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Showtime's Weeds follows the life of a drug-dealing suburban mom. Widowed after a sudden heart attack kills her husband, Nancy, the main character, struggles to support her two sons in the lifestyle to which the family is accustomed. In order to keep up appearances, Nancy turns to selling cannabis.

Nancy tries to keep herself as clean as possible. She refuses to sell anything harder than weed. She doesn't let her sons know what she's doing. She tries to maintain the perfect upper-class life that she had before her husband passed. Unfortunately, her system eventually begins to fail. She's drawn into the criminal world and her sons discover what she's doing to support the family. Even her friends and neighbors discover what's happening. Despite her spiral downwards, Nancy strives to maintain normalcy for her family. Viewers can relate to her desire to take care of her sons and maintain her reputation in the community.

Fans of the show appreciate that it reveals the dark secrets lurking behind suburban bliss. Nancy is shocked to discover that many of her neighbors are potheads and she has no problems selling her product. The show's theme song, "Little Boxes," plays on the myth of suburbia by mocking the supposed sameness of everyone in the suburbs.

Nancy's family also struggles to deal with the death of their patriarch. Her sons struggle to grow up without a father, especially as Nancy's cousin tries and fails to be a father figure. Despite the inherent drama, the show offers plenty of humor to keep things entertaining. Weeds has lasted eight seasons because viewers are addicted to the drama and comedy that Weeds producers deal out every year.

Weeds is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on August 7, 2005.

Where do I stream Weeds online? Weeds is available for streaming on Showtime, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Weeds on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
8 Seasons, 102 Episodes
August 7, 2005
Cast: Mary-Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon, Tonye Patano
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Weeds Full Episode Guide

  • The Bartwins (and Doug) are at a crossroads. Season finale part 2.

  • In the series finale, the Botwins, Andy and Doug all reach a crossroads in their love lives and in their careers.

  • Nancy, Andy and Silas take a trip. Shane gets caught stealing. Meanwhile, Doug abandons his charity to pursue a more lucrative scheme.

  • Silas prepares for his professional venture; Nancy has a dinner date with Rabbi Dave and some of his friends; Andy wants the family to meet someone.

  • A "cowboy capitalist" moseys into town tempting Silas; and rumors spread about Rabbi Dave participating in a love affair.

  • Nancy struggles with a dilemma after she is approached to be involved in a questionable business.

  • Nancy is offered a highly competitive job; Shane graduates from the police academy; and Andy looks for work at a local synagogue. Meanwhile, Doug's excessive spending is restricted.

  • Nancy undertakes a job search; Jill has big news for Andy and Doug; Silas tries to locate his stolen plants. Meanwhile, Shane plots to score some extra spending money at the police academy.

  • Nancy is tempted by her past to raise cash for Stevie's soccer expenses; Jill seeks revenge on Andy; Shane and Angela double-date with Ouellette and his wife; Silas and R.J.'s friendship takes an unexpected turn.

  • Despite the demands of her marijuana business, Nancy decides to host a family dinner, to which Shane invites his classmate Angela. Meanwhile, Silas builds a relationship with a local grower and Jill and Andy agree to watch Stevie during the day.

  • Andy tries to make a good impression by coaching the twins' roller-derby team; Doug considers his financial future after being forced to resign from the company; and Nancy and Silas are desperate to stop Shane, who's homing in on Tim.

  • Andy reveals his intentions to Jill. Doug is presented with an enticing investment opportunity. While Nancy recuperates, Silas assists her with a new business plan. Shane figures out who shot his mother.

  • In the eighth season premiere, the victim receives urgent medical attention after being shot. The family attempts to cope with the tragedy and figure out the identity of the shooter.

  • Shane makes one last attempt to protect Nancy from Detective Ouellette, but Silas betrays her.

  • While Andy tries to mediate, Nancy and Silas face off over who controls their drug business. Shane tries to win back Detective Ouellette's trust, while Doug tries to keep the SEC distracted from his hedge fund's illegal activities.

  • Nancy follows Doug and Andy to the Hamptons for the weekend in an attempt to help further expand her business. Silas tries to win Emma back after a falling out over business.

  • Nancy, Andy and Silas want revenge against Emma after she gives them the business in a business deal. Doug makes it more important to keep his hedge fund up and running.

  • The contention between Silas and his rivals from Pouncy House Party Rentals heightens, Andy and Nancy are desperate to keep Zoya from taking control of the bike shop and Doug faces the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • A former cellmate of Nancy's comes around and makes things difficult for Nancy and her supplier, Silas and Andy try to figure out what to use the bike shop for and Shane learns a thing or two from his internship.

  • Nancy sells weed during Doug's softball game. Meanwhile, Andy and Silas open their bike and weed shop.

  • Silas is caught up in the crossfire when Nancy confronts an old friend.

  • Nancy pursues her custody battle against Jill; Andy's relationship takes an unexpected turn; Shane gives college a chance; back on Wall Street, Doug survives without Nancy.

  • Nancy pursues a job at Doug's office and considers a partnership with Silas; Andy is in a new romantic situation that's over his head; Shane establishes house at the loft.

  • Nancy's sister, Jill, hits her with unexpected news; Andy and Shane find a place to live; Doug is offered his dream job on Wall Street; Silas scores a modeling job.

  • Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) tries to get her life back on track in the big bad world of New York City. But when Andy (JUSTIN KIRK) and Shane (ALEXANDER GOULD) show up on Nancy's doorstep unexpectedly, Nancy is thrown for a loop. Meanwhile, Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) sets out to begin a modeling career, and Doug (KEVIN NEALON) looks up an old friend.

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In the 8th episode, Nancy undertakes a job search while Jill has news to share with Andy and Doug/ Silas searches for his stolen plants while Shane plots to make some extra money while at the police academy.

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'Weed Wars': Discovery Series to Go Inside Legal Pot Shops (Video)

You don't need to be an avid watcher of "Weeds" or a closet fan of "Half Baked" to understand that weed, legal or otherwise, is a massive business. At the center of that movement is Oakland (aka "Oaksterdam") and the Harborside Health Center, one of the state's largest and most advanced medical marijuana facilities. As Entertainment Weekly reported this morning, the show will be the subject of a new Discovery Channel series called "Weed Wars."

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