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The Simple Life is a reality TV series that follows wealthy heiresses Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie as they journey from having everything handed to being in the working class. The riches to rags show puts Paris and Nichol in different situations where they must overcome everyday obstacles that are completely new to them. Their raunchy behavior and inability to perform what some would describe as the simple of tasks creates a style of natural humor embedded into the show.

The first season, which aired in 2003, features Paris and Nichol traveling to a farm in Altus, Arkansas where they are told they must help around the farm and find jobs. The duo, who have never worked a day in their lives, learn that everything in life needs to be earned as they take on various jobs and are quickly fired from each one.

While the focus of the show is primarily their working ability, Paris and Nichol have a hard time adjusting to the new set of rules they are given. Sneaking out late at night, dating local boys, and cleaning up the messes that they make quickly become issues. Altus is a small, quiet town in comparison to New York City and the girls ruffle the feathers of many of the locals as they try to earn their keep.

While the show was only designed to air a single season, it was renewed four times, each season providing a different twist, including road trips, internships, caring for families, and camping. Every season puts the popular princesses in a situation they are unaccustomed to, following their mistakes and triumphs as they find their way through in a comedic fashion.

The Simple Life is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on December 2, 2003.

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5 Seasons, 63 Episodes
December 2, 2003
Comedy Reality
Cast: Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie
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The Simple Life Full Episode Guide

  • The finale draws the girls time at Camp Shawnee to a close. They end their time a Camp Shawnee with 'Paris and Nicole The Muscial' and a suprise for camp director Ed.

  • Paris and Nicole help Sally Kirkland train ten budding thespians in improv, stunts and love scenes but when they deviate from the plan, Sally goes ballistic.

  • On an overnight hiking trip, Paris, Nicole and a camper get separated from the main group and are lost in the woods.

  • Paris and Nicole become counselors at a survivalist training camp.

  • Paris and Nicole help couples through a recommitment ceremony.

  • A couples therapy camp begins; Paris and Hunter's relationship takes a major turn.

  • Paris and Nicole prepare the campers and their moms for the pageant.

  • Paris and Nicole council a group of young women and their moms on how to win a pageant.

  • Paris and Nicole use their own idea of exercise to help campers get in shape; a male counselor tries to impress Paris

  • Paris and Nicole arrive at Malibu's Camp Shawnee to become camp counselors.

  • Paris and Nicole get a lesson in love from a couple married for 64 years.

  • An artistic family of five gets the Paris and Nicole treatment as the gals put new-age values to the test.

  • The gals take over for a housewife with a messy home.

  • Camping-trip chaos is in store as the gals experience nature with the kids.

  • The gals must care for an infant and a 5-year-old.

  • Paris and Nicole arrange surprise commitment ceremonies for the real-life parents of the house.

  • Paris and Nicole have to be housewifes to 4 kids.

  • Paris and Nicole fill in for a housewife who thinks that her marriage is lacking a spark.

  • The gals take over a traditional Pakistani home and learn to dress and act like a conservative housewife, but things don't go well when they take the family out to party.

  • Paris and Nicole return for a fourth season, this time turning in the diva life for domestic bliss. They take turns as the female head of a different household each episode, and the family then decides which of them was the better "mom."

The Simple Life News

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Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton broke the news on Entertainment Tonight about her new reality show, “The World According to Paris”.  The new reality show giving an inside look into Paris' life will air on Oxygen.

According to the hotel heiress, the format of her new reality series is different from her 2003 show, “The Simple Life.”

Hilton explained that in “The World According to Paris”, viewers will be able to see her true personality.

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