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Created in 2008 by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad has become the one of the biggest shows on cable and has created a huge following. This show is about Walter White a high school chemistry teacher that gets cancer and then changes his life in the most drastic way possible. By drastic change it means that he turns to cooking meth with a former student, Jesse Pinkman. Over the course of the show Walter and Jesse are in countless life or death situations and have to deal with many different problematic characters in order to survive and make money. Breaking Bad features a unique story line where the protagonist turns into the antagonist which hasn't really ever been done on cable television. With its fifth and final season coming up AMC looks to wrap up one of its highest rated television shows.

Walter White spent his whole life not taking risks and living it as a high school chemistry teacher that has the brains to do so much more. However this all changes when he finds out he has lung cancer and realizes that his family will have a tough time surviving without him. In order to change this he plans to make enough money for his family to survive on for the entirety of their lives. He plans to pay for housing, food, college for the kids, and any other expense they might run into. In order to make this kind of money he turns to the only thing he knows, chemistry, and with his chemistry knowledge he plans to make the man made highly addictive drug crystal meth.

Walter knows how to manufacture the drug through a series of chemical reactions but does not have the connections to sell it or market it. In order to do this he needs help and he looks to a former student who he knows is in the meth trade named Jesse Pinkman. Through some blackmail and some convincing Walter gets Jesse to join his team and this begins the adventure that Breaking Bad takes you on. Another main character in this story is Walter's step brother, Hank, who ironically is a DEA agent and will have to be dealt with continuously throughout the story. Due to Walter's calm perception as a high school teacher Hank will not expect anything until things get very serious.

Once Jesse and Walter team up they find that the crystal meth that they are cooking up is not just the usual stuff that is found on the street. Due to Walter's advanced knowledge of chemistry they are able to create crystal meth that is multiple levels ahead of the rest of the competition and the market sees this immediately. In a short period of time these two go from being nobodies in the drug market to working with huge drug dealers and even cartels. The meth that they create is highly regarded and has a unique blue characteristic that the DEA has been watching but cannot figure out where it is coming from. The adventure has begun and Walter White has made the money for his family to survive on but he figures that he should just keep going until the cancer finally takes him. However, when Walter beats cancer and is going to fully recover things get more complicated.

Breaking Bad is the unique cable show from AMC that features a high school teacher that turns to cooking meth in order to support his family financially once he realizes he might die of cancer. The development of Walter from non risk taking teacher to fearless master of crystal meth is the real focus on this show. How he and Jesse go from nothing to making millions of dollars in a very short period of time and how they react to this is another focus. This show has a large following and is highly regarded from critics with its unique story and ever developing characters. Breaking Bad is wrapped up in five seasons and has many different twists and turns to keep it interesting and fresh every episode.

5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
January 20, 2008
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Breaking Bad Full Episode Guide

  • The series wraps up in the final episode.

  • Previous events set in motion proceed to a dramatic conclusion.

  • Everyone deals with the consequences of radically changed events.

  • Walter White's life heats up in a surprising manner.

  • An unusual strategy develops; potentially life-changing plans are set in motion.

  • Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to fill an unexpected demand.

  • Skyler is confronted by her past, Walt covers his tracks, and Jesse is tormented by his guilt.

  • In the sixth season premiere, Walt and Jesse acclimate to life out of the business while Hank struggles with a disturbing lead.

  • Walt ties up loose ends. Pleased with the results, he makes a decision that will have an effect on his family.

  • Walt assumes control of business matters as Mike deals with the consequences of his actions.

  • Jesse struggles with occupational hazards which are compounded by the other business demands he, Walk and Mike are dealing with.

  • Walt's team works hard to continue their operation with Mike and Lydia trying to acquire the needed methylamine and Walt and Jesse determining how to stay undercover.

  • Walt, Jess, and Mike take steps forward with their new business plan. Marie and Walt have a confrontation and he shares a secret with her.

  • Walt and Jesse discuss new business ideas and consider bringing on a questionable partner. Hank and the DEA have fresh leads to look into on the investigation of the explosion.

  • The Season 5 premiere finds Walt coping with the results of the explosion. Meanwhile Hank works to bring the investigation of Gus and his criminal involvement to a close.

  • As Jesse anticipates the consequences of his comments to Andrea, with Saul's help, Walt finds an unexpected ally.

  • Walt tries to protect his family. Jesse gets some alarming news.

  • To protect his secret and Gus, Walt takes drastic action.

  • When Walt doesn't show up for Walt Jr.'s birthday the family becomes concerned.

  • Skyler is haunted by her mistakes. Jesse tries to get Walt's help.

  • Skyler comes up with a solution for her money troubles; Hank enlists Walt to investigate a theory; Walt gets impatient with Jesse.

  • Walt takes a gamble on a risky new plan; Skyler hits a snag with his business venture.

  • Walt meets up with Bogdan, the grumpy car wash owner. Meanwhile, Jesse teams up with Mike.

  • Walt fears the worst when Jesse disappears.

  • The Cartel become superior; Walt and Skyler reveal a secret with the family; Jesse's activities draw unwanted attention.

  • Events spiral out of control; Skyler seeks Saul's help; Marie returns to an old past time; a friend comes to Hank.

  • Walt is concerned Gus might still be after him, so he starts planning a new alliance. Meanwhile, Skyler tries to convince Walt to buy into a new business opportunity in order to protect their family.

  • Walt and Jesse face the deadly consequences of their actions. Skyler deals with a puzzling disappearance, as Marie struggles to help Hank with his recovery.

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