Zane's The Jump Off

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Zane's new series, The Jump Off, centers around five frat brothers in their thirties and the women in their lives, all in a constant array of sex and drama. There's Dmitri Vance, an NFL star/ladies' man who's hooking up with Brenda, a woman who wants to be more than just another jump off to Dmitri, but none of his friends see her as more. He's also the owner of the spot where the men get together to relieve stress, a club appropriately called the Jump Off.

Working for Dmitri as manager of the Jump Off is Fenwick Wood, also known as Woody Wood by the brothers. He's married to Kenya, but the two are split up. Woody leaves because he's tired of Kenya's disapproval of Woody's desire for Dmitri's approval.

Next there's Gabriel Turner, a stockbroker, and the most mature of the brothers. He's a former ladies' man who traded in his player's card for a wedding ring, and is deeply in love with and married to Aspen, a news reporter.

Then there's Spencer Martinez, host of a radio show called "The Other Side of the Pillow." Spencer has a strong attraction to his co-host, Nandi Carter, the only woman who stands up to him and calls him out on anything. But Nandi is cautious about getting too close to Spencer because she knows that he's a player who likes to play a lot. Still there's no denying that there is a mutual attraction present between the two.

The last of the brothers, and probably the most scandalous, is Earnest Bishop, who is fresh out of prison after serving five years for money laundering, a crime his brother, Chandler, committed. Earnest wants nothing more than to get back with his ex-wife Portia, who, though she still loves Earnest, can't forgive him for the past.

Friday 11:00 PM et/pt on CineMax
1 Season, 13 Episodes
March 29, 2013
Drama Romance
Cast: Amin Joseph, Damian T. Raven, J. Teddy Garces, Kinyumba Mutakabbir
Zane's The Jump Off

Zane's The Jump Off Full Episode Guide

  • In the first season finale, Dmitri plans Lauren's surprise birthday party, which proves quite revelatory and surprising, especially after Brenda sneaks into the bash and takes a couple of partygoers hostage at gunpoint.

  • Dmitri awaits word on his surgery; the Spencer-Nandi relationship heats up; and Giselle threatens to tell Kenya about her affair with Woody. Meanwhile, Brenda spies on Dmitri and Lauren; and Earnest's revenge plot thickens.

  • Spencer's passionate encounter with Jennifer leads him to a startling revelation about Nandi, while Brenda dabbles with voodoo in an effort to win back Dmitri. Later, Earnest seeks revenge against his brother.

  • Sabrina, Kenya and Portia confront their with feelings for the men in their lives; Brenda becomes more of a threat to Dmitri; and an angry Harris softens and reaches out to his biological father.

  • Earnest and Portia's reunion gets hot and heavy; Spencer and Nandi continue to deny their feelings for each other; and Dmitri worries about the possible end of his career and a woman he scorned. Meanwhile, Kenya files for divorce, sending a dejected Woody once again into the arms of Giselle.

  • Lauren is caught off guard by an unexpected guest at Dmitri's place after accepting his offer to meet for drinks; and Earnest grows closer to his sister-in-law, but a surprise visit from Portia distracts him. Meanwhile, Gabriel rekindles his romance with Aspen.

  • Lauren steps in to help after Dmitri receives some unsettling news; Woody decides he wants Kenya back; and Spencer finally steps up and makes known his feelings for Nandi. Meanwhile, a livid Brenda gets kicked to the curb.

  • While his friends search for a suicidal Earnest, ex-wife Portia finds him first; and an obsessed Brenda goes off the deep end when Dmitri calls a halt to their affair. Meanwhile, Aspen receives incriminating photos of Mocha and Chandler in the mail.

  • Earnest uncovers a secret about Rita, and Lauren helps a high-school football player gain access to his adoption papers.

  • While Dmitri is with Brenda, his mind is elsewhere; Woody and the new singer mix business with pleasure; and Earnest is attracted to a comely bar patron. Meanwhile, Spencer struggles with just being considered a booty call to Jennifer; and Gabriel becomes suspicious of his wife and his best friend.

  • Earnest has an encounter with Portia and her new boyfriend; Brenda talks about moving in with Dmitri, but he's already thinking about moving on; and Woody considers hiring a sexy new singer for the club. Meanwhile, Spencer gets a visit at the radio station from his friend-with-benefits.

  • Earnest's return after a five-year prison stretch ruffles some feathers, especially his ex-wife's.

  • Dmitri hosts a party at his nightclub, the guys mark the breakup of a friend's marriage. Also, the women their own get together.