Sin City Diaries

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Las Vegas high-rollers turn to sexy concierge Angelica and her staff to live out their fantasies in Season One of this erotic series.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
Cast: Amber Smith, Justin Lopez, Elena Talan
Sin City Diaries

Sin City Diaries Full Episode Guide

  • HD. 'Angelica Needs a Vacation.' Sasha's vacation plans leave her stranded with a handsome stranger; Matthew gives Sasha mixed signals.

  • HD. 'Tour of Duty.' Matthew is dismayed when his brother arrives and sets his sights on hooking up with Sasha before he ships off to Iraq.

  • HD. 'The Boss's Daughter.' A businessman wants his daughter away from her 'user' boyfriend--who happens to be an exec in the father's company.

  • HD. 'Good Enough to Eat.' Matthew and Sasha try to run interference when three chefs take a cooking competition into the bedroom.

  • HD. 'Portrait.' An old love of Angelica's returns, but his connection to a sexy art dealer may put them all in danger.

  • HD. 'To the Extreme.' A fighter and his wife seek to escape their contract with a ruthless promoter; a young amateur learns some new moves.

  • HD. 'Michiko Gets a Makeover.' Sasha helps a shy young woman overcome her fear that she can't compete with the flashy women of Vegas.

  • HD. 'Girl's Intuition.' Sasha and Matthew help a couple add some spice to their love life while Angelica seeks out a spiritualist.

  • HD. 'Midnight Show.' A writer spends a night in an old jazz club and journeys into the past to unravel the mystery of a tragic love affair.

  • HD. 'It Almost Didn't Happen One Night.' Angelica's nephew and his buddies arrive in Vegas for spring break looking to score.

  • HD. 'Con Man.' Angelica's lovely Russian assistant Sasha is confronted by a dangerous man from her past--who wants a second chance with her.

  • HD. 'Chorus Dreams.' A sexy, but shy 'soccer mom' is able to live out her fantasy of being a Las Vegas showgirl.

  • HD. 'In Capable Hands.' A superstar couple turns to Angelica and her staff when their dreams of a secret Vegas wedding begin to unravel.