Watch TV Shows on SBS

As media becomes more and more important in our world, access to news channels also has become more necessary. SBS was a television network based out of Australia during the 2000's. The concept of SBS was to have a network dedicated only to news, and for almost twenty four hours a day, SBS would play news programs. The unique aspect of SBS was the fact that they played news stations from all over the world, including news from over twenty different countries.

Providing news from different news stations from different parts of the world is something that had never been done before. Even the most cultured and well traveled individuals still have cultural biases, and having news from different parts of the world provides many advantages. Becoming a well rounded and open minded person is important in life, and SBS sought to provide news from all over the world to help in this aspect.

SBS was ahead of its time when it decided to launch the channel to broadcast news all day, from different areas of the world, and with over 200 different programs that played. Having access to accurate news is a privilege that many people all over the world do not enjoy, and SBS sought to provide accurate news from different corners around the world. Although SBS is no longer running, the concept caught on and there are many news channels today dedicated just to providing news from around the world.