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Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is a reality television series that follows two of the famous Kardashian sisters, Kourtney and Khloe as they move to Miami in order to open a branch of their clothing store, Dash. Khloe is also trying to break into the radio business and she gets a radio show called Khloe After Dark. She even has a little crush on her co-anchor.

The series shows all the intimate details of the sisters' lives. One episode focuses on the third sister Kim and how the other two feel competitive towards her and are working on their relationship. Kourtney is also struggling with raising her son Mason, while the baby's father deals with alcohol problems and a desire to be out on Miami's club scene. Kourtney spends a lot of time trying to get Scott, the father of her son, to stop drinking for good and maybe consider rehab. Her family, particularly Khloe, doesn't really like Scott at all so Kourtney really feels conflicted between him and her family. Kourtney and Khloe fight a lot about Scott and it really tests their relationship.

Khloe is also finding her love life becoming more complicated as the long distance between her and Los Angeles-based husband, Lamar is wearing on her. Rob, the girls' brother, is becoming really close to Lamar and Khloe finds it irritating. Lamar is an NBA player and his constant time on the road puts a strain on his and Khloe's relationship.

The sisters both have a lot of conflict with their mother as well. Their mother is the girls' business manager and sometime s her behavior towards them crosses the line like when she pushes the girls to do an inappropriate suggestive photo shoot. Through all the family ups and downs, the sisters remain close as the work to build their brand and expand into Miami. The show is a completely unvarnished look at a famous family, the bad side and all.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on August 16, 2009.

Where do I stream Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami online? Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is available for streaming on E!, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on demand at NBC, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, iTunes, Peacock online.

Sunday 10:00 PM on E!
5 Seasons, 51 Episodes
August 16, 2009
Cast: Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Scott Disick, Kim Kardashian West
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Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Full Episode Guide

  • Kim's spy mission blows up in her face when Kourtney catches her meeting with a private eye. It's a house divided as Kourtney and Scott give Kim the boot for their last remaining days in Miami. But a late night trip to the hospital forces a sisterly reconciliation as Kim 'fesses up to being pregnant! So how will Khloe react to the special news as she struggles with her own fertility issues? Plus, the stress gets to everybody over the selection of a new location for DASH Miami.

  • When Scott comes back from a Vegas trip, Kim suspects that Scott is up to no good and hires a private detective to follow him. Going against Khloe's advice, she digs through his phone bill, puts a tracker on his car--and even tails him around town! Meanwhile, Kourtney learns that Khloe's infertility issues are worse than she thought and wonders if she should offer to be a surrogate.

  • The fashion bug lures Scott to Gator Country where he goes on a real-life alligator hunt for the perfect pair of loafers. See Lord Disick hit it off with some country folk! Meanwhile, it's a battle between fashion sense and common sense in Miami this week! A mention on a blog's Worst Dressed list sends Kim into a shopping frenzy. Can Kourtney talk some sense into her shopaholic sister before it costs Kim a shot at her L.A. dream home?

  • Kim is back in Miami after ringing in her 32nd birthday in Italy with Kanye. As the girls get ready to head to London to launch their Kardashian Kollection line, Khloe receives a call that she's been named the newest cohost of "The X Factor." Will Khloe be a natural on the show's premiere--or will her nerves get the best of her? Kourtney and her kids head to London with Kim, but Lord Disick has plans of his own. Scott stays put in Miami and throws a Lordship party inviting in friends from all over. After throwing his rendezvous he turns on his romantic side and surprises Kourt in London! Plus, the Kardashian sisters have always been competitive--but their newest competition might be the craziest one yet! Check it out.

  • Kim admits that for the first time in a long time she's feeling completely content with her life and her relationship with Kanye. But this new feeling has led her to meddle in other people's problems! First, she seeks out dating sites to put Jonathan on. Then, she reveals to Kourtney that if she doesn't give Scott more attention, he's going to leave her for someone new. Taking Kim's advice, Kourtney plans an impromptu trip to Paris to renew her romance with Scott. But does Scott put a damper on the city of love? Plus, Kim tries to play mediator between Jonathan and his business partner Simon--but her plan backfires. Has she completely destroyed a longtime friendship Find out!

