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Punch is a Korean legal thriller about Park Jung Hwan's life, or more accurately the last six months of his life. While working in the office of anti-corruption as a prosecutor. Hwan develops a brain tumor. Hwan works to uncover the corrupt practices of his boss Lee Tae Joon. Hawn is also trying to make relationship repairs with his daughter Ye Rin and ex-wife Shin Ha Kyung for his indifferent attitudes. While his ex-wife helps him on his quest, his daughter struggles with resentment and love for her father.

Punch is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on December 16, 2014.

Where do I stream Punch online? Punch is available for streaming on SBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Punch on demand at Viki online.

1 Season, 19 Episodes
December 16, 2014
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Punch Full Episode Guide

  • With his time running out, Jung Hwan makes one final move to take down both Yoon Ji Sook and Lee Tae Joon, and ultimately save Shin Ha Gyung.

  • Having taken the drive containing incriminating evidence against her and so no longer subject to Lee Tae Joon's blackmail, Yoon Ji Sook takes steps to chrage him with murder.

  • With evidence of his involvement in a murder about to be leak, Lee Tae Joon demands Yoon Ji Sook take drastic steps.

  • Kang Jae betrays Lee Tae Joon.

  • Determined to get him in his pocket, Jung Hwan sets up Kang Jae.

  • In order to take Lee Tae Joon down, Jung Hwan exposes an old money laundering scheme he himself was part of.

  • When Yoon Ji Sook is nominated for Prime Minister, Jung Hwan sets out to find incriminating evidence from her past in order to take her down.

  • Jung Hwan moves to have Lee Tae Joon resign, forcing him to play his last card against the Blue House.

  • Jung Hwan turns Kang Jae and Lee Tae Joon against each other.

  • Jung Hwan's plan to take down Lee Tae Joon fails, he then sets his sights on Joon's right hand man, Kang Jae.

  • Jung Hwan goes after Lee Tae Joon, trying to influence the Chairman of Ocean Capital, Joon's brother's old company for incriminating information.

  • When Jung Hwan's gamble to get out of prison fails, Ha Gyung must find a way to get him free.

  • While mourning for his brother's death, Lee Tae Joon goes after the Minister of Justice. Jung Hwan inadvertently reveals he has lied about his condition.

  • Fearing Jun Hwan is coming for him, the Prosecutor General hides his brother.

  • Jun Hwan sets out to free Ha Gyung.

  • Jun Hwan awakes from his coma to find Ha Gyung being framed for the murder of the key witness in the case against the Prosecutor General's brother.

  • Park Jun Hwan's is fighting for his life following his surgery. Shin Ha Gyung searches for the missing witness vital to her case.

  • Park Jung Hwan and Shin Ha Gyung have to deal with the news of his failing health.

  • Prosecutors and formerly married couple, Park Jung Hwan and Shin Ha Gyung, come into disagreement when her investigation into possible corporate negligence threatens to undermine Hwan's boss appointment to Prosecutor General.