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The Unit is a television show that first aired in 2006. It is a series about the lives of the men and women who serve in the Army as well as the lives of the family that stays at home. The Unit is the name for the Army's Delta Force team. The Unit is stationed at a fictional army base called Fort Griffith. The wives of the men in this unit also play a significant role; The wives of these men never know when their husbands will be called away nor do they know where they are when they are on a mission. They don't know where their husbands are and what kind of mission they are on. It is just their responsibility to interact with anyone who is not a Unit family member.

The men of The Unit are Special Forces and they form a Combat Applications Group. They deploy to missions all over the world. The Army and the United States government can both deny the existence of this group in order to prevent an international incident. The leader of the group has the code name Snake Doctor.

The Unit is such a classified group that the wives are told not to even mention the name The Unit. That if a wife did it could cause her husband to have to leave the group and go back to regular army details. The commander of The Unit states that it would not bother him at all to destroy a family in order to preserve the secrecy of The Unit.

The Unit is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2006.

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4 Seasons, 70 Episodes
March 7, 2006
Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime
Cast: Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Scott Foley, Robert Patrick, Audrey Marie Anderson
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The Unit Full Episode Guide

  • While Jonas is tracking down a Russian terrorist cell, a kidnapped Molly is used as bait. As you cloud see on the last episode Sam is involved in the kidnapping of Molly. What will happen and how will it finish.

  • A random incident throws Jonas and Bob's carefully planned mission into chaos.

  • When Sam attacks Bridget, the other members of the Unit must hunt him down.

  • The mission's plans go awry and Bob must run interference when Jonas and Mack are undercover to find the terrorists who killed the Vice President.

  • As the Unit fights to rescue Jonas's old friend, a broken helicopter gas tank and nearby guerillas impede their mission. Tom goes to extreme measures to extract information from a recovering alcoholic whose husband may have been behind a terrorist attack.

  • Unable to communicate with the outside world, the Unit and their families must survive when a deadly gas poisons anyone in their community who steps outside.

  • As Jonas coaches Betsy before her military-ordered media tour, the Unit initiates a new team member.

  • The President orders the unit to capture a Nazi war criminal from his hiding place and deliver him to The Hague. In Washington, Tom Ryan confronts his past when he is offered a promotion to General.

  • Jonas and a seriously wounded Mack take refuge in a monastery where he is ordered to steal the monks' most prized possession. Back home, Bob is asked to perform a dangerous mission that will reveal the darkest side of his job to Kim.

  • Jonas plays a game of high stakes baccarat to win back the services of a CIA spy who has gone over to the other side. His success is also key in getting court martial charges against team member Bridget Sullivan dismissed.

  • Jonas and the team trick an arrogant Department of Defense official, who jeopardized a previous mission due to his lack of field experience, into joining them on an assignment so he will observe war up close and personal.

  • Who you going to call...the team is about to bust a anthrax lab with a leader with field experience but they are being held up by an official who is using high-tech toys to make decisions for him.Kim's life is in danger when her boss forces her to do something she doesn't want to do.

  • In order to keep peace between two Afghanistan tribes, the team is assigned to deliver a young woman to her future husband. On the home front, Bob works with his wife, Kim to find a man who is believed to be working with terrorists.

  • Ryan, Jonas and the rest of the team are in Iraq, dealing with a kidnapping of a few US soldiers by insurgents. It seems one of the prisoners has a personal connection to someone in the team.

  • The team produces fake evidence of an attack to con a terrorist into exposing his accomplices before the truth comes out and they can get away. Mack wants Tiffy to reveal details about her relationship with Ryan.

  • A nuclear scientist insists on making a deal with the team before he will reveal vital information about a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city. Back home, Molly, Kim and Tiffy are drafted into service to work undercover with Jonas

  • Bob is undercover as a scientist when he's kidnapped by a drugs cartel. They want him to help them to disguise cocaine. Mack is als undercover somewhere as a prizefighter.

  • Jonas vows to help save a group of girls who are being trafficked as sex slaves by the man he hopes will lead the team to a nuclear weapons smuggler they are trying to find.

  • The team follows a scientist on a commercial flight who they believe will be the next target of terrorists they hope to link to a presidential assassination plot at the same time as their wives are relocated and given new identities back home.

  • While women are being secretly relocated and moved off the base for their own safety, Jonas and the team must unravel an assassination plot against the vice president and president elect.

  • In London, Jonas teams up with a British MI5 agent who is suspected of collusion with a Russian scientist they are tracking. Jonas's assignment to discern his partner's loyalty is complicated by the fact that Jonas once had been engaged to the man's wife.

  • Bob wrestles with a moral conflict during a sniper mission. Elsewhere, Tiffy and Kim discover some surprising information about Molly.

  • Grey goes undercover to gather information on gang members who are stealing explosives that may possibly end up in the wrong hands.

  • Jonas seeks to avenge the death of one of their own; Brown works with a journalist to make sure The Unit isn't betrayed by him; and the team comes together to cope with Williams' death.

  • Jonas and Williams must perform emergency surgery on Grey when he is injured during a mission. Later, the team has to cope with a devistating loss.

  • Jonas, Mack and Grey are assigned to keep a pop star safe while Bob and an escort from the Justice Department return a prisoner to his home country for execution.

  • The team tries to recover a chip with information on it that could prevent a terrorist attack on the United States. Meanwhile, Kim is placed on bed rest and Bob struggles with taking care of the kids.

  • Bob, Williams and Mack head to Abidjan to rescue Embassy staff and their families. Meanwhile, Jonas' daughter decides to enlist, so Jonas tests her strength and dedication.

  • Now that the team is back together, they all head out to stop a plane with deadly nerve gas from reaching Ft. Griffith. Meanwhile, Kim has to broadcast a fake weather bulletin so that all personnel will take cover.

  • Jonas works to uncover the conspiracy that tore his team apart. He must find a way to reunite the unit and clear Col. Tom Ryan's, all while keeping his wife, and the other men's wives, from harm or CIA scrutiny.

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