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  • TV-14
  • 2007
  • 20 Seasons
  • 2.9  (31,360)

First airing on the E! network in 2007, Keeping Up with The Kardashians quickly became one of the most talked-about reality TV shows on the planet. The series followed the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family, a glamorous, blended clan residing in Calabasas, California, led by their matriarch and businesswoman Kris Jenner.

The show provided audiences with a peek into the lives of the family members, who were known for their affluent lifestyle, fashionable wardrobes, and high-profile relationships. Over the 14 years of the series, the family welcomed several new members, witnessed engagements, marriages, divorces, and the births of new babies.

The Kardashian-Jenner family's popularity continued to grow after the show aired, as audiences became enamored with the family's indulgent lives. However, the show also showcased the family's deep bond and captured the dynamics between each member, making it more relatable to viewers.

The show began with the introduction of the family members: Kris Jenner, the family's mother, and manager; Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian, Kris's daughters from her previous marriage to the late Robert Kardashian, and their half-siblings Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, the children of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians revealed the family's day-to-day activities, their family vacations, business ventures, their designer wardrobes, hair and makeup routines, and their intense personal dramas. The show's cast included professional stylists, publicists, event planners, and a myriad of supporting characters who allowed viewers to get a close-up view of a celebrity's life.

Throughout the series, the Kardashian-Jenners' lives were not short of personal dramas, heated arguments, and controversies. The show was also known for capturing iconic moments that forever changed the Kardashian-Jenner families' lives, especially when Kim Kardashian catapulted into international fame after her infamous sex tape was leaked in 2007.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians also showed different aspects of their personal and professional lives. They discussed topics such as mental health, body image, fertility struggles, and addiction recovery. These issues helped viewers see celebrities as ordinary people, making the show more profound.

Aside from the show's spectacle and controversies, the Kardashians were known for their business sense, and Keeping Up with The Kardashians explored their entrepreneurial spirit. The show delved into the family-owned Dash boutiques, Kim's hugely successful fashion line Skims, and Kylie's eponymous cosmetics line.

Additionally, Keeping Up with The Kardashians was a platform for family members like Kourtney Kardashian, who used it to showcase her lifestyle brand, Poosh; and Kendall Jenner, who used the show's exposure to how her modeling career evolved. In the end, the Kardashians were business savvy and turned their personal lives into massive profit-making ventures.

Over the years, Keeping Up with The Kardashians evolved alongside the family. Some family members left the show for different reasons, and others joined later on, giving viewers a chance to see how the family dynamics change. KUWTK became a cultural phenomenon that birthed many spin-offs. Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and Khloe and Lamar were some of the most successful spin-offs.

The show was hugely successful since its inception. Keeping Up with The Kardashians was credited with paving the way for a new generation of reality TV. The Kardashians became world-renowned figures, with millions of fans following them on social media.

In September 2020, the family announced they would be ending the show after 14 years. The final season, season 20, aired in 2021, giving viewers a chance to say goodbye to the Kardashian-Jenner family and reflect on their journey.

In retrospect, Keeping Up with The Kardashians was a cultural phenomenon that will forever be remembered as one of the most significant reality shows ever made. Despite its criticisms, it helped shape pop culture in its own way. It allowed viewers a glimpse into a highly influential family, their trials and tribulations, and ultimately, highlighted their humanity. With its enormous influence on popular culture, Keeping Up with The Kardashians made a mark on the world of entertainment that will stay there for years to come.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians is a series that is currently running and has 20 seasons (292 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2007.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians
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The Final Curtain Part 2
14. The Final Curtain Part 2
June 20, 2021
The Kardashian-Jenners sit down with Andy Cohen to revisit some of the most talked-about moments and unanswered questions from all 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
The Final Curtain Part 1
13. The Final Curtain Part 1
June 17, 2021
The Kardashian-Jenners sit down with Andy Cohen to revisit some of the most talked-about moments and unanswered questions from all 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
The End Part 2
12. The End Part 2
June 10, 2021
The family buries a time capsule to commemorate their years on Keeping Up. Kim updates the family on her future, Khloé must decide whether to move to Boston to be with Tristan, and Kourtney finally gives Scott some clarity about their romantic future.
The End Part 1
11. The End Part 1
June 3, 2021
The family departs on one last family trip to Lake Tahoe where they relive some of their fondest memories from the show. Kim deals with some turbulence in her marriage. Kourtney feels pressure from the family and Scott to make a decision about their relationship. Khloé's life is uprooted when Tristan's new NBA contract takes him to Boston.
Birthdays and Bad News
10. Birthdays and Bad News
May 27, 2021
While planning an over-the-top birthday surprise for her mom, Kim receives some bad news about her legal studies that makes her question whether she is cut out to be a lawyer. When Kourtney finds out that Kendall has been secretly returning all of her gifts, she comes up with a plan to catch Kendall in a lie.
Keeping Up With The Kids
9. Keeping Up With The Kids
May 20, 2021
When Tristan realizes that Khloe is stressed about her living situation, he takes steps to make her feel more comfortable. Scott feels compelled to share some of his most sentimental moments from the show with his kids. The family realizes that they collectively have a problem with negativity stemming from their matriarch, Kris Jenner.
Season of Change
8. Season of Change
May 13, 2021
Khloè runs into some unexpected obstacles while exploring surrogacy. Scott worries that the family will drift apart now that the show is coming to an end. Kim is determined to figure out who is behind the satirical social media page NorisBlackBook.
The End of an Era
7. The End of an Era
May 6, 2021
The family makes a big decision about the future of the show and reflects on how Keeping Up will truly be an end of an era. Kris goes on a girls’ trip to decompress from the decision.
Summer of Love
6. Summer of Love
April 22, 2021
Scott finally admits he's still in love with Kourtney. Khloè sets out in search of a homeless man who made a lasting impact on her years ago. Kim enlists the help of a professional to make her TikTok dancing debut.
Great Ex-pectations
5. Great Ex-pectations
April 15, 2021
Kourtney sets boundaries with her Poosh team when the line between business and friendship becomes blurred. Caitlyn reaches out to Kris for some help with a business venture, but the family doubts that Kris will go through with it. Khloe and Tristan have an unexplainable experience while searching for aliens.
New Friends and the Bunker
4. New Friends and the Bunker
April 8, 2021
Kim and Khloe are curious about Kourtney's new friend Addison Rae. Scared by the state of the world, Kim takes measures to prepare for the future, while Kris is afraid to let her mom celebrate her birthday during a pandemic.
Winners Take All
3. Winners Take All
April 1, 2021
Kim and Khloe think old flames are brewing between Kourtney and Scott and take it upon themselves to set them up on a romantic date. The Kardashian girls challenge the Jenners to an obstacle course to determine once and for all which side of the family is more athletic. Kris and Corey agree to abstain from sex as an experiment for Poosh.
No Comment
2. No Comment
March 25, 2021
After Scott accidentally causes speculation that Khloé and Tristan are back together, Khloé is overwhelmed by the backlash online.
Beginnings and Endings
1. Beginnings and Endings
March 18, 2021
Khloe and Tristan run into some roadblocks in the process of expanding their family, Scott faces some big decisions about his relationship, and Kim prepares for a test that will determine her future as a lawyer.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 14, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    2.9  (31,360)