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  • TV-MA
  • 2007
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.4  (841)

Co-Ed Confidential was a popular late-night show on the CineMax channel that aired from 2007 to 2010. It explored the lives of a group of college students who live in the fictional co-ed dorm, Baxter University. The show primarily focused on the sexual escapades of the students, with a healthy dose of humor, drama, and emotion thrown in for good measure.

At the center of the show is James (Kevin Patrick), a good-looking and charming grad student who is tasked with managing the dorm. He is assisted by his roommate, Cooper (Jay Baruchel), who is a socially awkward and nerdy computer expert. Together, they try to keep the crazy college students under control while indulging in their own adventures.

The show featured a large and diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and quirks. Perhaps the most memorable character is the sultry and mysterious Ophelia (Michelle Maylene), who initially seems like just another freshman trying to find her way. However, it soon becomes clear that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Throughout its four-season run, Co-Ed Confidential tackled a wide range of topics, from STD scares to unexpected pregnancies. It also explored the complex relationships between the students, including love triangles, jealous exes, and forbidden crushes. Despite its raunchy reputation, the show often dealt with serious themes with a surprising amount of sensitivity and nuance.

One of the standout elements of Co-Ed Confidential is its playful tone. The show doesn't take itself too seriously, and its tongue-in-cheek approach to college life is sure to put a smile on your face. Whether it's the hilariously awkward hookup attempts or the clever witty banter between characters, the show never loses its sense of fun.

Another defining aspect of the show is its unabashed sexuality. Co-Ed Confidential is not afraid to explore the world of college sex, and it does so with a frankness and humor that sets it apart from other shows. The show is not gratuitous, however, and its sexual content is always in service of the story.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Co-Ed Confidential is its ability to juggle so many different storylines and characters. With such a large cast, it would be easy for the show to become bogged down in its own complexity. However, the writers manage to keep the show tightly focused and engaging throughout its run.

Overall, Co-Ed Confidential is a fun and sexy romp through the world of college life. With its memorable characters, clever writing, and frank sexuality, it's not hard to see why the show was so popular during its run. Whether you're looking for a guilty pleasure or just a good laugh, Co-Ed Confidential is sure to deliver.

Co-Ed Confidential
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4Play Feature 04: Student Bodies
17. 4Play Feature 04: Student Bodies
October 1, 2010
HD. A steamy compilation of episodes_4-18 from the sizzling erotic series 'Co-Ed Confidential 4Play.'
Feature 03: Undercover Work
16. Feature 03: Undercover Work
October 1, 2010
HD. A steamy compilation of episodes_4-18 from the sizzling erotic series 'Co-Ed Confidential 4Play.'
4Play Feature 02: The Pleasure Principle
15. 4Play Feature 02: The Pleasure Principle
September 1, 2010
HD. A steamy compilation of episodes_4-18 from the sizzling erotic series 'Co-Ed Confidential 4Play.'
4Play Feature 01: Coming and Going
14. 4Play Feature 01: Coming and Going
September 1, 2010
HD. A steamy compilation of episodes_4-18 from the sizzling erotic series 'Co-Ed Confidential 4Play.'
The Last Hurrah
13. The Last Hurrah
August 26, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'The Last Hurrah.' In the season finale, graduation is assured for Larry and Ciara when Victoria bravely outs herself by showing the film.
Performance Anxiety
12. Performance Anxiety
August 19, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Performance Anxiety.' Zach and Karen share a glorious reunion in 'Vantastic'; James tells Layla he's ready to commit to her.
Future Sex
11. Future Sex
August 12, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Future Sex.' Olga gives Larry a preview of her wedding dress--and their wedding night; James and the others ponder their futures.
It's Not What It Looks Like
10. It's Not What It Looks Like
August 5, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'It's Not What It Looks Like.' Maxwell resorts to shady tactics to replace the benefit funds; Larry and Ciara's film poses problems.
9. CSI Co-Ed
July 29, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'CSI Co-Ed.' Victoria and Ciara get back together; Karen uses her 'CSI skills' to help Erin and James find the benefit money thief.
Come As You Are
8. Come As You Are
July 22, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Come As You Are.' Olga pursues Mr. Wright; the Dean uses the sex tape as leverage against Daniel and Layla.
Let Me Seduce You
7. Let Me Seduce You
July 15, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Let Me Seduce You.' Victoria and Ciara try to determine their true sexual orientation by having sex with The Horse and Larry.
Girls in Love
6. Girls in Love
July 8, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Girls in Love.' Zach's awakening is marked by a profound change and he gives away all his possessions to free himself.
How Minx Got Her Groove Back
5. How Minx Got Her Groove Back
July 1, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'How Minx Got Her Groove Back.' As Karen sits vigil at Zach's bedside, James and the students ready the bar for a benefit to help Erin.
Hot for Teacher
4. Hot for Teacher
June 24, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Hot for Teacher.' The sale of 'Vantastic' creates a rift between Zach and Karen, forcing them to seek guidance from a school counselor.
Finding Mr. Right Now
3. Finding Mr. Right Now
June 17, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Finding Mr. Right Now.' James' business students resurrect an old campus bar as their class project.
After Party Girl
2. After Party Girl
June 10, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'After Party Girl.' On the morning after the party, Olga, Victoria and Maxwell wake to confront their actions from the night before.
Staying Power
1. Staying Power
June 3, 2010
[Cinemax] HD. 'Staying Power.' Dean Loward decides to let James graduate in order to be rid of him; Zach, Karen and Larry rent an old frat house.
  • Premiere Date
    November 2, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (841)