Zane's Sex Chronicles

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Zane Sex Chronicles is a 2008 dramatic and romantic adult television series originally produced in USA. The series is based on a collection of erotically steamy short stories written by author Zane. It showcases the lives of five women; Patience, Maricruz, Ana Marie, Lyric and Hannah who are brought together by their intense love for the Zane stories as well as their deep friendship. It further explores the lives of these women as they go about their day to day dramas, twists of friendships as well as their quest for love, affection and power in the big city.

Patience is portrayed as the main heroine and is the most successful of the five ladies. She is highly confident and leads her life as the vice president in a big cosmetics company. She also leads a rather secret life as an adult literature author of which she writes under the pseudonym Zane.

Maricruz also works in the same company as Patience but as a designer. She is married and a mother of two kids. She and her husband go separates ways and finally file for divorce but she finds it hard to live without him.

Ana Marie is Patience's closest and best friend. She works as a comedian. Through the episodes, she gets involved in a constant on and off relationship with her boyfriend who is a hip-hop artist.

Lyric on the other hand is an obstetrician and is a happily married to a fellow doctor. She however feels sexually starved in the relationship hence opens up to her friends and asks them to help her towards finding a man who can meet her sexual needs. Hannah, who is fondly referred to as Eboni by the four women owns a spa in the city and maintains a close relationship with all the women.

Zane Sex Chronicles contains a total of 2 episodes and 25 episodes. It has been written and produced by Zane, the author of the novels in which the series is based. The television series runs for a total of 60 minutes per episode.

Fridays at 12:00 am on CineMax
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
October 11, 2008
Adult Cartoon Drama
Cast: Patrice Fisher, Johanna Quintero, Laila Odom, Maya Dunbar
Zane's Sex Chronicles

Zane's Sex Chronicles Full Episode Guide

  • HD. 'End Game.' In the Season Two finale, Patience reluctantly confesses that she is Zane to Jade; Panther reveals his past to Patience.

  • HD. 'Brazen.' (Season Two) A drunken Lyric seduces Estaban; Jade asks Nathan for a committed relationship; Jade asks Patience if she is Zane.

  • HD. 'The Workout.' (Season Two) Trinity and Syndicator engage in a secret relationship; Hunter begs Patience for forgiveness, but to no avail.

  • HD. 'Trading Spaces.' (Season Two) Estaban talks to Lyric about Maricruz and John; Patience confronts Hunter head-on about his cheating.

  • HD. 'Dinner at Eight.' (Season Two) A Zane story inspires Lyric to spice up a romantic dinner with Estaban.

  • HD. 'The Stakeout.' (Season Two) The new boss at Flava steps up his pursuit of Maricruz; Patience hires a detective to follow Hunter.

  • HD. 'On the Prowl.' (Season Two) Maricruz finds herself truly torn between John and Randall; Patience is suspicious of Hunter's erratic hours.

  • HD. 'Blind Date.' (Season Two) Ana Marie has a wild hook-up; Maricruz is very satisfied with her new flame; Trinity sets up her next conquest.

  • HD. 'Physical Therapy.' (Season Two) Patience plans a seductive night to soothe a neglected Hunter; Taariq confronts Ana Marie.

  • HD. 'An Even Swap Ain't No Swindle.' (Season Two) While Cyclone enjoys their 'friends with benefits' relationship, Jade wants more.

  • HD. 'I Had a Bad Day.' (Season Two) Taariq and Reaction heat up the stage during rehearsal; Reaction's friend seems to know Ana Marie as well.

  • HD. 'Reactions.' (Season Two) Patience wants to tell Hunter that she is Zane; Maricruz has hot fantasies about her ex-husband Randall.

  • The seduction continues as the ladies must deal with the aftermath of what happened to Maricruz. There is a new hot club in town, co-owned by two women -- Jade, a childhood friend of the girls and Trinity, who is having a down and dirty affair with Patience's nemesis, Kerrigan. Taariq is feeling the heat from a new rapper on the scene and it's starting to affect his time with Ana Marie. Patience answers an email from a woman seeking advice about a sexy hook-up she had with her video gaming friend.

  • 'The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth' by Zane hits bookshelves and instantly becomes a bestseller. Taariq and Ana Marie discuss their relationship and try to decide if they have a future. Eboni feels she has no choice but to end her relationship with Frank once and for all. Patience decides to act out one of Zane's fantasies with Hunter, which hatches surprising results. Randall walks in on Maricruz and Charles together while his kids are home and is enraged. Patience receives a frantic phone call from Lyric.

  • John shows up at Lyric and Estaban's office for a little "doctor on doctor" examination. Hunter and Kerrigan exchange words over Patience at the Flava office. Maricruz discovers Charles' dirty little secret after a wonderful love-making session. Estaban confronts Chuck about his sexual exploitation of Eboni.

  • The women throw a bachelorette party for a friend, and after attending the wedding, Patience and Hunter discuss making a commitment. Lyric is invited to lunch by her colleague John, who has more than a work proposition. Randall is jealous that Maricruz is allowing his children to spend so much time around Charles, who continues to vanish after making plans with her. Capone tries to encourage Ana Marie to move on from Taariq -- possibly with him.

  • Eboni is depressed when Chuck continues to demand favors in exchange for the bank loan and recklessly takes up with a neighbor. Taariq decides to give Ana Marie a taste of her own medicine by flaunting other women in front of her face. Charles pulls a disappearing act on Maricruz, making her question his sincerity about their relationship.

  • Maricruz is left speechless after a hot date with Charles. Ana Marie engages in an affair, jeopardizing her relationship with Taariq. Patience and Hunter continue to become closer. A demanding patient forces Lyric to make a realization about her marriage.

  • The women learn how to enhance their sexual pleasure through a series of classes. Maricruz is enlightened by a pamphlet about satisfying a man. Estaban is confused by Lyric's sarcastic behavior toward him and confronts her. Eboni is determined to pay her father back and visits a bank loan officer, Chuck, and allows him to make a private deposit so she can make a withdrawal.

  • Patience worries about Hunter's quick change of demeanor as the two continue to get reacquainted. Ana Marie finds herself attracted to a stranger on the phone while she is supposed to be making wedding plans. Lyric suspects that Estaban is cheating on her, and begins to give Estaban a cold shoulder. Eboni's father pays an unexpected visit.

  • Ana Marie accepts Taariq's proposal, which causes Patience concern for her friend. Kerrigan tries to throw a wrench into Patience and Hunter's budding romance. Estaban surprises Lyric with a romantic evening, in effort to bring sexy back into their marriage. Charles continues to pursue Maricruz.

  • Eboni hosts a sex toy party where Maricruz gets an education on the various adult gadgets...and the joys of self pleasure when she is introduced to Mr. Dependable.

  • When Ana Marie tells the girls that Taariq has proposed marriage, they suggest that she tell him about her freaky past. This situation inspires Patience to write about a nymph for her Zane blog.

  • A young woman learns to find the courage to go after what she truly wants: the sexy young barber.

  • Five sexy friends who are at different stages in their relationships find an escape from their day-to-day lives by reading hot, steamy, fantasy stories on the blog of erotic writer Zane.