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  • TV-MA
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 5.1  (798)

Chemistry is a television series from CineMax that premiered in the year 2011. The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of two highly successful, yet drastically different, chemists - Dr. Michael Strathmore and Dr. Lillian Parker. As the title of the show suggests, the series revolves around the various chemical reactions that take place between the two lead characters.

Jonathan Chase plays the role of Dr. Michael Strathmore, a brilliant chemist who has always been obsessed with his work. He is highly respected in the field of chemistry and his work has earned him numerous accolades. Despite his professional success, Michael has been struggling with his personal life. His marriage is on the rocks and he finds himself unable to connect with his wife on an emotional level. This is where Dr. Lillian Parker comes in.

Asante Jones plays the role of Dr. Lillian Parker, a successful chemist who has been making groundbreaking discoveries in her field. Lillian is highly ambitious and determined to make a name for herself in the industry. She is confident, witty, and not afraid to speak her mind. When Michael and Lillian are brought together to work on an important project, they find themselves immediately attracted to one another. However, their relationship is one of love and hate, as they both have differing opinions on the field of chemistry and their respective approaches to it.

Eric Pierpoint plays the role of Michael's boss, Dr. Simon Cotton. Simon is the head of the research department in the company and is responsible for overseeing Michael and Lillian's project. Despite his position of authority, Simon struggles with his own personal demons. He is an alcoholic and has a history of making questionable decisions. Simon is constantly walking the thin line between keeping Michael and Lillian on track and keeping his own personal life together.

Jeremy Kent Jackson plays the role of Harold Banks, Michael's assistant. Harold is a recent graduate from college and is eager to learn from Michael. He is enthusiastic, friendly, and always ready to lend a helping hand. Harold becomes a major asset to Michael and Lillian's project and helps them in making important breakthroughs in their research.

The show gives us an insight into the world of chemistry and research, with a main focus on the human aspect of the industry. The show explores different scientific concepts and theories throughout its episodes, but it also delves deep into the personal lives of the main characters - their relationships, struggles, and motivations. It shows how their professional success and failures can affect their personal lives and relationships, and how chemistry plays a major role in their lives.

Chemistry is a show that is both informative and entertaining. It appeals to those who are interested in science and chemistry, as well as those who love a good drama. The show explores various issues in the field of science - such as ethics, competition, and innovation - which makes it a must-watch for anyone who is curious about the scientific world. The show is remarkably well-written and the chemistry between the main characters keeps the audience engaged throughout the series.

In conclusion, Chemistry is a must-watch show for anyone who enjoys science, drama, and relationships. The cast and crew have done a outstanding job in creating a show that is both informative and entertaining, and it is definitely worth a watch!

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In or Out (2)
13. In or Out (2)
November 18, 2011
Liz reconsiders her big promotion; Luther and Pemmie take a novel approach to the idea of a threesome; Abigail gets news that knocks her for a loop; and a tragedy puts things in perspective for Liz and Michael.
In or Out (1)
12. In or Out (1)
November 11, 2011
A promotion at work comes with a life-altering decision for Liz, who must also deal with the return of an old boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jocelyn wants Michael to try something different.
11. Intimacy
November 4, 2011
Michael quits the firm; Jocelyn opens up to Michael; Michael's fears complicate his relationship with Liz.
Lust in Translation
10. Lust in Translation
October 28, 2011
With overloaded schedules, Michael and Liz try to squeeze in some quality romance time; Luther mixes business with pleasure when Pemmie interrupts his meeting with a comely client.
9. Split
October 21, 2011
A defining moment in Liz and Michael's relationship leads to a momentous decision. Later, Michael receives a surprise visit from Jocelyn, and Liz agrees to drinks with Judd.
Night on Bald Mountain
8. Night on Bald Mountain
October 14, 2011
Michael goes to a weekend retreat of Liz's police unit, but an unexpected twist happens when the cabin they're staying at is owned by a past flame of his.
The Proposition
7. The Proposition
October 7, 2011
A nude Liz paints the sleeping Michael, which leads to a paint fight and sex. In the meantime, Michael helps Jocelyn rewrite a speech she’s giving at a trade conference.
6. Downtime
September 30, 2011
While Michael's sex drive is peaking with Jocelyn, his lackluster between-the-sheets performance with Liz has him concerned. But Luther thinks he has just the right person to cure his problem.
Flesh Wounds
5. Flesh Wounds
September 23, 2011
Jocelyn feels liberated and sees her relationship with Michael change. An on the job crisis makes Liz find Michael for help.
4. Montecito
September 16, 2011
Michael has Liz accompany him on a business trip in an attempt to make a deal between a successful businesswoman and a newspaper magnate.
Smoke & Mirrors
3. Smoke & Mirrors
September 9, 2011
Michael's birthday creates an unexpected meeting between Liz and Jocelyn; Michael's father throws him a wild yacht party featuring sexy contortionists and more; Luther reveals to Michael that he made a sex video with Jocelyn's married sister.
A Kiss Is Not a Kiss
2. A Kiss Is Not a Kiss
August 26, 2011
After a hot lovemaking session, Liz and Michael disagree on what makes a good kiss. When Liz calls on her friend Rita for advice, a threesome begins that ends up causing problems.
Upside Down
1. Upside Down
August 19, 2011
Successful attorney Michael becomes torn between his corporate life with his fiancee and his attraction for the strong, sexy cop named Liz who saved his life.
  • Premiere Date
    August 19, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    5.1  (798)