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Charm School is a reality television series that brings together women from various other reality television programs. The goal of Charm School is for the series to act as a finishing school for rude, reality contestants for other television shows. The series is hosted by a celebrity, including Monique and Sharon Osborne.

The winner of Charm School receives $50,000. They also get the title Charm School Queen. A panel of judges evaluate the women each week to see how far they are progressing in their etiquette classes. The woman that has done the worst each week is eliminated from the competition. The judges include Keith Lewis, who is president of a talent agency, and Mikki Taylor, who runs a beauty magazine.

Each episode focuses on dividing the women into teams and making them focus on learning one particular skill. One episode focuses on the girls' having a formal debate with another, learning how to fight like ladies. This is important because the women have been done to get into formal fistfights. Another competition focuses on the girls learning how to handle themselves with class and dignity in romantic relationships. They are also taught on what types of men to avoid.

Many of the challenges involve the women learning to respect each other and take care of each. One time the girls need to focus on giving each other makeovers. They have to learn how to moderate their behavior. One episode has them attending a wine tasting and learning how to smoke cigars. They then need to record a public service announcement warning against the dangers of drunken driving. The goal of this exercise is for the girls to learn how to drink moderately and not get involved in trashy, drunken antics. Anger management is another lesson the girls are required to have. Through it all, the women learn how to become classly, smart women and shed their wild pasts.

Charm School is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on April 15, 2007.

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3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
April 15, 2007
Reality Drama
Cast: Mo'Nique, Shay Johnson, Becky Johnston, Keith Lewis
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Charm School Full Episode Guide

  • The final three girls compete for charity on the streets of Hollywood. In the end, two will stand before the judges to plead their cases, but only one will win $100,000.

  • Three ladies stand on the precipice of winning this semester of Charm School.

  • The five remaining girls at Charm School are in for the ride of their life when they have to raise money for charity in a very unconventional way. Girls get mean, sobriety is tested and in the end, Ricki faces her toughest expulsion decision yet.

  • The girls receive a powerful lesson and head out to a pet orphan to help abandoned animals.

  • The seven remaining girls have to "put together" two matching swing sets at a day care center in Inglewood. When one of the girls complains of chest pains and heads to the hospital the next day, the others start to believe that maybe she isn't as genuine as she seems. Will Ricki send her home, or will someone else volunteer to take her place?

  • The eight remaining ladies learn a powerful lesson in facing their deepest fears, but when they are asked to apply their new skills at a haunted hospital, all hell breaks loose. Paranormal disturbances are plentiful and but when three girls face the carpet; it's Ricki who gets an earful.

  • With nine girls left in school, the ladies are challenged to work in teams and with kids! Tempers flare, true colors are shown...and one girl's biting comments cross the line. Then, as expulsion approaches, Ricki finds out about a shocking new alliance that helps her decide who needs to continue Charm School and who needs to head back home.

  • A controversial expulsion has the remaining women revolting, leaving Rikki to try and restore order.

  • With a lesson in community activism, the girls of Charm School are challenged to work together for the sake of the environment. Unfortunately, an old feud drives a wedge so deep that it threatens the future of the school. Can the girls let bygones be bygones?

  • Host Ricki Lake and deans Stryker and La La Vasquez welcome former VH1 reality show contestants as they play for charity in this installment.

  • In the season finale, the final three girls compete for charity on the streets of Hollywood -- a challenge made all the more difficult when they are paired with enemies from their past. In the end, two will stand before the judges to plead their cases, but ultimately, only one will graduate Charm School and win $100,000.

  • Highlights and outtakes from the season.

  • The final four girls compete to brand themselves by creating an original t-shirt for designer Christian Audigier. The ladies struggle to keep their eyes on the prize as long-kept secrets are exposed to Sharon. The pressure becomes too much for one girl, whose downward spiral nearly causes her to eliminate herself. In the end, Sharon expels one girl as the final three move one step closer toward graduating Charm School and winning $100,000.

  • The final six contestants find tensions are high as they are set to give an on stage performance. One of the contestants are accused of being giving a longer time on stage than the others.

  • The nine remaining ladies must put their etiquette lesson to the test by entertaining a Duchess. But when presented with a lengthy and demanding royal protocol, the girls realize they are "royally" screwed. The ladies must to do some fancy maneuvering to save themselves when Sharon reveals a shocking twist - this time, the girls decide who's up for expulsion.

  • The girls attempt to makeover three of their fashion-challenged classmates. But when the rules are "slashed," they must be prepared to shine even under the nastiest of circumstances. Tensions are high, and as a battle ensues, it's clear that their outfits aren't the only thing in need of a makeover.

  • An ominous guest from the first season of Charm School pays a surprise visit to the ladies and "drills" them on the finer points of teamwork. This lesson is quickly forgotten and tempers flare when two girls refuse to pull their weight. Will the girls band together to pass their first test?

  • Season two premieres with ladies from the first and second seasons of Rock of Love. This time around, the mentor is rock n' roll first lady, Sharon Osbourne. The prize at the end of the season is $100,000.00.