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Based on the memoir by Piper Kerman entitled "Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison," this Original Comedy from Jenji Kohan centers on a woman convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking. Starring Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Jason Biggs.

4 Seasons, 53 Episodes
July 11, 2013
Comedy, Crime, Web Originals
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Orange is the New Black Full Episode Guide

  • Corporate bureaucracy and simmering anger work against Caputo's efforts to keep a sensitive situation under control.

  • Alliances shift among the prison "families" as Piscatella and his guards crack down. Poussey, Judy and Alex prefer to look ahead to the future.

  • Caputo's leadership is challenged and the inmates are in for a long night of lockdown after workers make an unsettling discovery.

  • The movie night selection becomes controversial. Aleida makes an adjustment. Piper worries the prison punishments are getting too medieval.

  • Ramos and Flores figure out ways to rebel against authority. A news item has an unexpected effect. Red and Lorna face personal disappointment.

  • A new work detail doesn't go over well with the inmates. Judy seeks help from Poussey. Maria finds a place she can conduct business.

  • Paranoia strikes deep for Lolly and Judy, aggravating an already tense situation. Red sticks to a Russian tradition for an important occasion.

  • Piper's plan to edge out the competition could backfire badly. Cindy finds a way to make Taystee's job pay off. Luschek gets some interesting mail.

  • Company policies lead to a shortage of critical supplies and an eventful trip to a prison convention. Piscatella starts a new anti-gang initiative.

  • A new job puts Taystee close to Caputo. Lorna has to get creative in her marriage. Soso and Poussey deal with some awkward truths.

  • The newcomers stir up ethnic and domestic conflicts, but Maria sees an opportunity. Judy's special treatment raises eyebrows.

  • With a major security breach and a lot of new inmates, Caputo has to call in the big guns. Things get a little too real for Crazy Eyes and Lolly.

  • Miracles and conversions occur, but Piper and Caputo know that some situations can't be dealt with through spiritual means.

  • Daya goes into labor. Sophia suffers a hate crime. Stella helps Piper with a business snag. Taystee takes on a new role.

  • Caputo and Piper confront labor issues. A miracle occurs in Norma's group. Crazy Eyes's erotica winds up in the hands of the staff.

  • Pennsatucky, Piper, Crazy Eyes and Lorna get closer with their new admirers. Tensions between Sophia and Gloria, and Alex and Lolly escalate.

  • Too many inmates seem to be getting religion, so a rabbi comes to visit and Leanne tries to organize Norma's followers.

  • Piper gets creative in order to grow her business. Crazy Eyes's sci-fi sex story for drama class is a hit. Alex doesn't trust new inmate Lolly.

  • Norma's healing powers draw more believers. Piper creates a new business venture. Caputo breaks in the new hires.

  • Regime change isn't going over well with the staff, but Red makes it work for her. Lorna finds a way to meet men. Chang shows her private side.

  • Rumors fly among the inmates about a new, higher-paying job assignment, especially when they have to take a test for it.

  • Big Boo comes up with a scheme to make money. Daya, Taystee and Crazy Eyes confront reality. Caputo tries to make a good impression on some visitors.

  • Nicky's stash situation gets complicated. Alex and Crazy Eyes try a new drama class. Red assists Healy with a personal matter.

  • Tempers flare when bed bugs invade, as Alex cracks, Red lashes out at Piper, Aleida interferes with Daya and Bennett, and Caputo gets bad news.

  • Caputo's kinder, gentler new regime includes organizing a Mother's Day fair for the inmates that brings up a LOT of mixed feelings about family.

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