  • Feeling a bit homesick, Kim convinces the entire family to fly to Miami for a few days. While the family is in town, she decides they will compete in a charity event, the Dragon Boat Race. Since it was Kim's idea, she designates herself as the team captain. However, things take a dramatic turn when Kim's boyfriend Kanye West flies into Miami for a day. Meanwhile, Bruce's son Brandon and his wife Leah are in town, and after Leah feels ill, Kourtney is on a mission to find out if she is pregnant!

  • Scott is back and in full effect! After igniting a bromance with race car driver Chapman, Scott finds himself in the middle of Miami's hot lesbian scene. While Scott thinks it's a friend match in heaven, Kourtney can't seem to get off his case. Is Scott falling back into his old ways, or is there something deeper going on with Kourt? Meanwhile, Kim discovers that breast milk might be the ticket to solving her psoriasis--but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

  • The Kardashian sisters have been heating things up in Miami--but how will Scott fit into the mix? He's quick to make a new friend in the beach town--who looks and acts just like him! Will Kourt approve of her hubby's new bromance and their dangerous hobby? Plus, after spending time with Mason and Penelope, Kim has babies on the brain, but after a visit to the doctor's, she fears she'll never be able to have children of her own. Then, Khloe and Scott have a stinky situation to approach--but it could hurt one of the Kardashian sisters' feelings.

  • In the season premiere, things are heating up in Miami when the Kardashian sisters make their return. However, Kourtney and Kim are in for a shock when they arrive at DASH and find their store in shambles! Meanwhile, Kourtney bans Scott from moving to Miami with her because of his dark past during their last Miami adventure--but juggling two small kids and a business by one's self is no easy feat. Plus, Kim's new relationship with Kanye West is blossoming, but her divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries carry on--and her sisters start to wonder if she truly is alright.

  • As their time in New York draws to a close, Kim is torn when her husband Kris Humphries announces that he is moving with her back to Los Angeles, forcing her to make a decision about their increasingly strained marriage.

  • Kim takes her frustrations over her relationship with Kris H out on Khloe, Kourt & Scott. Khloe tries to help Scott & Kourt figure out a way to return to sleeping in bed together.

  • After Kourt and Kim leave the city for a relaxing, girls' only trip to Mystic, Connecticut. Kris and Scott sneak off to Toronto and get into major trouble.

  • Kim goes to Dubai with Kris J & becomes concerned when she realizes she is having a great time, without her husband. Back in NY, Kourt & Khloe prank Kris H.

  • When Kim's friend Simon invites her and Kris out for a night of ping-pong, Kris becomes suspicious of their mutual friend Jonathan who shows up once again without a date. He begins to wonder whether Jonathan might be gay--and starts badgering him for answers. Meanwhile, Scott buys a baby grand piano on a whim, and Kourtney becomes utterly obsessed with couponing.

  • Kim feels betrayed by her good friend Jonathan Cheban when she hears he's writing a tell-all book about her. Meanwhile, Scott wants to reconnect with his Jewish roots--but Kourtney thinks it's just a phase.

  • Kim's decision to get off birth control leads to unexpected complications with her husband Kris Humphries who isn't sure if he's ready to have kids. Mom Kris Jenner finds a surprising new friend in Scott when she visits New York City to tape the "Today" show. Scott makes an interesting proposition to Kourtney about spicing up their sex life.

  • Khloe flies out to New York for some family time, but finds her sisters' love lives in disarray. Kourtney isn't talking to Scott, despite their scheduled trip to his family's Hampton home, and Kris has flown back to Minnesota and seems to have no intention of coming back to live with Kim in New York. Things go into further dismay when Khloe inadvertently disturbs Kim's beauty sleep, unleashing a torrent of long-buried resentment between the two siblings. Can she convince her two older sisters to get their love lives back in order?

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VIDEO: Watch a Preview of 'Khloe and Lamar,' Debuting April 10th

The honeymoon is over for Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom, but their moment of fame is just beginning.

The happily (and hastily) married couple will show the world what life is like when two (very tall) celebrities hook up on their new reality show “Khloe and Lamar” which debuts April 10.

From the looks of the preview, the show would be fine coming with a viewer’s advisory for an overload of Khloe’s baby-talk voice and PDA warnings.

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