Hyde, Jekyll, and I

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A South Korean show about a very unusual love triangle. Jang Ha Na works as a circus ringmaster and actress in the Wonderland theme park, run by the handsome young Goo Seo Jin, whose family owns the place. When he decides to close the circus Ha Na fights to keep it open and in the process the two fall in love. But Seo Jin suffers from multiple personality disorder and has two personalities; one cold and cynical, the other kind and sweet.

Wednesday 9:55 PM et/pt on SBS
1 Season, 20 Episodes
January 21, 2015
Comedy, International, Romance
Cast: Hyun Bin, Ji-min Han
Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Hyde, Jekyll, and I Full Episode Guide

  • Ha Na and Seo Jin struggle to say goodbye to Robin, but an unexpected occurrence may change things.

  • With hints of his impending disappearance around the corner, Robin takes matters into his own hands.

  • Seo Jin and Robin finally start to find out about each other in an effort to coexist peacefully, but some unexpected repercussions arise.

  • Director Ryu devises ways to reveal Seo Jin and Robin's secret to the press in order to secure his position as CEO of Wonder Group.

  • Episode 16 of Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

  • Lee Soo Hyun holds Ha Na and Seo Jin captive, demanding answers about the kidnapping from their past.

  • Seo Jin and Lee Soo Hyun finally have a conversation face to face about their past. All of the stresses from previous events finally catch up to Ha Na.

  • Seo Jin has accepted that Robin is a part of himself, but Robin struggles with his own identity. The incident from five years ago is revealed with a surprising twist to Seo Jin's illness.

  • Ha Na finally learns the secret about Seo Jin and RobinSeo Jin enters the belly of the beast when he goes to Doctor Yoon for help.

  • Lee Soo Hyun takes Robin to the spot of the original kidnapping under the impression that he's actually Seo Jin.

  • As the real villain hides in plain sight, Ha Na and Seo Jin are pushing themselves to find the truth-- but when the possibility of Doctor Kang being the culprit instead of the victim arises, it takes a mental toll on Seo Jin.

  • Seo Jin has added stressed when faced with Lee Soo Hyun and the incident from his past, but while the case seems to be wrapping up it is actually only just beginning.

  • Seo Jin is beginning to develop an interest in Ha Na. The suspect in Dr. Kang's case reveals a shocking connection to someone close.

  • Ha Na is awkward around Robin after her drunken confession. The police figure out who behind Dr. Kang's disappearance.

  • After discovering Ha Na is the trigger for what caused Robin to reappear, Seo Jin is determined to get rid of her.

  • Jang Ha Na discovers that she and Robin have a connected past. Seo Jin's father is determined to get rid of Robin once and for all.

  • Seo Jin discovers that his alter ego Robin has made an appearance for the first time in five years. Ha Na is the sole witness in finding the man behind Doctor Kang's disappearance.

  • Following a incident at an amusement park causes the CEO to unjustly fire the circus troupe, but newly appointed leader, Jang Ha Na, refuses to accept it.

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