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A blind girl falls in love with the perfect boy when suddenly family tragedies separate them. Many years later the girl named Yoon Soo-wan hears good news that she can have surgery on her eyes and that there is a possibility that she could see once again. Soo-wan has the surgery and is able to see perfectly again. Because her medical procedure restores her eyesight, she decides to dedicate her life to helping others by becoming an emergency rescue worker.

Once Soo-wan settles in to her new job as a rescue worker she meets a surgeon named Dong-joo, who is her long lost love. She does not know that Dong-joo is the young man she fell in love with 12 years before. But Dong-joo knows that she was the blind girl that he once loved so much, but he decides not to let her in on it because he doesn't want to cause any trouble in her life.

Angel Eyes is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2014.

Where do I stream Angel Eyes online? Angel Eyes is available for streaming on SBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Angel Eyes on demand at Viki online.

Saturday & Sunday 9:55 PM et/pt on SBS
1 Season, 20 Episodes
April 5, 2014
Cast: Kang Ha Neul
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Angel Eyes Full Episode Guide

  • Dong Joo goes to get back Soo Wan, who learns the true meaning of goodbye.

  • Soo Wan leaves Dong Joo behind to find herself.

  • The detectives traps the culprits with new evidence. Ji Woon takes action, and Dong Joo and Soo Wan handle with the aftermath.

  • Ji Woon learns the true extent of his mother's involvement in the murder.

  • Soo Wan breaks up with Dong Joo. One more side of the accident unveils itself.

  • Soo Wan learns the truth and confronts her father about it. Director Yoon's illness catches up with him.

  • Soo Wan finds out the identity of her eye donor and is devastated. The rest of the truth slowly unveils itself.

  • Dong Joo starts to believe the truth about his mother's death, and wants to leave Korea with Soo Wan.

  • The police chief makes an effort to get the detectives off the hit-and-run case. Dong Joo learns the true nature of his mother's death.

  • Director Yoon wants Soo Wan and Dong Joo to depart the country. The investigation of Miss Jung Hwa's accident unravels.

  • The families officially break off the engagement. Soo Wan discovers one of her father's secrets.

  • Soo Wan and Dong Joo reunite despite everyone else's disapproval. Hae Joo looks for a part-time job.

  • Dong Joo starts working at the EMT with Soo Wan. The couple tries to tell Ji Woon the truth.

  • Dong Joo leaves Soon Wan again. Broken-hearted, she tells Ji Woon her true feelings.

  • Dong Joo's identity is exposed, and Soo Wan must deal. Their father wants Dong Joo to leave.

  • Ji Woon wants to bring Soo Wan and Dong Joo together as friends. Meanwhile the two disguise their feelings for each other with hostility.

  • After seeing how happy Soo Wan is, Dong Joo keeps his identity a secret from her. Soo Wan struggles to figure out why the new doctor seems so familiar.

  • Dong Joo returns as a doctor after years abroad. Soo Wan has moved on and turned into a stronger, different person.

  • Lives connected by a tragedy, Park Dong Joo fall for the blind and lonely Yoon Soo Wan. The beginning of an innocent and pure love.