My Fair Lady

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My Fair Lady is a classic musical movie that was first release in 1964. My Fair Lady involves a very pretentious phonetics professor who enters into a bet involving being able to turn a simple flower girl into a lady that is presentable to high society. However, the plot thickens when the entire matter is a success, and a dashing high society bachelor falls desperately in love in the girl. This brings up the question of how to tell the man, if that is a good idea, and the overall moral of the power of love.

My Fair Lady is a musical movie that features of a number of song and dance routines throughout. The film is credited as the one that made Audrey Hepburn a household name. The film also features excellent performances by Rex Harrison and Stanly Holloway. My Fair Lady was directed by George Cukor. It is based on a book by George Bernard Shaw and adapted for film by Alan Jay Lerner.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 10, 2020
Cast: Yoon Eun-hye, Moon Chae Won, Song Joong-ki
My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady Full Episode Guide

  • After Hye Na and Dong Chan spend a night together, they go to see CEO Kang. Surprisingly, CEO Kang reluctantly accepts their relationship.

  • CEO Kang confronts Hye Na about her love for Dong Chan, and she asks Dong Chan to run away with her. Mr. Jang asks all the stewards to follow Hye Na.

  • Hye Na tells Dong Chan that she likes him, and Dong Chan still likes her. Dong Chan suggests that they date until CEO Kang calls her back.

  • Hye Na wakes up in Dong Chan's room and tries to remember what happened. Dong Chan hears from Min Hwa that Hye Na got kicked out of the mansion.

  • CEO Kang introduces Hye Na as his successor at the company party, but the board of directors leave in protest. Hye Na asks them to give her a chance.

  • Dong Chan saves Hye Na from a car accident. Wi Ju tells Hye Na the truth about why Dong Chan needed to borrow money from the loan sharks.

  • Hye Na finds out about the incident at the shoes launching show and discovers that Dong Chan was trying to steal money from her.

  • Dong Chan hides Hye Na from the reporters. Mr. Ahn, the head steward, asks Dong Chan to take care of Hye Na while CEO Kang and he is away.

  • Dong Chan answers Mr. Jang's question, but Mr. Jang still has doubts about Dong Chan. Dong Chan gets hurt when he sees Tae Yun and Hye Na together.

  • Dong Chan and Hye Na somehow find themselves in one room when Tae Yun knocks on the door. Hye Na puts Dong Chan in a closet to escape the situation.

  • Hye Na gets upset after Dong Chan kisses her. Su Ah doesn't like to see Hye Na working at the company, so she rebukes Hye Na in front of Tae Yun.

  • Tae Yun asks Hye Na if she likes him. Hye Na is about to leave the country, but Dong Chan tries to convince her to stay and work at the company.

  • Dong Chan is anxious about his plan going wrong as Hye Na gets close to Tae Yun. Dong Chan asks gangsters to rough up Hye Na so he can "rescue" her.

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