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  • TV-MA
  • 2009
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.2  (22,837)

Hung is an American television series created by Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson, which was broadcast from 2009 to 2011 on HBO. The show stars Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker, a struggling middle-aged high school baseball coach whose financial situation takes a turn for the worse when his home is destroyed in a fire, his ex-wife remarries, and his two teenage kids move in with him. In an effort to make ends meet, Ray decides to use his natural physical endowment and become a male prostitute, with the help of an ambitious and equally struggling friend, Tanya Skagle (played by Jane Adams).

The show, which is set in the darkly humorous and economically depressed Detroit, chronicles Ray's unconventional career path as he navigates the risky and often sleazy world of the sex industry. The first season sees him establish his new career as a gigolo named "Happiness Consultant", using his size and stamina to satisfy the desires of a diverse range of female clients, while also trying to keep his secret life hidden from his family, colleagues, and conservative community.

Over the subsequent seasons, Ray's life further complicates by engaging in relationships with different women, including Jemma, a fellow teacher at his school, Tanya, who becomes his pimp and then his lover, and Lenore, a slick businesswoman and his main client who pushes him into a more upscale market. Along with his romantic endeavors, the show also delves into the larger themes of social and economic inequality, gender and sexuality, and the search for identity and belonging.

Despite its sometimes controversial subject matter, Hung received critical acclaim for its sharp writing, subtle performances, and insightful portrayal of modern masculinity. The show's humor is often laced with satire and irony, allowing it to explore complex social issues while maintaining a light and engaging tone. The performances of Jane and Adams are particularly noteworthy, as they bring a believable and relatable dimension to their unconventional characters.

The show also features an ensemble of talented actors, including Anne Heche as Ray's ex-wife, who struggles with addiction and the emotional repercussions of their divorce, Charlie Saxton as Ray's son Damon, who is gay and struggling to come out of the closet, and Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Ray's daughter Darby, who is exploring her own sexuality and identity as a young woman.

The show's production values are also top-notch, with a gritty and urban setting that reflects the economic and cultural realities of Detroit. The cinematography is often dark and moody, creating a sense of intimacy and intensity. The soundtrack features an eclectic mix of music, ranging from indie rock to soul and hip hop, that captures the underground vibe of the city.

Despite its strong critical reception, Hung struggled to attract a large audience and was cancelled after three seasons. However, the show remains a cult favorite among fans of dark comedies and sex-positive entertainment, thanks to its smart writing, sharp dialogue, and excellent performances. For those who have missed out on this gem of a show, it is certainly worth checking out.

Hung is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on June 28, 2009.

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The Whole Beefalo
10. The Whole Beefalo
December 4, 2011
In the third-season finale, the success of Tanya and Ray's business depends on Charlie's location; Jessica is accused of negligence by Matt; and Lenore tries to exlude Sandee for good.
A Monkey named Simian or Frances Is Not A Fan
9. A Monkey named Simian or Frances Is Not A Fan
November 27, 2011
Frances and Mike exclude Tanya from their wedding list; Ray takes back what was his after a physical confrontation with Jason; Tanya makes a connection with Charlie's kids.
I, Sandee or This Sex. Which is. Not One.
8. I, Sandee or This Sex. Which is. Not One.
November 20, 2011
Tanya calls the mother of Charlie's baby to locate Charlie after he skips bail; Lenore makes it her mission to destroy the Wellness Center; Sandee coaches Jason on how to make his move; Ray is concerned that he's lost his magic touch with women, including Jessica.
What's Going on Downstairs? or Don't Eat Prince...
7. What's Going on Downstairs? or Don't Eat Prince...
November 13, 2011
Ray's night with Kyla leaves him with questions unanswered; a competition develops at the Wellness Center; Tanya gets help from Charlie in finding out what happened to Ray's money.
Money on the Floor
6. Money on the Floor
November 6, 2011
Ray goes after the prime suspect of his missing money box.
We're Golden or Crooks and Big Beaver
5. We're Golden or Crooks and Big Beaver
October 30, 2011
Lenore is upset when Jason misses a date with a client. Darby is frustrated with her home life.
Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker or Let's Not Go to Jail
4. Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker or Let's Not Go to Jail
October 23, 2011
Charlie helps Tanya figure out how to deal with Lydia. Jessica and Matt bond. Sandee wants Lenore to learn to be more flashy. Ray and Tanya figure out how to get rid of a bothersome client.
Mister Drecker or Ease-Up On The Whup Ass
3. Mister Drecker or Ease-Up On The Whup Ass
October 16, 2011
When a former student may be a potential client, Ray is sent on a stroll down memory lane. Jessica begins her job working in the office of the doctor who was married to Ronnie's mistress. Tanya reunites with her mentor. Lenore presents Sandee with an offer.
Take The Cake or Are You Packing?
2. Take The Cake or Are You Packing?
October 9, 2011
Ray meets a new rival after he sweeps one of his regulars off her feet, but Tanya doesn't take the news of stolen clients without a fight. Jessica decides to go it alone. Charlie seeks help from a protégé.
Don't Give Up on Detroit or Hung Like a Horse
1. Don't Give Up on Detroit or Hung Like a Horse
October 2, 2011
Ray and Tanya get creative to find financing when they have an idea to relaunch a proven product. Lenore stumbles upon a valuable resource that may catch her former business partners off guard.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 28, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (22,837)