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  • TV-MA
  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (219)

Zane's The Jump Off is an engrossing late-night series that premiered in 2013 on Cinemax. Created by famous erotica author Zane, the show is an intricate unraveling of scandalous secrets, passion, and tantalizing adventure set against the compelling backdrop of professional football. Zane's The Jump Off delivers an engaging mix of intimacy, passion, and intriguing storyline, underscoring the challenges, dilemmas, and entangled relationships in the lives of its core characters.

The high-octane drama series centers around the vibrant, complex lives of the five Donovan brothers. Each of these brothers is successful in his own right, each leading a distinct life, but united by a common thread; they all are co-owners of the Philadelphia-based "Donovan's Rust", a multi-million-dollar family sports agency that represents professional football players. Their commitment to their family business and their inherent knack for creating captivating storylines form the dynamic and intriguing backbone of the series.

At the heart of the series is the charismatic lead character, Dmitri Vance, skillfully portrayed by Amin Joseph. Discerning and persuasive, Dmitri is a former NFL player turned high-powered sports agent, holding the stake in "Donovan's Rust". Dmitri is portrayed with a raw intensity that reflects the myriad of his life's arena, be it his love relationships, past secrets, struggle for power or his knack for problem-solving.

Dmitri's character exudes an enigmatic mix of charm and intensity, contributing significantly to the show's intense appeal. Watching Dmitri scramble through the conundrum of managing the high-stakes world of professional sports, personal relationships, and cut-throat business strategies make for an exhilarating view.

The show takes the audience on a vivid roller coaster ride of Dmitri's complex relationships, playful brotherhood moments, cut-throat rivalries, passionate lovers, former flames, and career challenges giving a tantalizing peek into his opulent, yet turbulent world. This balanced mix of personal lives, professional challenges, and heated liaisons offer an unapologetic raw narrative of the world wrapped around hedonistic desires and moral dilemmas.

The other Donovan brothers, each with their unique personality, lifestyle, and challenges, add multiple dimensions to the show's narrative. Their characters, although less explored than Dmitri’s, bring in their distinct shades of personality traits and situations to the ongoing narrative.

The series also ventures into exploring the various relationships and interactions the Donovan brothers have with women. This aspect of the show offers an exciting blend of romance, passion, intrigue, sincerity, regret and the intricate dance of emotional intimacy. The series takes a realistic approach in portraying these complex adult relationships, each with its unique dynamics and challenges that contribute to keeping viewers hooked on each episode.

Set in the high-stakes world of professional sports, the series also serves up an exciting array of adrenaline-fueled football sequences that will surely score points with sports fans. Behind the buzz and glamour of the football industry, it yanks open the curtain of what really happens off the field, drawing viewers into a world that is every bit as charged and competitive as on the pitch.

Zane's The Jump Off, in its essence, is not just a typical late-night drama series; it stands out with its intriguing storyline, character development, realistic portrayal of relationships, and the contrasts between the glamourous world of professional sports and the turbulent, often undisclosed personal lives behind it. Amin Joseph's spectacular performance as Dmitri adds the right dose of charisma and intensity needed for a series of this caliber. The complex relationships, high-stakes conflicts, and the intricate dance between love, lust, loyalty, ambitions, and power are all consummately portrayed, making it a must-watch.

In conclusion, Zane's The Jump Off is an intriguing exploration into the seductive world of professional sports, where nothing is as simple as it seems. It is a show mired in the complexities of love, loyalty, ambition, and secrets, wrapped within a world of glitz, power, and deals. The blend of intriguing relationships, high-stake business dealings, erotic encounters, and innate character development gives the viewers a taste of an opulent yet chaotic world. With its raw and intimate portrayals, it's bound to keep viewers engrossed every step of the way, hungry for more.

Zane's The Jump Off
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Two-Minute Drill
13. Two-Minute Drill
June 21, 2013
In the first season finale, Dmitri plans Lauren's surprise birthday party, which proves quite revelatory and surprising, especially after Brenda sneaks into the bash and takes a couple of partygoers hostage at gunpoint.
Down by Contact
12. Down by Contact
June 14, 2013
Dmitri awaits word on his surgery; the Spencer-Nandi relationship heats up; and Giselle threatens to tell Kenya about her affair with Woody. Meanwhile, Brenda spies on Dmitri and Lauren; and Earnest's revenge plot thickens.
11. Possession
June 7, 2013
Spencer's passionate encounter with Jennifer leads him to a startling revelation about Nandi, while Brenda dabbles with voodoo in an effort to win back Dmitri. Later, Earnest seeks revenge against his brother.
Ball Control
10. Ball Control
May 31, 2013
Sabrina, Kenya and Portia confront their with feelings for the men in their lives; Brenda becomes more of a threat to Dmitri; and an angry Harris softens and reaches out to his biological father.
Offensive Holding
9. Offensive Holding
May 24, 2013
Earnest and Portia's reunion gets hot and heavy; Spencer and Nandi continue to deny their feelings for each other; and Dmitri worries about the possible end of his career and a woman he scorned. Meanwhile, Kenya files for divorce, sending a dejected Woody once again into the arms of Giselle.
Red Flag
8. Red Flag
May 3, 2013
Lauren is caught off guard by an unexpected guest at Dmitri's place after accepting his offer to meet for drinks; and Earnest grows closer to his sister-in-law, but a surprise visit from Portia distracts him. Meanwhile, Gabriel rekindles his romance with Aspen.
7. Turnover
May 1, 2013
Lauren steps in to help after Dmitri receives some unsettling news; Woody decides he wants Kenya back; and Spencer finally steps up and makes known his feelings for Nandi. Meanwhile, a livid Brenda gets kicked to the curb.
Backfield In Motion
6. Backfield In Motion
May 1, 2013
While his friends search for a suicidal Earnest, ex-wife Portia finds him first; and an obsessed Brenda goes off the deep end when Dmitri calls a halt to their affair. Meanwhile, Aspen receives incriminating photos of Mocha and Chandler in the mail.
Illegal Motion
5. Illegal Motion
April 26, 2013
Earnest uncovers a secret about Rita, and Lauren helps a high-school football player gain access to his adoption papers.
Playing the Field
4. Playing the Field
April 19, 2013
While Dmitri is with Brenda, his mind is elsewhere; Woody and the new singer mix business with pleasure; and Earnest is attracted to a comely bar patron. Meanwhile, Spencer struggles with just being considered a booty call to Jennifer; and Gabriel becomes suspicious of his wife and his best friend.
Pass Interference
3. Pass Interference
April 12, 2013
Earnest has an encounter with Portia and her new boyfriend; Brenda talks about moving in with Dmitri, but he's already thinking about moving on; and Woody considers hiring a sexy new singer for the club. Meanwhile, Spencer gets a visit at the radio station from his friend-with-benefits.
2. Man-in-Motion
April 5, 2013
Earnest's return after a five-year prison stretch ruffles some feathers, especially his ex-wife's.
First Down
1. First Down
March 29, 2013
Dmitri hosts a party at his nightclub, the guys mark the breakup of a friend's marriage. Also, the women their own get together.
  • Premiere Date
    March 29, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (219)