

Wednesday, Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on SBS
1 Season, 16 Episodes
October 7, 2009
Comedy, International, Romance
Cast: Shin-Hye Park, Keun-Suk Jang, Yong-hwa Jung, Hong-ki Lee
You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful Full Episode Guide

  • Manager Ma asks Mi Nyu to pose as Mi Nam one more time to hide the fact that Mi Nam is working behind President Ahn's back. She reluctantly agrees.

  • At reporter Kim's insistence on interviewing Mi Nam and Mi Nyu together, Mi Nam is sent to Japan until the real Mi Nam can return.

  • Mi Nam plans a trip with Shin Woo to Busan to meet his parents, but Tae Kyung shows up at the airport and tells Mi Nam that he likes her, too.

  • Tae Kyung gives Mi Nam permission to like him. Reporter Kim finds a picture of Mi Nam dressed like a girl and takes it to President Ahn.

  • Tae Kyung is shocked to hear from Mo Hwa Ran that she would have been a mother to the twins if Go Jae Hyun hadn't passed away so early.

  • At the music video premiere, Mi Nam shows up dressed up like a girl, but Shin Woo tells the reporters that she is his girlfriend and covers her up.

  • He Yi finds out how Mi Nam feels about Tae Kyung and threatens to expose her. Mi Nam tells He Yi that she will tell the members everything and leave.

  • Mi Nam congratulates Tae Kyung on his birthday and they spend an evening together. He Yi becomes jealous of Mi Nam.

  • After singing a song that Tae Kyung wrote, Mi Nam is overcome with emotion for Tae Kyung. Meanwhile, Jeremy realizes his attraction to Mi Nam.

  • After Yoo He Yi's movie premiere, Tae Kyung and Mi Nam go to the countryside to visit Mi Nam's father's grave. While there, Tae Kyung gets lost.

  • Yoo He Yi goes to the A.N.JELL agency with tickets for her new movie premiere and gets humiliated by Tae Kyung. She feels jealous toward Mi Nam.

  • Although the stage performance was a hit, Mi Nam is upset to find out that his mother is dead. Meanwhile, Mi Nam's aunt shows up at the studio.

  • The fans accept Mi Nam when the news comes out that Mi Nam saved Tae Kyung from drowning.

  • Tae Kyung finds out that Mi Nam is actually a girl and threatens to tell everyone. Mi Nam tells Tae Kyung that she will tell them herself.

  • Posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu moves in with the band members to the dormitory. At the press release party, she drinks too much and vomits on Tae Kyung.

  • Mi Nyu is visited by Hoon, who asks her to dress up as her twin brother, Mi Nam, and temporarily take his place in the most popular idol band in Asia.

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